2 Critical MLM Success Factors

Steve SwartzTop Earner : I just went to Amazon.com and typed in Network Marketing. The standard list of books on Network Marketing, MLM, Direct Sales all came up. I have read a lot of them over my 9 years in MLM. I can’t say they have not helped me to some degree. But in 2010 and beyond, these books are being left in the dust. Just like so much training in MLM, it is just a mere distraction for you to read these books.

These books on network marketing simply take you off task on what is very important to your success.

The two critical aspects to your success that will make or break you financially in your MLM or Direct Selling Career will be your:

  • Communication skills 
  • Marketing skills

The beautiful thing is that you can start out not knowing much about either…and you can get the knowledge you need to be effective. Knowledge, that if you owned a another business like a franchise, you would rarely get. if you don’t get lost in all those books on network marketing. How fast you get great at these two aspects is how fast your income will rise and continue to rise.

If you ignore these two aspects then you will eventually have to pay attention to them or you will quit. These are the cold hard facts no one is willing to share with you. Why do I know this? Because I have lived it. I have lived it while earning a multiple six figure income for many years. The two problems facing all network marketers are Communication skills that work (not tricky line) and Marketing that produces leads.

If you had only 4 people in your entire downline that produced leads and were good communicators…you would probably be making over $250,000 a year. If you want more get more. 4 people is not a lot.

What is so funny is that so many leaders will have their team read a book like Think and Grow Rich in an effort to keep their new downline FOCUSED. What they don’t realize is that actually takes them off being focused on what is important. Or the old… You need to write down everyone you know scenario….yet the upline does not do it…they have marketing that they are doing but not telling anyone about.

My thought is this: Empower your new people how to generate their own leads, and how to talk to prospects then you can work on their mindset for success. However I totally believe they will have a better mindset when they are empowered to take charge of their business. They won’t have to fake it until they make it.- That is garbage by the way. That saying is so lame and dishonest. They won’t have to pretend success. They will build self confidence because they KNOW what they are doing. Don’t be closed to this idea.

If you are like I was and have no confidence in your ability to market then you must take that on as a challenge. I know I had to face the music and learn the PRINCIPLES not just theory that truly works. Get after it, and quit listening to the doubters. Communication and Marketing are the lifeblood that will attract more people to you and your network marketing business.

Steve Swarz and FamilyAbout the Author: Steve Swart:

I’ve been in network marketing since 2001, full time since 2003.  We built one of the first ever online MLM teams.

I am former US Army Captain. I was a manager at Dell in Austin, TX for two years and left when my network marketing business doubled my Dell salary.

I made it into the Million Dollar Club and have enjoyed a great lifestyle.  My have an awesome wife, Myrna and three kids all 10 and under. We also have Buddy the yellow lab and Wiggles the dachsund.

My family and I have lived in Austin, TX,  Tampa, Florida and now are living near the rest of our family in the San Jose, CA area.

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  1. I agree with the two important factors of success in knowing what you need to do to build the business. Lead generation and communication are essential to the future of your business. Most is important is the ability to teach others to do the same.

  2. I am convinced that Network marketing i.e. Multi Level Marketing is the way to go. I find however, that I am stuck doing what does not work, simply (I believe) because that is what I understand. I agree with Marketing and Communications being THE big skills required, as they always have been. I got sidetracked somewhere when I moved from traditional Communications and marketing to working On Line.

    I understand and agree that there is great value in communications, in building a level of trust, and I believe that much of that can be maintained on line vie email and webinars, but how does one get started building this group to communicate with. NOW, we are back to a list, and that is ONE thing I do not have. How do I proceed from here?

    Keep up the great work.
    Thank You

  3. Dale, get help .. contact your sponsor, or the guy above him. If you can’t find him? Find someone who can help you. Out of the many tips/hints … doing threeways with the people on your list (thus you need an edifiable third party for it) is crucial.

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