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Dexter Yager

Dexter Yager Amway Review

– The Grandfather of Network Marketing –

Don't Let Anybody Steal Your Dream!

Dexter and his wife Birdie can be acclaimed for building the most successful MLM organization in history with Amway, his team spanning more than 40 countries around the world and more than 1 million people.  Three sons – Jeff, Doyle, and Steve are also in the Amway business.

In Dexter's downline are Hall of Fame distributors Bill Britt and Tim Foley. Dexter's estimated earnings in 2010- 2011 $12 -14 million.

His distributors sold $2 billion already in 1995. For Yager, 71 year old, success is not unblemished. Dexter is a fascinating character.  If you get inside the MLM profession and ask around, every single top earner seems to revere what he has done as a pure demonstration of what can be possible.

After graduating from high school in 1957, Yager took a series of  sales jobs. He sold Sears tools, Ford cars and Utica Club beer. It  got to the point,'' he once wrote, where I was drinking up to two cases of beer a day.''

Dexter Yager Amway Bonus Check 2011

Dexter Yager started his career in the small town of Rome, New York, as a beer salesman. Most of the people in that town were broke, lived paycheck to paycheck, and had no hope of ever getting out of their daily rut at the local mill. Yager says of those early days, We didn't know anybody who had big dreams, or at least, talked about them. Dexter was earning $95 a week before taxes as a car salesman and a brewery representative, while Birdie worked as a key-punch operator at a local Air Force base.

When a relative pitched Amway in 1964, Yager got hooked fast. Amway became my top priority,'' he said once. I ate, slept and  breathed the business seven days a week.''

Dexter Yager 1982 – 2008

He showed the plan virtually every night. In 1969 he moved  his growing family and business to Charlotte (USA), where he had a growing  distributor base. They became Silver Producers at Amway sooner than anticipated, and Dexter achieved his first goal: he was able to leave his job. On weekends he'd pile his family into a Winnebago and go to rallies.  In between he'd show the plan. He was a millionaire by 30 and, over  the next decade, pioneered the support network of motivational books and tapes.

Part One of Mike Wallace interview with Dex and Birdie Yager. 1982

Relationships are what Yager says his Amway is all about. If you work just for money, you'll reach a point where you may have  enough and you'll let up,'' he once said. We build relationships, and  people don't normally quit on people who love them.' I'm writing about things that  made the difference in my life,'' he  explains. '' . . .  Everything in life is selling.'' I have had people tell me I'm materialistic. I say you're either  materialistic or you're a nudist.''  Nothing much happens without working to make it happen, he says. If you can accomplish a goal without working, chances are the goal has little value.

I want to help people understand that a dream unrealized is a dream imprisoned by your greatest enemy: fear of failure!

Dexter can be considered 'The Father of Modern MLM' as most of the training and growth systems used in the most successful MLM organizations in the world use systems that have roots in Dexter's training systems.

Dexter also sells cds, books, seminars, and other personal development materials in addition to his affiliation with the Amway Corporation. The estimated profit from his Business Sales Materials is around $20 million. He has one of the largest personal development organizations in the world.

Dexter Yager receiving a bonus check of $3,360,000 in 2006

Steve, Doyle, Jeff, Dexter & Birdie Yager

Steve, Doyle, Jeff, Dexter & Birdie Yager

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Comments (31)

  1. The story of Dexter and Birdie Yager is an amazing one. The industry would not be anywhere near where it is today if not for this couple. What an inspiration, thank you Ted for reminding us all 🙂

    Faouzi Daghistani
    Melbourne, Australia

    1. Thank you for paving the way we will continue carrying the torch’s to help people’s. God bless!

  2. Congratulations and THANKS Dexter and Birdie for being the pioneers that paved the way for so many of us to follow you in the industry! I hope to meet and shake your hand to say thank you in person someday soon.

  3. Thanks for highlighting Dexter and Birdie’s story Ted, as it is a classic and inspirational example to all of what can be achieved and what it takes to get there! . They blazed a trail which many others are continuing to follow.

  4. The really big merit of Dexter is perseverance (at the beginning at least), he was at the right time in the right place and at the right moment in history, he was one of the pioneers of Amway just after the company was for 5 years in the market, anyway, the big fortune of Dexter isn`t coming from his downline ot the Amway company, but from the “educational system” he invented and the several companies he has build with the money from them, around 1980 the owner of Amway corporation saw the problem this edu. system was creating for so many people and the complaings arriving in Michigan at the Head Quarters and pronounce a discurss about the greed of some people earning around ten times more from the edu. system them from the business and the need of making something about it, Dexter response was: or you let me make money my way or i take all my people and go somewhere else with my educational system, the company was force to let it keep earning his money (and several others Diamonds too) and sinds them they has been in court several times for the greedy fight between Diamonds and the earnigs of the edu. system and this has cost Amway several thousands of dollars till the point that they are taking the edu. system now in their hands like is happenning now with “eFinity”, the edu. system of Crown Ambassador Tim Foley and his Latin America counterpart “Pronet”, Dexter created in fact a mlm inside a mlm who make him filthy rich, no many people really know this fact.

  5. I’ve had the personal satisfaction and experience of spending time with Dexter and Birdie, even staying at their home in Charlotte on more than one occasion, and I certainly am aware of the disagreement between Dex and Corp. Amway, but the truth is that Amway would be a lot smaller company, if they were even still around, without Dexter’s system of education. Even though I am no longer in the business, it is what it is because of Dexter, not because of Amway. It took a partnership, that’s true, but it really took the explosive growth created by “the system” that Rich and Jay never really understood and almost blew away. Dexter is honest, hard working, a giver through and through, and has earned every penny he ever made, and Amway has been the fortunate beneficiary of that. Dexter also brought love and giving to a group of people that have become some very large givers to other causes because of Dex and Birdie. They a some of the most inspiring AND giving people I have ever had the opportunity to be around, and I cherish the time they both so willingly gave me.

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  7. Interesting that we were not allowed to have the training system any longer and most of my upline were terminated. Three Diamonds in the UK and several diamonds in the USA upline and even a double diamond resigned over this issue, and they were all in Dexter’s downline, so how has he been able to continue using this system? Were Amway too scared of losing their TOP distributor? In which case, why were all of the others not allowed to continue with it?? I was Emerald and lost my entire business, as the system was the key to holding it all together, and when we were not allowed to use it, everything fell apart. No CD’s allowed, no books, no meetings, no seminars, NOTHING and thats what we ended up with NOTHING……. I believe most of the terminated/ resigned top Amway distributors have taken a great system to Monavie hence their growth and momentum.

  8. Thanks Dexter for fighting for the greatest FREE ENTERPRISE business in the world. Without you and the many trail blazers on your team, we would all have to listen to our BROKE BROTHER IN-LAW SKEITER saying “See…… I told you that won’t work etc…” Today there are a bunch of great companies, products & opportunities who stand on the shoulders of those strong enough to pave the way. Awesome job!

  9. 38 years ago, I broke a wrist skiing and started in Amway. I loved the products and the company. I did not like the compensation plan as much as that it seemed to reward only the leaders who really went to work. Although I went Direct in two months, I felt that it was a buy in and many could not afford to keep up with the volume requirements. We stocked our garages with products. Unfortunately I was not tied into Dexter’s System back then. But I have heard so much about it from some of his downline leaders that did use it and made millions. Today I am working with some of those same leaders as we are creating a new company, but using a system similar to Dexter’s in the training and motivation. I have left a multi-million dollar brick and motor to take advantage of the power of duplication and using a system and a new company to create success for everyone. I thank Amway and Dexter for getting things rolling years ago in this arena.

  10. Ted seriously thanks for more information on this dynamic Duo, it is always interesting to see all the added extras we get in the posts. This one is great when reading all the words in regards to his trainng system leaders leaving ,terminations and all the other tall poppy culling we do. What a lifestyle and legacy one mans dream will leave begind for his own family and millions of people whom also ponder the next chapter in life. With all the unemployment and financial hardships how refreshing to have the Dexters of the planet helping spread the word it is ok to DREAM and if you have forgotten how to WE WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO DREAM.
    cheers from Down Under

  11. Maravilhosa essa reportagem.
    É por esse e muitos outros motivos que escolhemos fazer parte dessa MEGA CORPORAÇÂO DE SUCESSO.
    Estamos na maior empresa de MMN do mundo uma Empresa Ética, Moral e Legal.
    Tenho orgulho de ser 100% Amway.
    Abraços e sucesso a todos.
    Marcilio Araújo
    Currais Novos/RN

  12. Tanks, Dexter
    This is possible for oder persons. By dont now for you!
    I am Amway !
    I very happy with bussines Amway im Brasil.
    Welcome Amway possibilits for independent live.
    Brasil, Pernambuco, Recife
    [email protected]

  13. Thanx Ted, first read Dexter’s book on Relationships about 10years ago n chose him as a Mentor. Learnt his consistency n emphasis on Personal Development which determines Personal Achievements n being enjoying d journey, one step at a time. Thanx Dexter, eor blaizing d trail.

  14. WOW!!!

    This brought back so many memories.

    Like many in the industry I cut my teeth with Amway and got my love for the industry from that experience.

    Dex & Birdie are true champions. I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Birdie several years ago and it was an experience I will never forget. She is an extremely warm and inviting person.

    To Dexter & Birdie Yager! All the best!!!

  15. A time on my life that I dowe and will reflex on days gone lessons earned and learned.within the Dexter Y. Downline Family Sponsored out of Houston,TX approximately 1990’s. Emeralds (former HPD officers) I can say to these day I still read selfhelp books and Yes Listen to Thousands of upline,crossline TAPE..I Set Goals . Yes I Dare too DREAM …I own a small Delivery service ..internet based growing every year and my way of life..thinking ..putting customers peoples family’s & there needs first befor Profits Does work Let them know I am truly concerned about there needs,want.hopes. is,does pay rewards keep getting better yr after yr..6 years Selfemployed…& never looking back thanks …to All yall Dimond’s……D,B Yager….Earl Moon…:

  16. Great inspirational story Ted – The only downside is that the main thrust of how hard this couple worked to build the initial momentum might be lost by the focus on how much money is being made by leaders selling ‘training systems’ to their downlines. Although I am all for educating and supporting everyone in your group – lets please keep the emphasis on building a business to provide a grreat income for all and not just selling the extra’s to profit the few.
    Regards as ever,

  17. Without Dexter in my life I would have never found or been part of MLM. He brought that light to my Grandfather who shined it directly on me. Dexter thank you.. I can never repay this debt other than to pay it forward.

  18. This is a good example for other people.
    I think the only company of Amway, which can be achieved this success by anyone who wants independence.
    This success story is inspiring!

  19. What an inspiring story!

    And clearly many of you commenters have had positive experiences with Dexter and/or Amway in particular. That’s so good to hear (since I’m just starting out with another company, Asea) and there are so many nay-sayers out there!

    Any tips for someone just getting started?

    ~ Joe

  20. Much thanks to Dexter and Birdie for their awesome example. I heard a speech given by Dexter called “Why Not Diamond?” It literally changed my life and increased my belief in the industry and in myself. I lost the tape while moving and have been trying to locate it ever since. Does anyone out there know where I can get a copy? I would be eternally grateful. Thanks.


  21. I had the honor to sit and eat at a table with the yagers. At the time I knew they where wealthy. I had no clue how much! I searched their name an got this! They are supper nice! It was a pleasure meeting them!

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