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This information is generic and an unbiased introduction in the World of Direct Selling, MLM and Personal Development.

Interested, or new in the World of Direct Selling, MLM, Network Marketing?

Then watch this video's…..




What Is Network Marketing / MLM? Part 1

What Is Network Marketing / MLM? – Part 2

Former USA President Bill Clinton endorse Direct Selling / MLM

This youtube movie has not the best quality, but the message is very interesting….

Robert Kiyosaki: What type of person are you?

Tim Sales: who's getting rich and who is not…

Jim Rohn: Self Development..

Eric Worre Interviews MLM Top Earner Jeff Roberti ($70 million)

Tim Sales: The Most People Fail Myth busted

Ed Ludbrook: Why We Rock

Why Direct Selling?

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  1. Ted, thanks for these. We know that lack of understanding of the concept of network marketing is a big hurdle for some new people particularly in Europe, so these videos are a powerful tool for us to use.

  2. The best recruiting video I’ve ever seen was an old NSA (National Safety Associates) recruiting video. It was so good people actually tripped over themselves to sign up after watching it. I’ve been unsuccessful in finding a copy. If anyone knows where I can get one, please advise.

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