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Adam Paul Green – Top Earner:  Failing in MLM … is not like the myth Big Foot!

Follow me for second here…  Certain myths truly do motivate us to find answers and engage us to consider the mysterious possibilities of the unknown.  Let’s face it, we humans like myths, don’t we?
Consider the legendary story of “Big Foot,” which dates back centuries.  Although this collective belief has no natural explanation, the existence of “Big Foot” is regarded to be one of the strongest-pursued phenomenon’s in nature.  Take second and ask yourself, why is that?

Yes it’s true, that’s human nature.  However, consider the arguments on both sides.  Interestingly though, to the believers, “Big Foot” is as real as any other animal is real.  There have been sightings and many have discovered what they consider to be “hard evidence.”  To them, the findings absolutely prove “Big Foot’s” existence.  Yet, at the very same time, we know that the skeptics don’t believe at all in the “hairy beast.”  They argue that “Big Foot’s” existence is “unproven” due to:

(a) Circumstantial evidence and
(b) The lack of physical proof in the fossil record

Thus, the skeptics conclude that IF there was solid current and historical physical proof, clearly all would acknowledge “Big Foot’s” existence.  With “Big Foot” we argue whether or not he really does exist. Now consider how MLM and “Big Foot” could possibly be similar.  With regard to succeeding in Network Marketing, some say there is no hard proof. 

However, although the arguments may appear to be similar on the surface (i.e. it’s possible vs. it’s not possible), the hard evidence in support of finding success in MLM is much, much different.  Any uneducated person may misrepresent Network Marketing by claiming that, “95% of people fail in Network Marketing.”  This statement is easily proven false because of:

  • Hard physical Evidence (i.e. Undisputed numbers)
  • Established Proof from Multiple Sources (Ergo: Individuals and Companies)
  • Historical Data

Where’s the empirical proof?  What are the facts?  Well, over the decades, hundreds of successful companies (with creative and effective product lines) have literally produced thousands of real-life success stories from all over the world.  As one of the most monitored and visible industries in the business world, it’s simple to find and verify the supporting data.

Is it really all about the money?  Well, because “MLM success” comes in many different forms (emotional, spiritual, physical and financial) it just might be more difficult for short-sighted individuals to “see the forest through the trees.”  Clearly, certain people will only consider the amount of money one makes to be the true measure of Network Marketing success.  To them I say, really? Is money the only goal and benefit of MLM?

The truth still exists: Network Marketing (MLM) is really all about people.

Savvy business people all agree that MLM does provide “success” in the following areas:
(1) Consumption of more effective products, (2) Education as an entrepreneur, (3) Higher community involvement, (4) Training to be an effective business owner, (5) Encouragement to overcome fears while developing new talents, skills and habits, (6) Trying something new and different, (8) Tapping into to the Tax benefits for Home Based Business (HBB), and (9) Taking affordable and calculated risks and (10) Receiving support and emotional motivation.  So, the proof of success occurs in many different forms.

In conclusion, therefore, there literally is no “fossil record” of anyone ever failing in MLM. Everyone that joins a Network Marketing Company gains either

  • Knowledge or
  • Experience, financially, emotionally (i.e. Friendship) or physically (i.e. Health). 

I agree that IF Network Marketing was only all about money, cars and watches, the argument would be valid. But because MLM isn’t all about those temporal things, the naïve statement that “most people fail in MLM” is clearly false.

Adam Paul Green

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  1. Great article Adam. Success in MLM does indeed come in many forms. The learning that I have done (and continue to do) and the training that I have received in the industry have even made me a better husband and parent. That is priceless! And it is so true that true friendships are created. Ours is an example of that.

    What strikes me is that even if it were just about financial success what makes people think that MLM is any different from anything else?
    For example, how many new businesses collapse in their first year or first 3 years? How many employees find true success in the corporate world?

  2. “I agree that IF Network Marketing was only all about money, cars and watches, the argument would be valid.”

    I find this admission interesting to say the least. Especially since when recruiting people I never found even one who said they want to get involved for any reason other than making money. Making money was always their primary motivator for getting involved and when they quit they quit because they weren’t making any. Paying them with feelings, and education, and “tax benefits” just didn’t seem to be enough for them for some reason.

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