Tim Sharif Moving From Xango To Visalus

Seems Visalus (USA and Canada) sign up an other Top Earner again. After Rick Gutman, and Monavie Top Earners Brian and Jill Cattano Xango Icon Tim Sharif is moving to Visalus.

Tim Sharif:  I left my network marketing company 2 years ago. I've watched my friends and fellow networkers struggle. Nothing has been working. Until now

In 2008 Visalus (founded in 2005) was a rather unknown MLM company struggling selling nutritional products, in a very competitive market. Blyth, a public company, made its initial investment in ViSalus in August 2008 and now owns 57.5% of the company. Almost overnight the company got into massive momentum.

Sales at ViSalus increased $20 million or 157% from $13 million in fiscal 2010 to $33 million in fiscal 2011. This growth was a result of a 330% increase in distributors on a year-over-year basis. (Source Blyth Annual report). ViSalus received the Turn Around award at the DSN Global 100 in Dallas, Texas.

In May 2011 Visalus reported 40,000 new distributors in that month. 67,000 sign up's and $25 million revenue In August 2011. Estimated revenue for 2011 $160+ Million.

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  1. The deceiving thing about this article is that these “high rollers” from other big companies get paid to come over and bring their team. They were making great money at their old jobs, but they get a huge kick back to leave and bring everyone to the new one!

  2. I work with Tim personally. I was in the meeting with him and the co-founder of visalus, blake mallen. He did not get a single PENNY to come over to this company and has been retired from his previous company for 2 years. The statement above is completely and 100% false. If you really want to know, ask tim yourself. He’s 35, Married, two wonderful kids, lives in manhattan beach ca, makes over a million dollars a year in the networking industry and has been for years now. I met tim 3 weeks ago and its already been a blessing to my business. This is the real deal my friends. Get your facts right! https://www.TimSharif.com for more info and the inside scoop.

  3. I think your referring to his mommy Sharon Sharif!!! Tell us one leader Tim Sharif brought into network marketing?? We know of not one person in Xango Tim personally sponsored that makes anything. This is funny….. Give credit where it is deserved and earned.

  4. Tom this is not even debatable if you knew him personally i think you feel different. Tim has brought many leaders into the industry in fact has produced over 100k in volume in less than one month with nothing but leaders the best. I never knew it was only about big leaders I thought it was about helping get ahead. TIM SHARIF is ultimate upline and makes me perform better than my best could’nt ask for a better leader!

  5. Let Me guess. He’s probably on Nicks team isn’t he? And if he is, I bet he got paid Just like cedric harris. I’m sure nicks being more careful about his deals now After the Robert dean dibacle. Tell me please somebody, how exactly does this “prove the model”? What a joke

  6. I left NM for the prior 1.5-2 years I was so frustrated at the direction the industry was going.  Just burnt out from the whole thing.  The average person wasn't making any money, revenues down, checks down and massive attrition etc.  I looked at Visalus about 9 months ago, but was still in my burnt out phase.  I'm glad my BP made me look again.  What's been done on this Team over the last few months is nothing short of phenomenal.  Slice it anyway you want but people who've never been in NM or were burnt out are now making money, earning cars, losing weight etc.  The market was ready for this one – both customer and Promoter.  I for one am very happy to be part of this particular team.

  7. Tim, is the real deal and did not get a single penny. I was at the private-fly in with CMO Blake Mallen. We heard the play, knew what we could all do and we ran. The rest is history. Real networkers don't need hand-outs! In the last four months this team has helped houndreds of people score. 

  8. Tim has infused energy, innovation, smart marketing and considerable resources to support our team – it's great being part of ViSalus, as we help change lives in so many ways, and it's great being part of a team with leaders who truly do work to make each one of us more successful than we'd be on our own.  This is going to be an amazing year, and it's so rewarding to see so MANY people being successful – so fast —  it IS, without a doubt, the opportunity many of us have dreamed about for years.

  9. A girl named Rachel was pitching send out cards well over a year ago. I passed. It wasn't for me.
    Fast forward to 2012 she is earning $62k/month with visalus.
    Did she get a special deal with visalus? I think not. Not many people knew who this girl was.
    She did her corny little youtube videos and got hammered with rude comments.
    I don't know Tim but I know this 25 year old girl is kicking a$$.


    I've been in Network Marketing Industry for 24 years. I've personally known Tim, his mother Sharon and most of the Sharif family for many years. Tim grew up around and in the biz his whole life. He knows how to build. He has been trained by the some of the best in the biz. And yes, he is the real deal. Actually, his Mother owes much of her success to Tim. Very few people know about the marketing Tim did behind the scenes of the Sharif Xango Empire. Tim sold his Xango distributorship for big bucks to pursue other non mlm marketing ventures, very successful ventures as well. He honored a 2 year non-compete before he joined Visalus, and because he still has tremendous respect for the Xango organization, he did no recruiting towards his old Xango downline when he did join Visalus. In addition to that, he also started from scratch, he didn’t take any “deal” or big pay day to join Visalus. Not only does Tim understand Network Marketing, he has a deep understanding of traditional direct response marketing. Only a few months into building Visalus, Tim’s team 
    achieved the Top #1 Customer Acquisition Recognition in all of Visalus.
    That said, Tim’s team did over $200k in volume his first full month in Visalus. He did this without any advertising as well. I personally joined Tim in Visalus for many of the reason’s I’ve already mentioned. However, the main reason I joined Tim is because he made a commitment to work with me to build the largest marketing campaign and system Network Marketing has ever seen. As the Co-Founder and former CEO of Leads to Wealth (LTW), a lead company I started and sold, I know a few things about building large campaigns and systems for Network Marketing companies. We built a very famous campaign, IncomeAtHome.com, a campaign that is still running to this day. At the time I sold LTW (2007), the monthly ad budget (spend) was $3.5 million per month. Right now, we’re not even breaking a $100k monthly spend on ads. (YET) If you’re a leader who thinks they’ve already missed the boat on Visalus, think again. Our march to a billion will make fortunes for people starting today. I encourage you to learn how you can tap into a very fluid type of momentum with a system and team second to none. All the best, Gil Ortega

  11. I'll quote Gil here.
    " If you’re a leader who thinks they’ve already missed the boat on Visalus, think again."
    Most leaders, at least the ones I've dealt with, want to be the captain of the ship.
    They don't want to chase people from behind & play catch-up.
    Visalus is already in its hyper-growth stage and those who got in before the momentum phase & hit it hard are going to earn a fortune.
    I'm already seeing copycats like Evolv Health attempt to knock-off Visalus at their game.
    Evolv Health is replete with "leaders" who feel they've missed the boat on Visalus.
    These leaders want to be the Nick Sarnicolas' of a company that is not yet in its hyper-growth stage.
    You can't rewind, pause, jump in and then press play on a company that is in hyper-growth.

  12. I am blessed to be riding the visalus wave:). Unfortunately I have had Tim sharif and his brother recruit my guest at a group event! After 10 years in the industry, a first! Yuck! I am not impressed ! Maybe they haven,t figured out you don,t have to do that in visalus?

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