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As you might know, Business For Home is well informed. We do our own research and many insiders share valuable information with us, such as:

  • Top Leaders
  • Corporate Executives
  • Investors
  • Industry Insiders
  • Distributors
  • Ex partners
  • Fired executives
  • Suspended and Terminated distributors

If news is confirmed, we send this out to our 12,500+ subscribers and we like to concentrate on positive news.

However, we also have news and competitive information which can be considered as  Too Hot To Handle for starters such as:

  • Companies which are (almost) breaking down
  • Leaders bailing out fast in opportunities
  • Overprice or non-competitive products
  • Products sold without compliance
  • Bad compensation plans
  • Weak corporate executive's,
  • Non-performing field leadership
  • Companies offering Deals
  • Word in the street ect.

Basically information which is very competitive and which offers ways either to protect / prepare your team from attacks, or to pitch leaders who are looking for a new home.

It happens in the corporate world, as in Direct Selling. We provide information based on facts and figures.

In the Corporate World this is called:


In Direct Selling you better can be well informed too…

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