Forward: The Network Marketing Movie

Forward The Network Marketing Movie

GENERIC Network Marketing Movie In Production

The film, Forward, will take an honest look at the Network Marketing industry. The goal is to research and interview people associated with the industry, wade through all dogma, hype, and false facts to discover the positive difference this amazing industry is making in our world today.

Representatives from 20 companies will be interviewed for the film. Each company was chosen after extensive Internet research.

The film will be distributed via DVD, public viewings and Film Festivals. The goal with film festivals is to introduce the benefits of Network Marketing to a new audience and educate them about the opportunity this industry can provide to them and our world.

AVAIYA, creators of conscious films, has begun to research and create a documentary about the multi billion dollar Network Marketing Industry. The goal of AVAIYA is to research and interview people associated with the industry and wade through all dogma, hype and false facts to discover the true essence of this intriguing industry.

Due to the nature of the film, no actual company names will be mentioned or featured in the film in order to avoid favoritism. If someone from a company is featured in the film, there would be a title bar below them that would have their name and area of the industry they are in.

Featured Direct Sellers are: Randy Haugen, Reza Mesgarlou, Dawn Todd, Paula Thomas, Lindsay Woods, Patrick Shaw, Melanie Lewis, Lina Fletcher, Nanci Bottcher, Janine Avila, Scott Ohlgren and many others.

The website for the Movie is

The movie is an initiative of Ashley Anderson and Ike Allen from Avaiya.

Ashley Anderson Avaiya Ike Allen Avaiya
Ashley Anderson Avaiya
Ike Allen Avaiya

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