Forward: The Network Marketing Movie

Forward The Network Marketing Movie

GENERIC Network Marketing Movie In Production

The film, Forward, will take an honest look at the Network Marketing industry. The goal is to research and interview people associated with the industry, wade through all dogma, hype, and false facts to discover the positive difference this amazing industry is making in our world today.

Representatives from 20 companies will be interviewed for the film. Each company was chosen after extensive Internet research.

The film will be distributed via DVD, public viewings and Film Festivals. The goal with film festivals is to introduce the benefits of Network Marketing to a new audience and educate them about the opportunity this industry can provide to them and our world.

AVAIYA, creators of conscious films, has begun to research and create a documentary about the multi billion dollar Network Marketing Industry. The goal of AVAIYA is to research and interview people associated with the industry and wade through all dogma, hype and false facts to discover the true essence of this intriguing industry.

Due to the nature of the film, no actual company names will be mentioned or featured in the film in order to avoid favoritism. If someone from a company is featured in the film, there would be a title bar below them that would have their name and area of the industry they are in.

Featured Direct Sellers are: Randy Haugen, Reza Mesgarlou, Dawn Todd, Paula Thomas, Lindsay Woods, Patrick Shaw, Melanie Lewis, Lina Fletcher, Nanci Bottcher, Janine Avila, Scott Ohlgren and many others.

The website for the Movie is

The movie is an initiative of Ashley Anderson and Ike Allen from Avaiya.

Ashley Anderson Avaiya Ike Allen Avaiya
Ashley Anderson Avaiya
Ike Allen Avaiya

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    I think there will always be people who are against the Network Marketing industry.
    But Network Marketing is all a bout: Personal growth, financial freedom, achieving the live style your always looking for, no more debt and money on the bank so that you can do the thinks that you want to.
    And helping people, let them see that they can achieve so much more if the focus is there!
    your host = ericgoldbar

  2. Ever wondered why we are so insecure that we need to keep promoting how great we are instead of dealing with what is causing the concern?

    This is like someone saying ‘trust me’ when trust should be already given.

  3. I think this is a wonderful idea. I applaud the creators. I wish I had followed up when I was introduced to Amway, Herbalife and Melaluca. I am very proud and honored to be associated with Organo Gold now, though. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Anytime a person can make their way and believe in themself is a wonderful thing. This is the American way. I will never work for corporate America again. Thanks for creating a documentary on any MLM!


  4. As time is going on, the networking type of business is in itself “networking”. I believe the whole industry is in the beginning phase of momentum, not even close to where it is going. Also with the extremely weak economy and population always increasing, the honest will be “forced” into uncomfortable ways of making money – actually working for themselves. We, in this industry, know that direct sales is the best by far to create your marks, low or no overhead, work at will, support each other, etc., etc.,…

    Thanks Ted for the heads up about the coming movie, Can’t wait to share!!

    See my business at and receive $200 off a $300 luxury designer item!!, Bob

  5. This website is creating awareness about network marketing profession. In my openion, the main reason for anybody to fail in network markting is Part-Time approach. Though they want to make serious money but they are not ready to put serious efforts.

  6. Wow This will be the most awesome idea to hit the industry since inception. I hope this will help more understand what network marketing is about and believe in their actual goals & dreams rather than trying to obtain a JOB. When people realize network marketing is a real business and understand how it works they will also realize it takes work to develop any business in order for it to succeed.
    Network marketing is about helping the team and not just looking out for your self.
    Thanks Ted for sharing this heads up of the most proactive activity to hit the industry.

  7. I also applaud the producer’s agenda here. However, they claim they want to “wade through all dogma, hype, and false facts”, but then, within only the two minute trailer, the claim is made that the MLM industry has created more millionaires than any other industry in history (an old, well debunked MLM myth) and the promotional text makes the claim that “There are approximately 75 Million Entrepreneurs in the Network Marketing Industry and they generate over 100 Billion Dollars each year” is sales. To suggest all 75 million worldwide MLMers are *averaging* $111 per month in personal sales volume isn’t just inaccurate, it’s absurd.

    I’m concerned that the anti-MLM crowd is going to have a field day picking apart the “facts” presented in this film, and it may not be the most effective tool to build credibility. Of course, there’s a lot more to this film we haven’t seen yet.

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