GBG Top Earner Review 2011

Brad Aspin has over 30,000 GBG Distributors Worldwide in just over 4 years. Brad was a loan officer for 20 years until July 2007 when the mortgage meltdown happened. All in that same month he lost his income of 20 years, his savings, and was deeply in debt. 

This was the time he started his GBG business. In the beginning of his GBG career he made a conscience decision to focus on the positive in spite of the turmoil in his life and treated GBG as a real business. From his original group only four people were interested in working the business.

In less than two years his teamwork and determination produced a team of over 30,000 people.  As the result he currently makes a six figure residual income.

Brad believes that a sponsor and leader should be:

  • Professional
  • Available and Approachable
  • Attentive to your teams needs and a good problem solver
Brad Aspin Brad Aspin
Brad Aspin Sea Fun
Brad Aspin Golfing


Brad: The reasons I chose GBG, and feel GBG is so different is because:

  • The company has easy qualifications to get paid
  • Offers value priced high quality products
  • Has a copyrighted compensation plan
  • The owners of the company get paid through the same compensation plan as everyone else.

I firmly believe the type of support that you receive from your sponsor is the key to your success. It is said that if you meet enough people’s needs that your needs will be met. This is my motto. I take care of my team and help them triumph in spite of the odds!

Brad having fun on Maui

Just by becoming a GBG Platinum Business Builder, you are qualified to earn 10 levels of GBG's Platinum Promotion Pay, and is one of the most powerful ways you can earn true residual Income and achieve total financial independence.

In addition to our Fast Start Bonuses and our Product Matrix Pay, PLATINUM PROMOTION PAY is a unique system that allows you to earn more than $100,000 per year from just the first 10 levels of your GBG Team. And that's just with average growth. Remember, you're qualified for all this income just by becoming a Platinum! Plus, if you want to double and triple this income (and more) simply sponsor more Platinums. Our copyrighted Pay Points make sure that your income earning potential is truly unlimited!

The GBG Worldwide Profit Sharing Bonus Pools put everyone on ONE TEAM, which means that everyone everywhere can now be on YOUR TEAM!

There are 20 separate 1% Bonus Pools that pay out a total of 20% of GBG's gross sales worldwide! That's 20% of the GROSS Product Sales, not the net profit! This is huge! And you can access them all easily by simply becoming a Platinum and continuing to sponsor more and more Platinums. It's all explained in the back office of your GBG website.

GBG Pay Plan

You see in other companies, no matter what the compensation plan looks like, everyone is basically competing against each other. Unless someone is in your downline, and within the levels for which you are qualified to receive pay, you don't earn anything from their efforts.

At GBG, because of our World-Wide Bonus Pool, every GBG customer and distributor, no matter where they live or who their upline sponsor is, can now be on YOUR TEAM.

This means that wherever you live, you can earn income from qualified sales being made anywhere by anyone in GBG! Sales being made to people you don't even know and who aren't even in your downline. It also means that in GBG, everyone wants to help each other succeed because helping others helps you as well.

GBG Global Bonus Pool

This is a totally revolutionary concept.

I am nowadays a full-time Internet and Network Marketer who has always had a crazy passion for MLM. I am one of those people who wake up in the morning thinking about how to sponsor more people. I just love MLM. When I am not Internet Marketing, I like to spend quiet time with my family and myself doing simple things.

Brad and Julia Aspin Brad and Julia Aspin
Brad and Julia Aspin
Travelling in Maui

Easy Qualifications to get paid is important for a Net Worker To qualify for monthly commissions in GBG's Pay Plan a distributor is required to purchase only one product monthly for $39.97! The days of the $150 per month auto-ship are over and do not work long-term in this new economy. This is the easiest business that I have ever done

Brad Aspin's Impressive Weight loss as the result of the GBC Will Power Weight product

Brad Aspin Weightloss

About GBG

GBG was founded by Stuart Finger in 1996 after he had achieved the top position in two other network marketing companies, but discovered that the odds were stacked against most other people being able to do the same. Stuart walked away from both of those companies because in their pay plans, he felt like he was making money off of people instead of with them. He prayed for a way to help people, and starting GBG was the answer.

GBG Will Power Weight Loss Product

Become a Recommended Distributor

Direct Selling Distributors, they are active professionals, who love to team up with you!

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  1. Now that ride along the tree line looks brilliant truely invigorating as was reading your story. What a dynamic company love the way the corporates get paid along with the distributors great incentive to nurture.
    Cheers for sharing both Ted and brad

  2. As someone who has become very good friends with Brad since my involvement with GBG as of 2010, I can honestly say that Brad is true inspiration to myself and thousands of others. Brad is truly the definition of what a leader should be – anyone would be lucky to work with Brad personally.

  3. I am glad that God sent Harvey Vickery our way back in July 08……GBG products has changed our family lives and Health. Brad is part of our upline which makes all the difference than any other MLM/ Network company I have ever been a part of. The Upline Sponsors are always available to help or listen to any questions you may have. It even works for animals when given in the right proportions. My dogs (mixed german shepard, toy poodle, minature poodle, and a staffordshire bull terrier are GBG FANS). AWESOME products that have made us more healthier. Thanks Brad for all your advice.

  4. Brad is one of those guys that NEEDs to be CHARGING people to join his downline just for his time alone!

    Over the past 2 years I have learned so much and grown so much as a person as a result of Brad’s time and effort that he has put into me. When I started he told me the more I showed him I wanted it the more help he would give me!.

    Brad is a very genuine person. From the beginning he has helped me both personally and professionally. Over the time I have known Brad, he was grown into a great friend.

    BUT if Brad told me tomorrow he was going to start charging for his time. You better believe I would pay!. I learn so much from him on a daily basis.

    If you come on board with drive and a sincere desire to succeed. There is NO failing with Brad!

    If you are LUCKY enough to have a guy like Brad invite you to his team.. you MUST have done something right. He also MUST clearly see something in you.

    So if he invites you, don’t hesitate, jump on it and hang on. This guy will take you there!

    Thank you for everything Brad!

  5. Blessed to have Brad as my friend, mentor and upline. Brad’s encouragement along my path was very instrumental to my success and brad continues to be an influence both directly and indirectly to my personal team too.

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