Top Earner Jerome Hughes Joins Evolv Health After Termination

Jerome Hughes, Evolv Health, YTB

Jerome Hughes, the Networking Hero of the 2011 YTB convention has been terminated by YTB and sign up for Evolv Health. Hughes was partners with Katrina Greenhill and was featured in the YTB official presentation. Jerome was the Nr. 1 income earner, Circle Of Champions Member, and had a downline of over 170,000 YTB members.

YTB Corporate stated as follows:

To our valued YTB Members,

It is with great regret to announce the termination of former Director Jerome Hughes. At the end of the day, our biggest responsibility in YTB is to you and your YTB business.  Jerome violated his agreement with us, and for that we had to do what was necessary to continue providing a wonderful opportunity and protect each and every one of your businesses.

You may have heard about a call tonight at 10:30 p.m. Eastern time.  This is NOT a YTB call.  Be advised that this call could be filled with inaccuracies and misinformation.  There are many rumors that have been brought to our attention.  Please rest assured that these are false.  If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. YTB is here and will continue to provide an avenue for you to find success.  We are proud to be in business with all of you and are looking forward to our future together!

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  1. companies dont terminate leaders like this unless they have done something really wrong or are very very difficult to work with. there is no news of legal action by jerome so it is likely that he is guilty of what they terminated him for
    experienced people know ‘top leader’ does not always mean ‘ethical’ so….for jerome to be ‘clean’ he has to publicaly reveal why he was terminated and in doing so open himself up to legal action if he is lying.
    the reason is that he may ask or desire people to follow him to evolv from YTB which is based on trust. which is based on integrity – open honesty.

  2. Evolv Health…many of the people behind this organization have grossly over stated their so called accomplishments! Where’s the integrity. Just another over priced health and wellness product.

    Jerome Hughes went looking for another opportunity because he was unable to grow or maintain the people in TEAMVISION. He was loosing serious money. Jerome will be gone from Evolv Health as well when growth stops. He had a great run with YTB.

  3. I agree with Mike this all about greed. Now his down line that follows will suffer and feel the pain there not getting a big bonus to join like they got. Lies and greed!

  4. There are always two sides to the story. I’m surprised people always reside with the company. I think it’s the other way around. If it would be greed based, than don’t you think the company in question (YTB in this case) would make sure the leader stayed? You need a topteam to built a brand. The grass might be greener elsewhere, but that does mean rebuilding an entire organisation. Topleader or not, rebuilding an entire team is not something that should be thought of lightly. If a company cannot come to terms with it’s greatest leaders, than maybe something is very wrong with the company? And the downline would suffer anyway. So Jerome might be showing true leadership here.

  5. Are you kidding me, this is not about greed. It’s not always about greed. Network Marketers are sometimes as brainwashed as 9-5 workers. How is it greed for him to leave a company where he was losing money, in order to try and go to a place to make some money…it;s called a business decision. If he was the number one money earner, and he wasn’t making money, wouldn’t it be obvious that his downline wasn’t making money. So to make a decision to leave was the right move. Nobody is making money at YTB, and haven’t for a couple of years. Those you stay there for the sake of the owners and their downline are hurting their downline. I read in Success magazine a few years back, on an article on Leadership. It stated a True leader recognize when a ship is about to sink and immediately have their crew to abandon ship. Those who feels leaders should stay to watch the ship go down, would be responsible for your death, as well as the death of the crew members following you. Smart move Jerome, but honestly, about 3 years too late.

  6. At least 3 years late because YTB has been in decline for at least that long with all the legal action forcing them to “cease and desist” running a pyramid.

  7. The “leaders” at YTB, namely “I can’t Coach” Tomer and Scott “I’ve got 2 hours of college” Tomer, are liars. They created a bogus document called the “Bill of Rights” and used it to lure hard working leaders to the company only to steal from them and their downlines. A number of great builders have come and gone long before Jerome Hughes thanks to the lies told by the Tomers and other field leaders like Donald Bradley, Melissa Boston and James Pruitt. YTB is a “dead man walking.” It’s over. Jerome Hughes and his team were the only group holding this company together. Now the REAL story about this illegal sham of a company will be told. YTB deserves everything it’s about to get.

  8. So what was the violation that Jerome did? Its ben three years now since I have been actively involved with YTB. How did he get fired???

    Also….is Melissa so doing a good job at the top? She was pretty good. Someone plea fill me in on all the details.


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