50+ Tips How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

NO Guts NO Glory

This is how this website got 100,000 hits per month.

With a lot of hard work, quality content, and marketing nous, you can produce a well-trafficked blog.

Here are 50+ tips to get you on the right track.

No Pain, No Gain

No Guts, No Glory…

  1. Get a coach or mentor, why should you reinvent the wheel?
  2. Write great posts with quality content.
  3. Take a Facebook Fanpage
  4. Write more posts (do you post 2x per week? Try 5x per week).
  5. Interview Top Earners.
  6. Do not try to beat the search engines by playing false.
  7. Be among the first to break a hot story.
  8. Write something controversial.
  9. Write list posts.
  10. Create irresistible headlines.
  11. Use Feedburner.
  12. Submit key articles to ezinearticles.com for syndication.
  13. Write guest posts.
  14. Invite guest posters.
  15. Host webinars with other bloggers – tap into their audience.
  16. Start a periodical newsletter to bring visitors back to your blog on a regular basis.
  17. Create “link love” posts and let each blogger know that you are linking to them.
  18. Make your blog beautiful.
  19. Make your blog easy to navigate.
  20. Place always an image in your posts.
  21. Optimize your posts for SEO (permalink, title, description, headers, content, etc).
  22. Create loads of relevant tags and link them to your posts.
  23. Interlink your pages.
  24. Submit your site to major directories.
  25. Always use relevant alt tags and titles for your images.
  26. Include a link to your blog in any and all online profiles you complete.
  27. Search out and follow likeminded people on Twitter
  28. Always follow those who re-tweet your content.
  29. Comment on other people’s Facebook pages to drive traffic back to your own.
  30. Mention other Facebook pages on your wall and you will show up in their feeds.
  31. Jump on the Google+ bandwagon and create your own page.
  32. Make sharing simple – include highly visible social media buttons on your posts.
  33. Submit your best posts to social bookmarking sites such as Digg and StumbleUpon.
  34. Interact with peers on forums.
  35. Reach out to bloggers you like – build relationships.
  36. Keep in touch with bloggers you know – nurture relationships.
  37. Provide insightful comments on other blogs and get to know other bloggers and commenters.
  38. Offer yourself up for interview on other bloggers’ podcasts.
  39. Interview other bloggers and tap into their audience.
  40. Talk to everyone about your blog. Don’t be shy.
  41. Print some business cards. Hand them to everyone and anyone.
  42. Attend blogging conferences and any “gatherings” related to your niche.
  43. Throw business cards around with wild abandon. Network like crazy.
  44. Create your own local periodical meet up for bloggers or for your blog’s niche.
  45. Release a free product and ask your readers to “pay with a tweet”.
  46. Write an eBook and market it voraciously.
  47. Produce a video course.
  48. Add your blog’s URL to your email signature.
  49. If writing for others, link back to your own blog (with permission only of course).
  50. Write a press release for your blog and publish it to the world.
  51. Hold a competition. The prize doesn’t have to be huge!
  52. Never stop trying new things.
  53. Start producing videos and tap into the huge YouTube market.
  54. Start producing a podcast and tap into the huge iTunes market

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  1. There is always something to learn about being an online marketer and I think (at least for me) that is the most exhilarating aspect of it all! Success is a constant process and because of that fact, you can never rest easy but must remain on your toes. Thank you for adding to my fund of knowledge as this is powerful!

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