How To Create a Facebook Fanpage

How To Create a Facebook Fan Page

Not many Direct Selling professionals have a Facebook fanpage, so get one before the competition does…. It is a no brainer and without costs. Every Facebook Marketing Guru confirms it will be the next wave in online Marketing. Do not leave money on the table.

It is a very easy procedure. Please note that only the official representative of an organization, business, celebrity, or band is permitted to create a page.

1. Log in on your personal Facebook account, you can create and manage a Facebook Page only from your personal account.

2.Click here to begin.

How To Create a Facebook Fan Page Step 1

3. Choose the Artist, Band or Public Figure button

4. Choose Business Person and your desired username (f.i. TedNuyten)

5. Upload your image.

6. Your other personal information. That's it!

Have Fun!

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