How To Protect Your Website Against Anonymous Comments

Ted Nuyten

The website has grown to 100,000+ hits or 65,000+ unique visitors per month from over 150 countries. This is a result of the increased demand for unbiased information about the Direct Selling industry.

I noticed however an increased number of personal slanderous attacks on several servant leaders by anonymous commenters. Comments are essential to a blog website. It is the key ingredient in defining a blog from a website. Bloggers thrive on nurturing the interaction between themselves and their readers through blog comments.

Blog comments help to develop your reputation as the Business For Home reputation . I have a “freedom of speech” and “anything goes” policy as long as comments are polite. If you do not like somebody you can say so. However, cross the line and comments become insults.

As I want to protect the good name and standing of both servant leaders as the Business For Home website a new comments policy has been put in place.


  • A real email
  • A real name
  • A link to a personal website or Facebook account
  • Maximum of 1 link in the comment box.

Below screen shot shows how to fill in the Comment Box:



Comment policy Business For Home


Ted Nuyten

Chairman Business For Home Foundation

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Comments (7)

  1. Getting in an ever increasing number of Anonymous Comments. Approx. 50 per day. By the way if you identify yourself and show leadership in your comments it increase your reputation and drives quality traffic to your website.

  2. This is a great policy, Ted. Internet trolls are cowards who thrive on boards where they can post anonymously. Watch how much more civil, and factual, the commentary here becomes once the commenter becomes personally accountable for what they say.

    Well done.


  3. It’s easy to spread rumors and half truths when hiding behind an anonymous screen name.
    Words have meaning, and if you are going to accuse or condemn, you will now have to back it up.
    Way to raise the bar!
    Thanks Ted

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