ViSalus 2011- Q3 Results by Blake Mallen

Blake Mallen ViSalus Chief Marketing Officer

Blake Mallen, ViSalus's Chief Marketing Officer presents the excellent Q3 2011 results:

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  1. Amazing company with a simple message… Get healthy, lose weight,and become prosperous helping to improve the lives of others. ViSalus is the company behind the fastest growing 90 Day Health Challenge in the world – The Body by Vi Challenge!
    Designed to help a person with their Weight Management, Active Lifestyle and/or Fitness/Performance goals, 90 days at a time.
    Do your own research…

    “Lack of information is the number one barrier to wealth” Robert Kiyosaki

  2. I truly hope the co-foudners and owners (Blyth Inc) are commited to be there 10, 20 or even 50 years from now supporting that momentum, stay innovative, open new market and create opportunities. For all those peoples and celebrities who get involve and attached their names and brand every weeks with the compagny, cuz if they not, it'll be so devastating not even just for the compagny itself, but for our whole industry.
    So may God help those owners to always stay on the right track no matter what, never compromise for the good of their leaders on the field and stay true to their mission and vision to create a better world of wealth, health and hapiness.
    It is a HUGE responsability to carry on, but the WORLD really need this.

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