Minerva Worldwide Review 2011

John Gustin

Minerva Worldwide, is a new “hybrid” start-up and will soon announce its pre-enrollment campaign, toward an anticipated launch in early 2012.  The headquarters for Minerva Worldwide, Inc
are on 600 108th Ave NE, Suite 530 Bellevue, Washington 98004, USA.

Minerva’s business model will combine retail, brand advertising, internet marketing, direct response, social media and affiliate marketing.

Minerva Worldwide Inc reported, filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission it had raised $840K of a $3.1M private offering. Companies file this special form with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the majority of cases when closing new funding.  Minerva Worldwide Inc did not disclose revenue figures according to the SEC Filing detailing the transaction.The type of investment being offered was listed as equity (opposed to debt, warrants, or other types of investment options). Minerva Worldwide Inc noted they began raising the money on October 24, 2011. As of today, $3.1M of the $3.1M offering has been sold to private investors.

Company founders include industry veterans John Gustin, Charlie Culver, Jimmy Kossert, and Peter Baloff. Michael Lansbury will by Editor-in-Chief of MinervaPlace.com.

Larry Thompson Minerva

Although just beginning its pre-enrollment, the Company seems to be creating a buzz.

Industry sources believe it is building two divisions, MinervaPlace.com and MinervaRewards.com, one for content and the other for the opportunity—providing one site of smart content related to weight management, fitness and wellness, as well as beauty, style and fashion and the other an opportunity to earn income for referrals to the community and from advertising revenue generated by the site.

Word in the Street ex. Herbalife icon Larry Thompson will be on board.

Minerva Products

Minerva’s goal will likely be to inform people relating to several topics which includes fat loss, wellness, anti-aging, life-style and fashion. Minerva members will probably be able to get free of charge high quality articles and videos created by America’s best journalists, Hollywood’s best filmmakers, renowned physicians and celebrities.

Marc Wilson Minerva CFOMinerva Place Worldwide will be positioning itself on one of the greatest and most lucrative markets, namely the well being and beauty market. Some of the accomplished journalists writing features for MinervaPlace are Julie Upton, Linda Melone, Heidi McIndoo, Mridu Khullar Relph, Kate Parham, Stephanie O'Neill, Cathryn Michon, and Emily Moss. Executive Chef Dave Gordon will add more flavor to MinervaPlace.com

Minerva Compensation Plan

Not available yet in detail. Membership is $19.95 a year. The membership fee also entitles members to a valuable, light and healthy recipe book as well as other premiums. As a member of MinervaPlace you have been empowered to take steps which could have a big impact on your future earnings. This opportunity is offering every member a Cash Rewards program.

Minerva Corporate Leadership

John Gustin - Minerva Charlie Culver - Minerva Jimmy Kossert - Minerva Peter Baloff - Minerva
John Gustin Charlie Culver Jimmy Kossert Peter Baloff

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Jimmy Kossert, Larry Tompson.


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  1. Good find Ted! I worked directly in the past with several of these gents. SOLID leaders and honest as the day is long. Posted about this yesterday about this on our blog: momofactor.com/company-management/industry-veterans-to-launch-huge-online-play

  2. This is the first real NEW idea that has hit Network Marketing is a looooong time!!! It is a brilliant concept….with NO competition!! Gustin, Culver, Thompson, Kossert, Baloff, Charchuk, et al, have hit this one OUT OF THE PARK!!! I would hate to have to compete against this model with normal network marketing set-ups! It would be tantamount to taking a butter knife to a gun fight!!! This line up of leaders reminds me of the 1992 US Olympic basketball “Dream Team”, and fortunately, for potential distributors, they lead with integrity of character being paramount!!!

  3. This MLM has some interesting features Ted. I took the liberty of adding a link to the pre-enrollment through my name above (no cost) in case anyone wants to take a look/grab a seat before it goes live. I’ll sit on the fence until we see the full picture at launch but this could be a bit of new way forward, who knows?

  4. In my opinion this company is well poised & will be taking social media/ e- commerence & internet marketing to the next level. They are positioning to be the #1 on line destination for women that is multibillion dollar industry. With the multiple profit centers they have, this should be a home run. I?m in as I see a real serious opportunity here.


  5. Looks like they?re taking internet publishing & e-commerce to the next level. The quality of people involved with this should secure it?s success & be a home run. The whole social media venue is a brilliant idea. There addressing a multibillion dollar industry that has several profit centers. I see opportunity here, I?m in.

  6. This is going to be unlike anything else anyone has seen or done before. This business isn’t right for everyone, but if it’s right for you, don’t hesitate to enroll now. Not only could you earn a very respectable income – the information you will receive daily will provide you with the level of health and well being that you desire. H

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