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Robert Hollis is the USA Top Earner of Gano Excel living in NewPort Coast, California, USA.

Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Robert. He is married to Teri Hollis and they have 3 sons, Robert Jr., Matthew, and Kyle.

Robert built a team of over 500,000 Affiliates in 3 years and went over $29 Million in Direct Selling Life Time Earnings. Unlimited Profits Robert's team, which he started in February 2011, went over 20,000 members, with $100,000+ in monthly earnings. Robert previous endeavour was ACN where he was a Top 5 Regional Vice President.

Robert, what is your “Million Dollar Secret?

Helping other people get results! People don't care what you know, until they know that you care! This can only happen by truly helping them get results not telling them to! Show people how to get a customer! Show people how to invite someone to a presentation! Show someone how to get them enrolled! Show them how to do the things needed to be successful! If you don't know how, ask for HELP from someone that knows how!

What do you feel is the most important aspect of your business?

Hard to pick just one, the synergy of all of them together only happens a few times in history! I get so touched when I hear the heart felt stories of what Gano Excel products have done in people lives! The opportunity has giving me so much more than financial freedom it's giving me fulfillment and joy beyond measure when you can make a difference in others lives and really make a difference that lasts lifetime!

The Hollis Family Robert Hollis Peru Team Robert Hollis Mushrooms
The Hollis Family Robert Hollis Peru Team Robert Hollis Mushrooms Gano Excel's ingredient


How has your life changed through your success in network marketing?

Networking Marketing to me is personal development with a pay plan! You earn while you learn! You have to work on you more than any thing else! I have seeked out the best mentors and teachers In everything I wanted to learn I did what they did and I am getting closer everyday to achieving their lifestyles!

By helping others do what I have done is my passion that really keeps me motivated! Gano Excel allowed me to take everything I have learned and practiced over 27 years to take my life to the next level!

In other companies I earned millions but wasn't fulfilled and happy and had a hard time getting others to get the same success! The companies really focused on the money side and not the product side! When Joven Cabasag  shared Gano Excel with me and introduced me to Mr. Leow it all came together for me! These men understand that money comes from serving others and building a satisfied loyal customers base and from those people that are raving fans of the product you find your customer builders TRUE Residual INCOME!

I have never been so certain and happy in my life I know have a peace of mind!

Gano Excel Leaders In Robert Hollis Team

Llecenia Robles Gano Excel Fred Herzog Gano Excel Blanca Solorio Gano Excel Matt Tucciarelli Gano Excel
Llecenia Robles Fred Herzog Blanca Solorio Matt Tucciarelli
Alma Zaragoza Gano Excel David Gonzalez Gano Excel Scott Mercker Gano Excel Luis R Landeros Gano Excel
Alma Zaragoza David Gonzalez Scott Mercker Luis R Landeros
Alberto Martinez Gano Excel Freddie Aquirre Gano Excel Lovell and M-Jai Scotton Gano Excel Robert Hollis Jr Gano Excel
Alberto Martinez Freddie Aquirre Lovell and M-Jai Scotton Robert Hollis Jr.


What advice do you have for someone just starting out with their “million dollar dreams?”

You need to have a mentor! Who is your personal coach! All professions have them you NEED to find one! Now be very coachable do what they do and don't question what they do! Focus on getting better a small percentage everyday you just need to get better don't compare yourself with any one!

Then don't quit! It took time to get good at your job, to be a good spouse or parent! I takes time to get a education and it takes time to get good at building a successful team with Gano Excel! I promise you it is WORTH IT!

There is a delicate balance between enjoying the time freedom that MLM provides you with, and working to keep enough momentum going to maintain your lifestyle.  Is that a correct assessment, and if so, how do you maintain that balance?

The key to balance is having a lot of fun! I heard years ago the second you fall in LOVE with what you do will be the second that you will no longer look at it as work!

Most people don't like what they do and don't have fun doing it! Again find a mentor that always is having fun and positive to be around! I am excited to get up every morning and help people all day I LOVE what I do!

Make sure the people you love the most are enrolled with your vision and dreams for them! They need to know what in it for them that way they support and cheer you on also let them know they are important all the people I LOVE know that and also know that if they need me they just have to say that and I will drop everything!

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  1. You are a great mentor Robert. Thanks so much for everything that you do and the Unlimited Profits system you provide. It is so great to learn from you and the group. Myself and the team are greatful!
    Cheers to 2012 🙂


  2. Robert, you have changed my life!! I used to think that a mentor was the guy going on fancy trips, paying for huge dinners, and driving fancy cars. After spending 18 months with you, your son, and the Unlimited Profits partners I’ve finally had my “Pop” and understand what this is all about and who I REALLY want to be like. You become who you hang around! Thank you for those constant reminders and helping me see past the “present DVD”!!

  3. Thanks Robert Hollis for your example and membership. When I first met you it was a surprise to me that you were telling me to do the opposite of what I had been taught by previous mentors in a previous company which is why I left because I didn’t feel that what I was doing was working however I think I just got into the habit of doing the wrong thing..righter which put me in the wronger direction. After reading the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris, experiencing the movie “the social network” I had my pop….that the Internet is much bigger than anything else…..with your guidance and simplicity in 7 weeks my residuals in gano excel exceeded my residuals in my previous company after 5 years in the top position. In addition to putting me in a position to teach others Internet marketing and be your top earner with unlimited profits. I now know that this business isn’t about being on the stage with a fancy suit, killing yourself to stay in a status position, gain recognition, or be the one people point at and say I can never do what he did but rather it is about contributing to others, doing something super simple so the masses can duplicate it and it’s about building friendships and networks that last way past the margins of a company or opportunity. I also learned that I wanted a lifestyle where I got my time back, have a real lifestyle and .a quality of life that is far beyond ….what I thought was possible…thanks Hugh Benjamin

  4. Mr Robert Hollis,
    Congratulations on your achievements. As you have taught me and hundreds of thousands of others, “Documentation Beats Conversation.” I know that all these accolades are well-deserved, however, I also know that what really means the most to you is the HUGE number of people that have received mentoring that has changed their lives and the course of history for their families. I can say that many, many more leaders than those above from many different walks of life would openly give you credit for being a part of their success.

    As for me personally, I have had the privilege of working directly with Mr. Hollis since we met in 1995. At that time I asked him for help with using marketing to benefit non-profits as a fundraiser, and he invited me into his home and shared with me openly all he knew on the subject. He has been and is a wonderful mentor and coach to me and I have observed that he truly cares about people, all people, without judging them. I owe my series of small successes over the last 15+ years to him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  5. Robert, I have said it many times before…. I love you for all the support and knowledge you provide all of us in the networking marketing profession! Your Unlimited Profits support and mentoring system is second to none! Key bullet points why you are such a blessing listed below:

    1. You believe that people should look for verifiable documentation of the leaders or mentors they follow. You are willing to document your earnings for anyone interested and I respect that.

    2. You developed a free support and mentoring system with the philosophy that Facebook and Youtube use which is to create a free place for people to come and share valuable content.

    3. You have been to the bottom and realize that there are a lot of people that are there that need support, honesty and direction.

    4. You are accessible and willing to meet anyone half way. If they reach out to you, you will reach out to them. If they show the initiative and desire to improve their life, you will be there to help them.

    5. You have the desire to be on the list as being one of the biggest givers in the world before you die! This is truly an amazing quality.

    6. You are a spiritual person and operate your businesses with the desire to serve your maker. I love this about you!

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