Top Earner Rick Teague Resigns Max International

Rick and Michelle Teague
Rick and Michelle Teague from Franklin Tennessee, USA build from December 2007 approx. 38,000+ associates and preferred customers in Max International.
They have resigned today, reasons: unstoppable deterioration of volume, team and personal income, momentum, field leadership, business enjoyment, and confidence and belief in the future, and the termination of 3 other leaders.
Below the couple's resignation letter:
December 16, 2011

Re: Our Resignation from Max International

Dear Max Executive Management Team:

It is with considerable sadness that after four years of pouring my heart and soul into Max, I am hereby submitting my immediate and simultaneous resignations from the Max Advisory Board, the Max Million Dollar Circle, and as a Max Triple Diamond Independent Associate. While the first year or so of Michelle and I’s journey with Max was a fulfilling and exciting rocket ride, the last three years have been extremely frustrating and draining as we have experienced a seemingly unstoppable deterioration of volume, team and personal income, momentum, field leadership, business enjoyment, and confidence and belief in the future, especially within our home base of the United States.

Over the past three years I have relentlessly and tenaciously done everything in my power to turn things around both in the field and from within the Max Advisory Board. In perhaps my ultimate attempt to turn the company around for the common good, I recently attempted a partial buyout of Max in conjunction with an elite athletic group that quiet possibly could have made network marketing history. Much to my chagrin, my best efforts on all these fronts have simply not been enough to stop the incessant backward slide, and the nonchalant dismissal of the buy out attempt by Max executives left me nothing short of bewildered.  

Further, the serious decrease in our matching bonus income due to the termination of Mike, Kaye and Laura Unclebach is a glaring deficiency in the compensation plan that cannot be tolerated either by us or other leaders in the company who may find themselves in a similar situation in the future. Accordingly, things have finally reached a low enough point for us, other team leaders, and other field leaders that as a matter of principle and personal integrity we simply can no longer personally endorse, participate in or promote the Max business. 

To close, despite the unfortunate circumstance of this resignation letter we do wish the best of success to any of the many friends we have in the Max field or corporate team who may chose to continue their journey with Max.  Godspeed!


Rick & Michelle Teague

Rick & Michelle Teague

Max Triple Diamond Associates

Max Million Dollar Circle Members

Max Advisory Board Members

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  1. Very Sad. But this is the inevitable consequence of the corporate officers not practicing what they preach, that “the WHO is more important than the what.” I hope that they change their mentality, but sad to say, that is VERY unlikely. The worst part is that this same callous mentality and short sightedness is quite common with owners and corporate executives who are just not the right people to run a network marketing company as evidenced by the policies and procedures (which offer no real security or protection) and in how they treat and terminate distributors. I have joined with other distributors such as Tim Sales on a crusade ( to hopefully change this great industry so that this kind of foolishness and arrogance is rare instead of common, and distributors are valued and honored, and have REAL protection and security backed up by the Policies and Procedures and a Distributors Bill of Rights.

  2. Dear Rick and Michelle,

    Best wishes on your decision to become a field leader at Evolv. Jill and I consider you very dear friends and look forward to keeping in touch. When I spoke with Dave Bagley last evening, he echoed these same sentiments. Dave shared his excitement and vision for Max and we are all saddened that you and Michelle aren’t a part of it. Max has a great future with great products and compensation plan, we are committed to helping Max Associates achieve their potential with Max!

    Chad Statham
    Diamond Associate
    Max International

    Dallas, Texas

  3. My heart goes out to both the Teagues and to their reps who were “terminated without cause”. I was a National Vice President in Ameriplan and I was with them for 12 years, earning over $2.5 million. It was the highest level in the company and I was the #3 income earner. For the final 3 years we all experienced declining incomes repeatedly, due mainly to the poor decisions of the owners, and partially due to the economy. In Jan 2011 I tried to sell my business in accordance with the company policy to do so, but was denied by the owners of the company. In Feb 2011 the owners of the company terminated hundreds of top income earners. In March 2011 I received my final check from the company as I too was terminated without cause. There are solutions, and if anyone would like to discuss them, just Google my name “Michael Lancto” and call or email me.

  4. Yes, Ray, it is very sad and my heart goes out to the Teagues. This is a common thing in this market place…I have been in some great companies and some not so great…the not so great most often fail from the top! I recently have been introduced to 2 companies with CEO’s that have been in the trenches and know what works and what doesn’t…they also value their most precious assets…we, the distributer…a rare breed indeed. I have watched companies with great products go down in flames with myself and all those who put their faith and trust in me to lead them to a better life…I most recently found a company that has a win/win opportunity and every affiliate I have introduced to this has and continues to…make money every day!!! Daily time committement…3 minutes. Too good to be true…some think so…I know better. Its my goal in life as a life coach to provide a WIN to every network marketer I am led to ….If there is one person that reads this and does something with it then another life has been touched and changed…and my legacy grows…thank you for indulging me here…Many blessings of Abundance, Bob MacElwain

  5. I have yet to see a rep. who is promoting the business as it should and making money for a company, to be ?terminated without cause?, no company owner is fool enough to bite in the hand who is feeding him, on the other hand changing companies “is in”, is a kind of fashion, there are close to 5000 mlm`s companies only in USA and of course, there are not enough leaders for all of them, so it`s perfectly normal when a company looking for leadership pay to a leader to get it abroad at the first sign of discomfort of this leader with the formal company.
    I has been for so many years in this industrie to know that if you are not good here, you are not going to be good there, it`s not the product or the service, is not the company, it`s not your downline, IT`S YOU WHO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE, that`s why the “Real Leaders” are so hard to find, they don`t change companies, they change the company if necesary from within, but they keep they place in better or worst, and sometimes even the company get recognized by their name and their faces better than by the company name. But this were other times, the times are changing, the people too.

  6. It saddens me to hear of people who have invested so much into a cause or belief and found that the company which espouses them does not always live up to them. Many on our team have have first hand experience in with this process. I call it a process because we see something that resonates with us then becomes us and the not only effects us, but so many around us, not unlike a marriage. When the decision needs to be made to move on for so many core reasons it is not unlike a divorce. It leaves scars, healing needs to take place, then re-engagement and then continued thriving. I think they call it life 🙂 only in this industry it is so personally confronting as the relationships run deep when you truly love people. Well, we have moved on to our new relationship with Visalus and couldn’t be happier with the decision and the process as we journey on. I hope the same for Teagues and so many others. In some strange way we are all connected on this road of network marketing.
    -Jeffrey Kendall

  7. Dear Rick and Michelle,
    As with any good friendship, it is sad to say goodbye when people move from your neighborhood or leave a company we all work together at. Relationships are an important piece to a company’s success. So is feeling happiness and congruency with a company’s vision. Congratulations on your move to become a field leader with Evolve Health. So sorry you won’t be be part of the new leadership team here at MAX International as we are building towards a very exciting period of growth with our life changing products and compensation Plan. Speaking with Dave Bagley and joe Voyticky (CO-CEO’s) of MAX International, we all agree that we wish you and Michelle only the best in your newest endeavor.

  8. For whatever reason, Max seems to be a bit of a chaotic company. It’s too bad because the original Max GXL is a fine product and the original “story” about Guthy-Renker, TV and Infomercials was a darn good one and attracted a lot of high quality leaders. I signed up a who’s who of Internet and Network Marketers on my team within days of getting started, but the culture and corporate leadership did not seem to be in alignment with the principles that were often spoken about from stage.

    I spent a little time with Rick and Michelle on the Max Advisory board (before I resigned as well) and want to wish them the very best.

  9. Dont know you and frankly have never heard of you but i do feel for you. It's no question that writing that letter was not easy for you and i can tell that you have gone through a lot of pain over the last few years. My prayers are with you and my hopes and prayers are with you that you should find a new home and a company that is going to do the right thing and give you all the reason in the world in addition to the comfort of being able to pour your heart and soul into another project.
    Happy holidays to you and your family and god bless.

  10. To Rick and Michelle,
    We understand your frustration; it is difficult to work with a poorly managed company and achieve results. And you were exceptional at Max in spite of your challenges. We wish you the best in whatever you decide to do, and we invite you to explore Alphay – we are launching North America on February 10th, 2012, and 29 more countries within 5 years. If you want cutting edge – this is it! If you want exemplary leadership – this is it! Give me a call at 847.219.1900 to discuss in greater detail.. Wishing you a joyous 2012.

  11. We’ve never met but from what i see you seem to be great leaders and very well known in the industry. A resignation letter is a difficult thing to do it seems. I hope this does’nt become a common thing in this industry. We need to evolve. For those of you who have had to do the same i wish you guys the best. There are many good companies out there that would make a good home and of course, could always use more leaders. Keep the dream alive and keep the industry evolving! Stay focused and Happy New Year!

    Rich Hernandez
    Regeneca IBO
    San Antonio, Texas

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