ViSalus Sales $73,2 million in Q3 – 2011

Jennifer Creamer and Jason O'Toole

ViSalus sales were $73.2 million in this year's Third Quater versus $10.2 million for the same period last year.

Independent distributor Jason O'Toole and Jennifer Creamer are the first in ViSalus history to reach the Global Ambassador Rank.

That means they helped at least 5 others reach 5 Star Ambassador.

Jason and Jennifer's estimated earnings are approaching  $200,000 a month.

Jason O'Toole 1 Million Bonus - ViSalus

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  1. Yet again… The numbers do not lie and simply speak for themselves. HUGE Congratulations to Jason O’Toole and Jennifer Creamer for making ViSalus history! (Global Ambassador details were just announced at our last National Success Training in Oct too.)

    ViSalus is moving like a freight train with NO BRAKES!

    – Yo

  2. Rec’d a call from Jason 22 months ago inviting us to join him in ViSalus….. turned him down for 6 months.
    So grateful Jason was so persistent cause today we are his largest team all enjoying tremendous success.
    Thank you Jason & Jennifer. So proud to be your partners & friends.

  3. WOW!! I am truly blessed to be part of a company that is changing lives one person at a time one day at a time. Numbers like this are not being posted by mistake!! We have AMAZING leadership, the culture of this company is like none other and our SYSTEM WORKS!! My question for you is ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE????

  4. Wow… I had a call from Jason July 2010 introducing me to Visalus. I turned him down, then 5 months later I decided I’d better do some research. After using the Visalus products for several months I jumped in. Kicking myself now for not trusting him enough to follow a year earlier. Better late than never. Thank you to your entire team for being persistent. So happy now!!

  5. Let the numbers do the talking.   HUGE Congratulations to Jason O’Toole and Jennifer Creamer for making ViSalus history!    So proud to be part of ViSalus, Body ByVi Challenge and to be working with these two amazing individuals!!!!

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