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Trey White

January 23, 2012 – Dallas, Texas, USA EvolvHealth Executives announced today that cPRIME will be joining the Evolv family of health products. cPRIME has made great strides in developing a cutting edge technology that supports health in a unique way, establishing powerful celebrity endorsements, and implementing innovative business tools to market this technology. In conjunction with the e84 Challenge products, Evolv Executives see this amazing technology as an incredible asset that may increase balance, strength, enduarance and flexibility—all important factors in a successful e84 Challenge.

“We are committed to making the latest health technologies available to our Members and Customers. We see cPRIME as a great partner for Evolv and the e84 Challenge,” said EvolvHealth CEO, Brent Hicks.

“Over the last few years, Evolv and cPRIME have been traveling on parallel paths. Now that those paths have converged, we are providing an unprecedented opportunity for all of our Members and our Customers to provide what is potentially the most complete Health Offering in the market under one roof,” said EvolvHealth Chairman, Trey White. “It is the complete package: Nutrition, Exercise, Energy and Support,” says Trey.

“Evolv’s patent-pending products have certainly gained attention in the industry and are widely known for their advanced, revolutionary nutritional benefits,” said cPRIME’s Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Keranen. “We are excited about the e84 Challenge and how it is aligning synergistically with cPRIME’s performance wear product line. We are 100% behind the health revolution and help 8.4 Million complete the e84 Challenge, now powered with the cPRIME band.”

About cPRIME

cPRIME develops fashion-forward performance wear that can change your life by working immediately to maximize your body’s performance. The cPRIME Bands may also help to increase your strength, balance, flexibility and endurance: Every cPRIME Bracelet and Band is equipped with a chip that alters the way your body interacts with the electromagnetic environment around you. cPRIME bracelets act as a bio-antenna for your body. A cPRIME Performance research study was conducted at Joel Scherr Physical Therapy Centers and California Medical Arts in Los Angeles and San Diego, California under the control of three principal investigators with over 65 years of collective clinical experience.

About EvolvHealth LLC

EvolvHealth is a consumer health products company helping people improve their family’s physical and financial well-being through science-driven products and entrepreneurial opportunities. Evolv recently released its newest product, Evolv Limitless™—an all-natural betalain supplement developed using a patent-pending technology developed at FutureCeuticals®. EvolvHealth offers a full spectrum of health supporting nutritionals geared to complement its health renewal program, the e84 Challenge. Evolv and the e84 Challenge are marketed through a network of independent business owners in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

NOTE: cPRIME celebrity and other endorsements are directed only to the cPRIME Bands and Bracelets, and do not necessarily constitute endorsements of EvolvHealth or its products.

Josh Higginbotham
President, EvolvHealth, LLC
[email protected]

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