Glen Jensen launches Uprize A Forex MLM

Glen Jensen Uprise

Glen Jensen, former Agel CEO and founder, see our interview, is launching Uprize, a MLM company based on Forex. The corporate office will be in Utah – USA (9890 South 300 West, Sandy, UT 84070)

Glen Jensen: Uprize is not just a company, a program, or a product – it is a movement. People all around the world are realizing they can no longer trust their financial future to the bankers, brokers, and the “economic elite”. It is time to join the movement and take responsibility for your financial freedom

We've turned the direct marketing value proposition on its head. While most direct marketing companies inate their prices to cover their multi-tiered commission plan, Uprize has done just the opposite. Our exclusive arrangements with key vendors allow us to offer a full institutional data feed, the Uprize Intellitrader System, and professional training at a fraction of the cost of comparable products, creating an irrisistable value for our members.

Uprize has designed an aggressive compensation plan that makes it easy for beginners to make signicant income, while at the same time providing enormous rewards for leader.

To become an Uprize Affiliate and participate in the Affiliate Rewards Program (a Uni-Level compensation plan) you must pay an annual affiliate fee of $49.99. The training packages for the Affiliate Rewards Program are $199, $499 and $1,499 and requires a monthly subscription of $39,99.

Uprize Management Team

Glen Jensen Uprize Dan Taggart Uprize Gary Hasson Uprize Lorie Harrel Uprize
Glen Jensen
Dan Taggart
Gary Hasson
Lorie Harrel
Jeff Wilson Uprize Gloria Jensen Uprize Darrel Anderson Uprize Troy Kearl Uprize
Jeff Wilson
Gloria Jensen
Darrel Anderson
Troy Kearl


Uprize Introduction Video

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Comments (11)

  1. Forex training programs are generally scams as very few people make money and ROI is terrible.
    Forex training is very specialist skill. amateur trader are the suckers who increase the professionals profit. remember this is zero-sum game – all wins creates equal loss. FX trading systems create even more losers and if they were that great why ever share their secrets? [I used to be a forex & options trader in London in earlier life! ]
    This will boom and collapse like Agel. 
    At some point Dan Jensen and friends will be held accountable for the success or failure of people joining their programs. How many people has lost money believing the hype of Agel from Jenson, Randy Gage, Eric Worre and others.
    Some people don't like this warning yet without accountability….. what are we? 

  2. SOLID. I’ve seen several of the training sessions. I’ve been a financial advisor for 18 years. It’s always interesting to me when people think their investments are diversified; yet those assets (401k, IRA, stocks, mutual funds, bonds, insurance, cash, home, investment real estate, etc.) are all denominated in the same currency–crazy. Having a working knowledge of currecies should be a critical part of everyone’s investment plan.

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