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John  and Blanca Sachtouras are living in Richmond, Texas, USA and recently moved to a 7,058-square-foot house. John and Blanca are with Coffee Direct Seller Organo Gold since June 2009 and are top earners both in the company as in the Direct Selling industry.

It only took them 90 days to reach Diamond Consultants, one of the top positions within the compensation plan, Blue Diamonds in 6 months, Black Diamonds in 15 Months and Crown Diamonds in 2011. Their estimated earnings are $320,000 per month and build a gigantic distributorship in just 2,5 short years.

John is having a master degree in marketing and economics, and is fluency in five languages. Ted Nuyten has the honour to interview the couple.

John, how did you got involved in MLM, who pitched you' and is he/she still involved?

My first experience was in 1986 in California. I had just arrived from Greece and I was looking for business opportunities. I have attended several MLM seminars and although I was new in the USA I understood the power of multiplication through the efforts of a group of people vs. my own efforts to generate income. I realized back then that MLM was the best business model to generate an excellent residual income with small investment. My first sponsor was a great guy by the name Douglas Thompson and I don’t know where he is right now.

What do you like about MLM besides the financial rewards?

I get great satisfaction when I meet positive people with desire to improve their life and I have the opportunity to help them.  I really enjoy that!  I get energized.  I feel that I am doing my part to improve the world. Also, I like the freedom – I don’t like to “report” to a boss.  Since I was very young I wanted to be totally free and do whatever I wanted.  I love to work many hours a day and I am never tired. What ever I decide to do I give it 110% and I enjoy it so must that it becomes fun not work. I enjoy tremendously the challenges to do more and do it fast. 

For me MLM is the best business platform to grow the business as fast and as big as I want without any limits.  Also, I enjoy the process of personal development, which has helped me become a better person, father, husband and a leader. I always learn from the other people involved in MLM. And of course… Travelling!  What can I say about that!  Waking up in the morning and make a decision to go anywhere you want without having to ask permission from anyone!  This is Total Freedom!

 Is Organo Gold your first MLM, who is your sponsor?

I have being involved with the industry of Network Marketing for the last 22 years and I have worked with 11 different companies marketing vitamins, natural juices, weight loss, household products, and electronics. First time I found a company with a product that requires no explanation; no training, no instructions and that millions of people around the world consume it multiple times a day!  I found a goldmine in a cup of coffee!

First time in 22 years in MLM I can honestly say I found a home with Organo Gold. I was searching for so many years to find an honest and unselfish leadership that will help my organization and myself grow with integrity and respect.  I am very blessed to have Holton Buggs, who is my personal sponsor, mentor, but most important to have him as the best friend I ever had.

John Sachtouras Check John Sachtouras Check Januari 2012
From $1 million in May 2011 To $2 million in Januari 2012

What is the size of your team, in which countries are they?

At the present time my Team is 100,000 distributors and they are located in USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, UK, Germany, Philippines, Spain and Greece.

Did you enroll massive members in Organo Gold or do you have a more selective strategy?

I believe in working and developing strong relationships by helping people unleash their inner power.  I am not a massive recruiter, rather I consider my self a leader builder.  I work with a few people very close, every day, making sure they improve their leadership skills and help them grow their organizations.  MLM to me is not just “selling products or an opportunity”…is about relationship with other people…

I want to know what they need, what they want and how I can help them achieve their dreams.  I always ask them a question:  “Do you want me to be your friend or your coach?”.  As a friend I will tell them what they want to hear so they can feel good.  As their coach I will make sure I will awaken their inner strengths and this process maybe a bit painful since I will hold them accountable of their daily actions to make sure the produce the required results to achieve their goals. I believe that every person has the intelligence and the inner power to become and achieve more.

John & Blanca Sachtouras As Corporated Presenters

Are you still sponsoring members or are you in retirement modus?

Absolutely! I am still sponsoring new members and I don’t believe in “retirement” since this is a fun business.  I truly love what I do and I enjoy helping other people. Also, I know that people will do what you do and not what you say.  What we do sounds so loud that people cannot hear what we say.  My goal is to have 100 Coffee Millionaires and help 10,000 distributors earn at least $10,000 per month within the next five years in my organization.

You have an international down-line. Is there a cultural difference in MLM entrepreneurship in the USA and abroad?

When it comes to traditions and habits I have found that there are some differences.  However, regarding to desires for better lifestyle, I have found that in every country there are people who believe their families deserve the best.  Many people around the world have big dreams and they are willing to work hard to achieve them if you show them how. 

The trust level of people may vary from country to country; until they understand and believe that you truly want to help them and that you know how to do that.  Once trust is established regardless the country, the color, the social level, the economics of the country or a particularly city, the people will do whatever it takes and will follow the leader all the way to the top. I strongly believe that every person’s dream can become a reality.

Holton Buggs - Blanca & John - Shane Morand John and Blanca Sachtouras House
With Holton Buggs,  Shane Morand and Bernie Chua on Stage  Sachtouras Residence in Texas, USA

How do you generate your leads?

That is a great question!  I generate new leads just by giving Free Samples of Coffee.  This is the best way to contact new prospects because it’s very easy and every one can do it.  The most important is that the prospect has the opportunity to try the product, without having to explain anything.  All I ask them is if I can call them the next day to tell me “how they liked the coffee and how it make them feel”
Which countries / territories do you think will have the largest growth rate in the near future, USA, Asia, Russia, Europe?

Since coffee and tea are universal beverages is not easy to predict which market will be the biggest in growth.  All I can tell you is that people around the world they have three things in common:  they want better health, more money and better lifestyle.  We can deliver better health with our products; we can provide more money with our compensation plan and we can help them enjoy a better lifestyle with our leadership team and support system.

You are a very successful distributor. Do you still get rejection?  If so, how do you emotionally handle this? Or is recruitment easier if you are a MLM millionaire?

I get the same rejection now as I did at the beginning.  To me rejection is nothing more but a defense mechanism that people use to “protect” themselves from making a decision about something that they don’t understand.  In every country the main rejections are the same: no money, no time, don’t know how to sell, is not for me.

I usually ask questions as an “interview” to get to know the person before I present the opportunity.  I want to know what their needs and wants are in order to understand them better. Every person wants to have a better life, but some people are afraid to make certain changes. Once they “feel” good with me then it becomes easier to show them the plan and join my team. Also, I understand that MLM is not for everyone, so I don’t take rejection personally.  Being an MLM millionaire now, most people “want” to be with me, but it doesn’t mean that they will become more successful because I will sign them up personally.

\They will still have to work hard and build their organization. The difference now is that I can be more selective with the people that I would like to dedicate my time and effort. As the company and my team are growing very fast I have more responsibilities to help the entire company’s Team instead of just my personal Team.
What would be your advice to a MLM newbie in general?

My first suggestion would be to write all the reasons why they want to be part of an MLM company.  Write all the goals and dreams and gather as many pictures as possible regarding the goals to create the “Dream Book”, which they need to look at it every day. This is the most important part.  This is the fuel for their self-motivation.

Then they should create a plan of action and work the plan every day, with a clear focus of the end results. They should take massive action and participate in every training event of their company. They should NEVER listen to negative people, especially those who don’t have what they want to accomplish.  If they want to become wealthy they must listen and copy only the wealthy people and learn from them.

Who have been your mentors or inspirators?

During the last 30 years in business I had several mentors who inspired me and help me become who I am today.  The book of Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich was the first book that inspired me very much.  Then Anthony Robbins, the motivational speaker, with his book and Cd’s Unleash the Power Within, also Bob Proctor, the Science of Getting Rich.

These books have helped me to improve my thinking process.  As per the MLM industry the best mentor I ever had is Mr. Holton Buggs, who is also my sponsor in Organo Gold.  His philosophies regarding money, leadership values and personal relationships have helped me tremendously to build a very large successful organization. 

I learned long time ago that working with an MLM company the most important is not just the product, or the compensation plan or the training system… is the way you improve yourself as a quality leader and how you lead your organization with strong values, ethical principles, philosophies, integrity and respect.  My family is very blessed to have Holton Buggs as our mentor and we are duplicating these principles within our organization.

What is the greatest advantage of MLM in your opinion?

There are many great advantages building an MLM business.  Staring from the basics; low start-up capital, no employees, no inventory, no receivables.  Global market is available without having to pay “exclusive” fees, or having restricted territories.  We can work from home and spend more time with our family. The biggest advantages are:  Residual passive income.

Once you build a sizeable organization the income continues to grow every month.  Only an MLM business can give you an excellent growing income without having to increase dramatically your expenses or overhead.

Also, the freedom to travel, live anywhere in the world and enjoy an incredible lifestyle. However, the most important advantage of the MLM is that millions of people, regardless who they are, their education, their social status, the country they are living, regardless how much money they have available, with or without any kind of experience, they have an equal opportunity to be part of an MLM company. 

If they have a burning desire to succeed, if they are willing to learn and are ready to work hard following the right instructions, they will achieve all their goals and dreams.  MLM is the best non-discriminating working opportunity in the world!

John and Blanca Sachtouras can be reached through their personal  website.

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