Top Earner Robert Dean Terminated by Limu Company?

Robert Dean


Robert Dean seems to be terminated by the Limu Company. Robert Dean has been with his Top Gun Team in Tahitian Noni, Monavie, Evolv Health, ViSalus and the Limu Company. He is famous for his Deals.

Update 25 January 2012:

Troy Dooly, MLM helpdesk:

I reached out to Gary Raser the founder of TLC, and he confirmed Robert Dean Jr. and T.O.P.G.U.N. had not been terminated, but Robert Dean Jr. and about 30 other T.O.P.G.U.N. members had been suspended as per the Limu P&Ps, as the investigation continues on the rumors that Robert Dean Jr. and T.O.P.G.U.N. has joined Momentis Energy, the marketing arm of Just Energy out of Canada

When Dean left with a big bang Visalus Robert stated as follows….:

To whom it may concern: 

It continues to come to my attention that my personal business integrity is being questioned, not only by one of the founders of Visalus, a company I recently left, but also by people who are spreading false information.

Some of the snide remarks and incorrect assumptions I have seen deserve a very clear response, and so I feel it is important for me to personally address these issues in a very public way right now.  

I am particularly concerned that a confidential agreement that was prepared by Nick Sarnicola has now been made public by him in an attempt to cast negative light on my business decision. My concern has nothing to do with the actual information in the agreement, but with the fact that it was made public by the very man that required it to remain confidential. In my mind, it is totally unethical for that agreement to have been made public, since it has no relevance to my leaving Visalus. I fulfilled every objective required in that agreement and am proud to have done so. 

Anyone that knows Robert Dean Jr. understands that I am direct and professional in all my business dealings, so I am not about to make any derogatory or malicious statements … I will hold to the facts. And that includes the fact that I had absolutely no intention of making a move, until I was invited to take a closer look at The LIMU Company.    Let me start by telling you what I saw as I evaluated Visalus versus the LIMU opportunity, and as I dealt with several major issues that concerned me greatly:  
When I compared the management team at Visalus to executives I have worked with in the past, within our Network Marketing industry, I found them to have much less successful corporate experience than most. The truth is that there is a lack of seasoning and maturity in both the founders and the management team. That is just a plain fact. 
This industry is difficult and more so in these tough economic times. Only the profitable companies will survive, because only they will have the ability to ship product and make commission payments as distributors expect. That’s why when I looked closer at Visalus, the continuous lack of profitability got me real nervous. The numbers showed me that Visalus had actually been losing money every quarter for the past five years, and I was just not at all comfortable that the 5-year trend was going to be reversed.
Because of those two factors … inexperience and a lack of profitability … to me their viability over time seemed at risk. The situation did not appear very stable in the short-term or long-term, and frankly I have no interest in being stuck between a rock and a hard place. 
In looking at the Visalus product line, the focus is solely in weight loss, but there was nothing proprietary or unique about their product. The product works but focusing the company only on weight loss felt too limited. There are a lot of different ways to lose weight and their system didn’t seem any better than one of many you can find in a supermarket. There was nothing proprietary about what it was they were doing, nothing that would catch someone’s eye or interest. 
Bottom line, I had legitimate concerns about the future course of Visalus, and therefore the future opportunity for the people in my downline. It obviously made sense for me to take advantage of the more stable and consistently profitable opportunity I saw in LIMU. That is a business decision I made.   Now, in addition to that, I want to make sure people understand the main reasons I joined the company I did, The LIMU Company.  
Yes, the timing is unfortunate, but I simply cannot turn my back on what I believe to be the greatest opportunity I’ve seen in several years’ time. The company is strong, the products target three different markets and LIMU is relatively unknown, even after 6+ years of success. That alone showed me there was huge potential for me and my team.
Gary Raser, LIMU’s founder, also played a huge part in my decision. His 25 years in the industry got my attention, and he started as a distributor like me so he knows the industry from the bottom up. His successful experience in the field and on the corporate side impressed me more than anything. 
Gary has built a corporate team that includes people that have industry success all their own. They have worked at the really huge companies in our industry, companies that have exploded. They came to LIMU because the company has been successful, profitable and debt-free since its first day. That is one powerful corporate team, and with a distributor first mentality. 
I absolutely love the LIMU story.  It’s unique and there’s a long history there. That’s different from most of the companies in the industry. LIMU has a line of products that all contain a proprietary seaweed extract, something I had never heard of before. Nobody out there is doing what they are doing. And there is real science behind their key ingredient Fucoidan, over 850 third-party, unsolicited, independent studies. I had never seen that kind of real scientific support. It’s impressive.
Most importantly, LIMU has an Equity Compensation Plan that lets anyone earn equity in The LIMU Company based on extraordinary performance. And anyone means anyone, not just me. I have never heard of a performance-based equity compensation plan available to anyone that earns it. That was a closer for me and my team.  Let me be clear. This was 100% a business decision, it wasn’t personal about me.

I looked at the future, not just for me but for the people that work with me. I knew the timing wasn’t good, but I knew I was making the right choice that would most positively affect many, many people in the long run. I saw a brighter future with LIMU than I did with Visalus, because they had the missing pieces of the puzzle that any of us want.  I hope this helps clear things up and stops the wrong information that is being talked about. I joined Visalus and signed that confidential agreement, and I know, and they know, I honored it. I fulfilled every obligation that I agreed to, I met every goal set for me and my team. It’s unfortunate that those who created the agreement did not feel they needed to keep that same promise of confidentiality.  I am on to bigger things with LIMU. 

Robert Dean Jr

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