Top Earners John & Monica Dawson Resign Max Int. and Join Evolv Health

John and Monica Dawson

John & Monica Dawson (Team MaxPRO) have over 15+ years in medical sales & sales management, most recently in the cosmetic/anti-aging arena. John holds a Masters in Business from SMU & Monica a Bachelors of Science in Advertising.

Combined they bring a talent and skill set unmatched in the industry. While new to network marketing they have created one of the fastest growth teams spanning the US and Singapore. They resign from Max International and join Evolv Health.


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  1. Congratulations for making the smartest business decision of your life!I came over to Evolv two months ago and it  has been such a wonderful breath of fresh air!  I pray your experience has God's hands all over it and you help improve millions of lives!
    To your success,
    Kristine Blessing, Evolv Health Representative, Iowa

  2. John and Monica are great people and I wish them well.  Lets all be professional when leaders leave to another company.  The strong merits on the new compnay should be all the leaders need to create a successful future.  People do not need to pass of negative batter about the previous company in order to be successful in the new one.  People should not put other down to lift themselves up, so companies do not need to put others down to lift themselves up.  Lets all encourage one another and bring some great professionalism into this Industry.  IT NEEDS IT!  Good luck to the future of the Dawson's, Evolv, and Max International.  The Lord knows that this country needs many companies and professional to flourish!  

  3. @ Craig Melton — Very Well Said!

    @ Greg Granger — Please stop spreading lies about Max International. Do you honestly think you are going to draw people to your Visalus "opportunity"  like that? People could say the same thing about your product/company.  Let's bring professionalism to the industry, not childish nonsense!

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