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Rick Teague

Evolv Health Acquires Sports & Entertainment Marketing Group

December 16, 2011 – Dallas, TX – EvolvHealth, LLC announced today the acquisition of The Sports and Entertainers Marketing Group (d/b/a The Legends Network). Through the acquisition, executives Rick Teague and Ray Miller will join Evolv Health’s field leadership team and bring their extensive sports and entertainer relationships to Evolv in a way that will uniquely brand Evolv and its products.

Teague and Miller have invested several years into developing the relationships, marketing concepts and technology based intellectual properties that comprise the Sports & Entertainment Marketing Group, and have recently been undergoing a stringent due diligence process to find the ideal network marketing industry partner that would enable them to maximize their various assets.

Rick Teague and Ray Miller have over 45 years of combined experience in the network marketing industry and have recently been working with current and former athletes in professional sports to integrate their branding power into the network marketing arena. Teague has achieved significant success in the industry including being a Million Dollar Circle Earner, Triple Diamond Associate and a 3 year Advisory Board member with a former company.

“Ultimately it was Trey White and Brent Hicks’ track record that attracted us to Evolv,” said Teague. “They have been world class achievers in several other industries and they are bringing the full power of their experience and vast capital base to bear in Evolv. As a 27-year veteran of our industry, I can almost smell it when a company is getting ready to break records. They have put together a powerful management team, unique corporate culture, cutting edge patented and clinically proven products, and are poised for massive record breaking growth.”

“We are excited to have Miller and Teague as part of the team,” said Trey White Chairman and Co-Founder of EvolvHealth. “They bring great value to EvolvHealth as our focus on improving people’s health and wealth is perfectly and synergistically aligned with theirs. I believe they will be a significant part of the Evolv success story in reaching our first milestone goal of helping 8.4 million people complete the e84 Health Challenge”.

“It seemed obvious to both Ray and I that vertical growth with EvolvHealth is imminent and it makes a lot more sense to be part of the success story then to watch or compete with it,” says Teague.

“2012 will be a breakout year for Evolv based on our 400% growth curve since the launch of the e84 Challenge in May 2011. Having Rick and Ray part of the team is just another powerful indication that the timing with EvolvHealth could not be better,” said Brent Hicks, CEO & Co-Founder of EvolvHealth.

About Sports & Entertainment Marketing Group

Sports & Entertainment Marketing Group has built marketing concepts around athletes and entertainers, established unique relationships, and developed technology based intellectual property for the network marketing industry. The group was formed to leverage elite athletes and entertainers to drive brand recognition to products sold through the network marketing industry.

About Rick Teague

Rick Teague, J.D., LL.M., resides in Franklin, Tennessee with his wife Michelle and has 3 daughters Kirsti, Nikki and Lexi. In his former career Rick was an attorney with 2 law degrees, and since joining the network marketing industry in 1984 he has trained over 1 million distributors and is a highly regarded industry consultant. Michelle started network marketing at the age of 19, and has worked and trained side by side with some of its top trainers and income earners. Together they have over 50 years of network marketing experience and Rick was also recently a Million Dollar Circle earner, Triple Diamond Associate and a 3-year Advisory Board member with a former company.

About Ray Miller

Ray Miller has been in the network marketing industry for 21 years and has reached the top positions in several companies. Over the past two years he has been working with current and former athletes in the professional sports industry to align their unique brand with the network marketing model.

About EvolvHealth LLC

EvolvHealth is a consumer health products company helping people improve their family’s physical and financial well-being through science-driven products and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Evolv recently released its newest product, Evolv Limitless™, an all natural betalain supplement developed using patent-pending technology developed at FutureCeuticals®. EvolvHealth offers a full spectrum of health supporting nutritionals geared to complement its health renewal program, the e84 Challenge. Evolv and the e84 Challenge is marketed through a network of independent business owners in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

For more information contact Rick Teague at [email protected]

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  1. Its going to be priceless to have Rick and Michelle Tieg and Ray and Lisa Miller as part of our EvolvHealth and Team Inspirit Teams! I’ve heard a lot about them! We are glad to have them as part of our team, sharing our very special products and our really simple opportunity to work and earn from home. Evolv is on track to help 8.4 million people around the World to improve their health by the year 2020. If you would appreciate more information or would like to see and sample the EvolvHealth products, you can contact me at: [email protected] or visit the web site at EvolvingWorldwide.com

  2. It is great having the Teague's and Miller's on our team! Thank you for the great contributions you have made in such a short time! Welcome, and I can't wait to meet all four of you in Dallas! 
    Joe Manzanares
    EvolvHealth Independent Promoter 

  3. My Performance Pro looks forward to reaching our first milestone goal of helping 8.4 million people complete the e84 Health Challenge!

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