Herbalife Sales Figures – Under the Spotlight Good or Bad?

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Herbalife's Annual Report 2010 gives a wealth of information about the MLM or Network Marketing Industry if you interested in Distributor numbers and revenue.

No Smoke and Mirrors but hard facts.

What is an (active) distributor for Herbalife? The annual report:

As of December 31, 2010, we had approximately 2.1 million distributors, which includes approximately 161,000 China sales representatives and employees. Collectively, we refer to this group as “distributors.”

Approximately 483,000 of our 2.1 million distributors have become sales leaders, which are comprised of approximately 434,000 sales leaders in the 73 countries where we use our traditional marketing plan and approximately 49,000 China sales employees and licensed business providers operating under our China marketing plan. Collectively, we refer to this group as “sales leaders.”

For sales leaders to re-qualify and retain their distributor organization and associated earnings, they need to earn 4,000 volume points in one month or 2,500 volume points in 12 each of two consecutive months.

Sales Leaders
Revenue in $ Million
Annual Revenue per Sales Leader
Market share per Region
North America
49,305 $614 million  $12,453 22.5%
Mexico 38,084 $334 million  $8,770 12.2%
South America 28,821 $390 million  $13,531 14.3%
EMEA 33,531 $527 million  $15,716 19.3%
Asia Pacific 35,899 $683 million  $19,025 25.0%
6,848 $184 million  $26,869 6.7%
$2,734 million 


Some remarkable facts:

  • 49% of the sales leaders qualify again in the next year for that position.
  • If you want to build a $1 million Herbalife distributorship you need – on average- 67 sales leaders in your down line.
  • 62% of Herbalife's revenue is from Weight loss products, 23% from nutrition.
  • 32.9% is the total percentage Herbalife pays as commission (royalties) to his distributors.
  • Sky high demands to stay qualified for the Sales Leader position, from the total distributor force 8.8% is qualified as sales leader in 2010.
  • Average revenue per Herbalife distributor (2.1 million) is $1,301 annual.

Get more information, facts and figures about Herbalife, click here for the Herbalife overview.

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  1. Important to mention and to add to somewhat outdated information;
    to stay "qualified" as a sales leader, one needs to have 4000$ turnover IN 12 MONTHS together, not in 1 month, or 334$ average per month. That is about what I personally consume (-50% discount) every month for 19 years.
    The "retention" of sales leaders in my overall organisation is 93% last year. It all depends on how you coach your people I guess. I just tell them the truth, that without work and willing to learn, they will fail. But if the want to learn and want to work their agenda and business, they will succeed and have a dreamlife. And they do 🙂 It is SO SIMPLE. Thanks to Herbalife-products and my sponsor, I have made a fortune. And i started as a customer….. Anybody can and we are executing plans to double our turnover to 10 billion in 2020. New leaders are always welcome.

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