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MLM Startup’s What Are The Most Promising?

by Ted Nuyten on February 9, 2012

MLM Start Up

What are the best Start Up's to work with in 2012?

Business For Home is looking for most promising MLM – Network Marketing Start Up's. A Start-Up is a company founded/ pre-launching in 2011 – 2012.



 Please leave a comment or nomination below.

Please put in facts and figures, not hype.


For a Nomination we need:

1. Corporate website

2. CEO or founder

3. Master distributor or Field Leader

4. The reason for the nomination.

A provisionally list:

Below list is in "alphabetical order" the number is NOT a ranking

1ARIIXUSAFred CooperTim Saleswww.ariix.comLeadership
2Best In UUSAMichael WiedderAllan Kellywww.bestinu.comProducts
3Beyond OrganicUSAJordan S. RubinDavid Johnsonwww.livebeyondorganic.comProducts
4BodHDUSARay GrimmTravis Flahertywww.bodhd.comLeadership
5Independence Energy AllianceUSAJeffrey MellerBob Middletonwww.independencealliance.comProducts
7Minerva WorldwideUSAJohn GustinJim Luteswww.minervaworldwide.comProducts
8Nerium InternationalUSAJeff OlsonLou Abbottwww.nerium.comProducts
9Origin PureEuropeFred StegeCharles Khiranwww.originpure.comProducts
10SevenPoint2USAJason BoreykoSam Adamswww.sevenpoint2.comLeadership
11UnittusUSAJon Anthony AstoreTBDwww.unittus.comLeadership
12UprizeUSAGlen JensenDan Taggartwww.uprize.comLeadership