Nu Skin Sales Figures – Under the Spotlight Good or Bad?

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Nu Skin Annual Report 2010 gives a wealth of information about the MLM or Network Marketing Industry if you interested in Distributor numbers and revenue.

No Smoke and Mirrors but hard facts.

What is a distributor for Nu Skin? (And what should it be for the industry…) The annual report:

“Active distributors” under our global compensation plan are defined as those distributors who have purchased products for resale or personal consumption during the previous three months.

“Executive distributors” under our global compensation plan must achieve and maintain specified personal and group sales volumes each month.

As of December 31, 2010, we had a global network of approximately 800,000 active distributors. Approximately 36,000 of our distributors were executive distributors. Approximately 480 distributors occupied the highest distributor level under our global compensation plan as of that date.

These distributors, together with their extensive networks of downline distributors, generate substantially all of our revenue. As a result, the loss of a high-level distributor or a group of leading distributors in the distributor’s network of downline distributors, whether by their own choice or through disciplinary actions by us for violations of our policies and procedures, could negatively impact our distributor growth and our revenue.


Active Distributors
Nr. of Executive Distributors

% of Executive Distributors

Revenue in $ Million
Revenue per Executive Distributor
Revenue per Active Distributor
Asia 329,000 14,687 4.5% $686 million  $46,707 $2,085
China 118,000 8,015 6.8% $268 million  $33,437 $2,271
Americas 161,000 5,305 3.3% $250 million  $47,125 $1,552
Pacific 84,000 3,930 4.7% $183 million  $46,564 $2,178
Europe 107,000 3,739 3.5% $150 million  $40,117 $1,401
$1,537 million 


Some remarkable facts

  • 10% revenue is from Europe, active distributors have a low average sales.
  • 3.3% executive distributors in the Americas, lowest rate but highest revenue $47,125
  • China, a lot of momentum in that market.

Great figures and we can not wait to get the Annual Report 2011.

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