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Ray Higdon Numis Network

Our good friend Ray Higdon, Nr. 1 income earner for Numis Network, has leaked that there are going to be some major announcements at this weekends company event, included are:

  • The launch of Numis into Australia.
  • Brand new incentive trip cooler than the 6 this new company has already had .
  • A big update for the UK group.

No details yet but stay tuned but you know we love getting the scoop on what is going on in our industry before anyone else!

Numis Network is pioneering the sale of graded, silver and gold numismatic coins through the network marketing industry. The product that Numis Network deals in are government issued, graded, gold and silver coins. They deal in government minted coins from around the world that have been graded by a coin grading company.

Their main grading company is ANACS but they also stock NGC and PCGS graded coins. ANACS it the oldest coin grading company but NGC and PCGS have a more established position with collectors.

About Numis Network: is a revolutionary new ecommerce site exclusively devoted to helping you acquire retail customers. It surpasses every other retail coin website currently available.

While other sites merely use static words and pictures to describe their coin inventory, your site employs the world’s greatest numismatic salesman: Mike Mezack, to present your coin inventory with customized short videos. This has repeatedly proven to be the most effective way to sell coins.

Numis Network Products 2011

Numis Network  Coins

Ray Higdon has since become the Top Earner for the gold and silver mlm called Numis Network, click here to read about the Numis Network Review

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Comments (5)

  1. As the top West Coast Representative for Numis I am very proud of our growth and expansion into Australia.  This is a major market expansion for us and an exciting venture. 
    Our leadership, vision and committment to help people restore their finances by creating assets and increasing their incomes will be a welcomed addition to the marketplace.  People around the world are attracted to our company's product line and our leadership style.
    Let's go Numis!
    Dave Lovett
    916 484-3711

  2. It's a breath of fresh air working with Ray and Numis! No more expiring products stacked in my pantry: my auto ships are beautiful assets that increase in value with time. The new incentive trip launched yesterday: 4 days in Cancun with a very simple qualification based on points. Sign up 2-4 people and you're going to Cancun in June!

    Australia is now officially in prelaunch! Aussies can grab a position with us for free at (click on the American flag in the upper right hand corner and switch country. Great company, great people,

    Best Success, Nancy Travis (510) 235-4750

  3. G'day. I have just returned from the US where I attended Numis University in Orlando and after having spent a week with the three founders of the company I am excited not only for Australia but for all Numis reps alike.
    2012 will be a big year for Numis, and the opening of Australia will play a big part in their growth. As Aussies, we love our Gold and Silver and understand the importance of building up assets. The fact that Numis issues both the Australian Kookaburra and Koala out of the Perth Mint is a bonus.
    For any Aussie wanting to know more about Numis Australia and its position here give me a call on +610410538894.
    To your Success.
    Warren Hickey 
    Gold Coast, Australia   

  4. Like my friend Warren (see comment above), I was lucky enough to have spent time in the US with the founders and leaders of Numis Network. As part of the foundation team here in Australia, and as a leader in Sydney, I am thrilled to be part of a new wave of prosperity.

    If anyone is interested in hearing more about Numis Network, or joining our team, please call me on 0438 677 588.

    Brooke Stoddart
    Sydney, Australia

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