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Bill Drevyanko


Bill Drevyanko has spent the better part of his life in Network Marketing, 35 years. He is a professional public speaker and published author for 15 years, and works with corporations and individuals throughout the United States and abroad.

Bill is living in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, in a relation with Trina Jade Huynh. He has four wonderful children, four grandchildren, a four legged child named Tank, his Wolf dog and three cats.

Bill has owned a real estate investment company, an automotive dealership and was in the health club business for over 25 years. He was named the Most Valuable Distributor in the World after only two years with his previous company. This is how I'd like it to read.
By 2011, just 2 years into that opportunity, Bill was one of the top 100 income earners in the world along with being one of the top trainers and coaches, too. Bill has now accepted a founding distributor position with another company that is more in line with his passion of health & wellness. Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview Bill.
Bill, what would be your advice to a newbie in the Direct Selling Industry?
Do your home work on any company you are considering joining. Research the founders, corporate management staff and make sure they are experienced in the direct sales / network marketing industry. Research the field leadership and make sure the the top distributors or master distributors have success in the industry as a top producer AND as a person who can coach, mentor and traing people.
Make sure the company is well financed and can handle rapid growth and find out what the short and long term goals of the company is. On the other side of things, make sure you like the product and or service that the company is marketing. Make sure the products align with your passions and values. If you can't be a product of the product and have 100% faith in the products then don't join. It's not all about the money.
Make sure the compensation plan is workable and stable for long term growth and the ability to build a true lasting residual income. But, at the same time, there should be that ability to make some quick money up front with fast start bonuses based on your direct efforts. Also look for rank advancement bonuses and revenue profit sharing or bonus pools based on rank advancement, time and grade, direct efforts and the over all business efforts of your team.
Look to see that a company has good systems and training in place that everyone can plug in to and learn. Good mentorship from upline is always a good thing but, a good company will have systems in place where anyone can learn from plugging in to the systems and tools and applying what they learn even if they don't have good upline support.
And, finally a person should plan on staying the course. That means, plan on staying with the company and working the program for several years. DO NOT hop from opportunity to opportunity. DO NOT allow yourself to be lured away to another company just because the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence. In my experience, the grass on the other side looks so good because it's Astro Turf (fake) and not real. You have to stick with your chosen company and program for a minimum of 1 to 2 years and give it a chance. With that being said, the only reason you should leave a company is if the company is failing it's distributors.
If a company is out of ethics or field leadership is out of ethics and the company won't act to correct things. In my opinion, companies and leadership should be distributor focused. If a company and it's leadership are truly focused on the well being and advancement of their distributors, then that company will do well. If not, then the company WILL ultimately fail.  A company should allow distributors to WORK the business and earn the rewards that this great industry offers, without having to fight politics or deal with ever changing rules or policies. I like transparency and honesty from a company and it's field leadership.

Bill Drevyanko On Stage

Bill Drevyanko on stage
Which leadership principles do you recommend to follow for Networkers?
Lead by example, set the pace. In this industry people will do as you do, not as you say. Attend all the events, participate in as many of the conference calls, webinars, trainings and other things as you can. Your people will follow. Always be recruiting, set the example. Read personal development, sales, leadership, finance, business and any other type of books that will help you grow as a person. Make your car or truck a university on wheels. Listen to audio CD's every chance you get. You have to work on yourself before you can help others. Be a great student first, then you can be a great teacher.
Do you have a success formula for recruiting?
I recruit in many many ways, on-line marketing, social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others, job posting websites, business networking groups, Social networking groups, attending business and personal development seminars (lots of people that attend these are open minded and looking for opportunities) Walking around and working the 3 foot rule (my personal favorite and one of the workshops I teach) and my warm market (which expands and grows all the time). I don't put all of my efforts in to any one method.
Many new distributors struggle with duplication How do you handle this?
I use my Fast Track Launch System with EVERY new person I personally enroll and, I teach them to do the same with their people. It works every time IF people do what I ask and do the same thing with their people. It creates dublication EVERY time fast and, it anchors people to their sponsor and the system. Within 30 days from the time a new person enrolls in my business, they are getting what I call the Popcorn Effect. Their business is growing and multiplying like crazy, they are making money and their people are making money so no one quits.
How can a new distributor recruit (Team up) with a professional Networker?
By asking. Don't assume that you as a new distributor in the industry can't recruit a top professional. Timing is EVERYTHING and if you don't at least try, you will 100% of the time fail. It sure can't hurt to ask. Remember the first three letters of the word assume. If you assume, you feel like what those three letters spell out. I encourage every new person to seek out at least 3 to 5 mentors within their upline, crossline or even in other businesses or companies. Find people you like and respect and ask them to mentor you. I have mentors that are top leaders in other companies. You're thinking WHAT? How did Bill accomplish that? The answer is simple, I asked them. You never know unless you ask.
Bill Drevyanko on stage Bill Drevyanko Riding
Bill Drevyanko on stage Enjoying life!
How has your life been changed by this industry?
WOW, that's a big question. Well, it's changed my life in many ways. I truly have more time freedom and flexibility. I choose my hours, I don't punch the time clock, I get up when I want and do what I want when I want. Don't get me wrong, I do work very seriously at my business and am disciplined about what I do with my time. It's real easy to become a work-a-holic and a slave to your business.
You have to make sure you balance things. The other day, on the spur of the moment,  my girlfriend and I decide after lunch to go to a movie and because we could, we did. The best part is I was making money even through I was enjoying a movie.
Financial freedom is another big benefit of this industry. I ask people this question: Are you willing to do for 2 to 3, to maybe 5 years what other people won't, in order to have for the rest of your life what other people can't? This industry creates more millionaires than any other industry…. The financial rewards can be so fast in coming and grow to such proportions that it will make your head spin BUT, you have to stay the course and stick with it.

Another way my life has changed is I've traveled all over the world and met so many different people. People who have become life long friends. That's a great feeling to be connected to so many people

Bill and Trina Jade Huynh
Bill Drevyanko and Trina Jade Huynh

You are active on the USA market, for our international readers, how would you describe the drive of the average USA distributor.

Well, I'd say that American distributors for the most part have a strong confidence (once they Get It) that they can achieve anything. They will go to great lengths to be successful in this industry and Americans love a good challenge.

I have friends and downline distributors from other countries and we love to challenge each other and place friendly wagers on who will win a certain contest or who will achieve a certain rank first or who will earn the most money in a year. That makes it fun to compete in a respectful and friendly manner. I've found that I / we, can achieve more when challenged and driven by someone else. More than we ever expected.

Personal development is key in MLM, what is your advice to read or to follow?
READ, STUDY EVERYTHING you can get your hands on… Audio CD's, videos, attend seminars and workshops. NEVER STOP LEARNING….. I spend about $10,000 annually on seminars, workshops and purchasing home study materials. I'm a sponge when it comes to learning new things and revisiting old things. I'd encourage every person reading this interview to spend at least 1 hour a day in study.
Find a place and and time of day (I do late nights) where you can be alone and really read, listen or study something that intrigues you, something that really inspires you. Look for things that elevate your spirit and inspire your heart and stimulate your brain. Be a good student!
As a MLM professional speaker what theme's do you handle and why?
I speak and train on many topics. I do a workshop on Getting Started for new distributors. I do Mind Set and Attitude training. I teach my Fast Track Launch System and the follow up Success Accelerator System. I teach people how to work the phones & I also do a training on Mastering The 3 Foot Rule. I have many different scripts for every occasion and they are all part of what I call Bill's TOP Secret Scripts To Insure Your Success I also teach people how to build a team, how to build rapport, trust and how to earn respect from your team.
Lastly, I teach a workshop on Subconscious Reprogramming. This works with people to help them break self doubts & limiting beliefs that have held them captive for so long. We teach them how to on the spot, literally, set a new program in their minds, replace old files with new powerful and healing files, that anchor them to become successful in business and in their personal lives. We get rid of their subconscious limitation to their low money set point and reset it so they can and do earn 5, 10, 20 times or more than they are use to earning. It is a total transformation workshop.
If you have No Money, No Car, No Mobile and No partner can you still be successful in the Direct Selling world?
YES. I'm not going to lie to you and say its easy because it's not. It will be a challenge without any of the things you mentioned. BUT, it can be done and it's done every day. You have to then do this business the old fashion way. You have to get belly to belly with people. I know a guy who took the public transportation bus to meet prospects. He met them at coffee shops, restaurants, their homes, anywhere he could schedule a meeting. He also met prospects at group presentations at hotels and other distributors homes.
He took the bus everywhere. It took him a longer than some people and not as long as others to build a successful business where within 2 years time, he had all of those items and then some. His ATTITUDE is what carried him forward…. He would invite other distributors to meet him out and about or he would go to other distributors houses so he could listen in on training calls and watch webinar trainings. He didn't allow lack of things to stop him. He only focused on what COULD be and so he made it happen.
Professional Speaker & Trainer
Network Marketing Professional
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