BodHD Official Launch in April In The USA

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Arizona has proven its High Definition, leading every other state in growth during BodHD’s initial pre-launch phase. In just the last 60 days alone, growth of BodHD throughout Arizona, from the valley to the mountains, has doubled in size and revenues. Arizona has literally become the epicenter for BodHD’s High Definition Body Nutrition product brand and home-based business marketing opportunity. As a result, BodHD has selected Scottsdale, Arizona as the site for its Official Launch April 20-21, 2012.

Arizonian and BodHD Top Field Leader Travis Flaherty, who just achieved the highest sales rank in BodHD of Presidential Director and whose past sales success has been featured in Your Business at Home  and Success at Home Magazines, believes the BodHD and Arizona are perfectly matched and timed.

“It really is a convergence of forces when it comes to the growth that’s occurring at BodHD in Arizona so early, “Travis said. “From a nutritional stand-point, BodHD has hit the mark when it comes to nutritional products for health conscious Arizonians tapping into the cultural shifts taking place in our desire for whole food, organic, enzymes, probiotics and Super Food options.

BodHD has also tapped into Arizona’s innovative mindset with its home-based product marketing opportunity. People in Arizona aren’t waiting on someone else or the government to solve their financial problems, we are creating our own economic recovery and we are doing it with the help of BodHD. It’s truly inspiring to be part of the beginning, to say that Arizona was part of BodHD history in the making.”

Flaherty is one of a high-level group of effective and well-known sales leaders in Arizona, such as Dallas Baldri, Bill Drevyanko, Keith James and legendary former Dallas Cowboy Quarterback Danny White, who are fueling and facilitating BodHD’s growth throughout the state and will be on hand for BodHD’s Official Launch.

For Arizonian and BodHD Associate Janet Lasonder, who lives in the White Mountains, BodHD has been a renewing force in her life and health.

“I live in a small community where there aren’t very many job opportunities,” Janet said. “I was looking for a means to make an income when I heard about BodHD. I’ve always been interested in health and taken nutritional supplements, so I know BodHD is part of a trillion dollar industry that’s growing. Plus, BodHD’s product line, especially its whole food and enzyme probiotic-based nutritionals are far superior than anything I’ve ever taken.

And, like a lot of women in their 50’s my metabolism was slowing down and I needed to lose some weight, so BodHD’s Super Food-based weight loss system, SUPERFX, just made sense.  Since starting BodHD, I’ve lost 14 pounds quickly and feel great, I’m earning an income from sharing BodHD’s Products with others, and I’m helping them do the same. People helping people—that’s how we’re going to get people back to work, and that’s how I believe we’re going to get people back to good health.”

BodHD Business Launch

Lasonder is just one of hundreds from Arizona and all over the country who plan to attend BodHD’s Official Launch April 20-21st at the Scottsdale Hilton Resort and Villas in Scottsdale, AZ. BodHD has pulled out all the stops to make our must-attend 212 Degrees- themed OFFICIAL LAUNCH event the single most important place to be as BodHD sets its sights on creating a Billion Dollar brand.

Nationally recognized speakers will be part of the Launch event including: #1 NY Times bestselling author and one of the nation's leading experts on happiness, success, and unconditional love, as well as the author of six bestselling Chicken Soup titles Marci Shimoff, and national and internationally known keynote speaker and author Larry DiAngi, who just released his newest book, Overcoming Rejection will Make You Rich.


Registration Information:
$139.00 – Registration Fee from March 21 – April 13, 2012
$169.00 – Registration Fee from  April 14 – April 20, 2012

Registration available at:

BodHD is a Southern California-based Direct Sales company that distributes High Definition Body Nutrition Products throughout the U.S. BodHD offers lucrative income potential to Independent Associates who share its Products and Home-Based Business Opportunity through its person-to-person distribution model.

For more information, please contact: Bill Drevyanko at [email protected]

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  1. The bottom line — BodHD works!! The products are top quality and give great results, the business model is outstanding, and the community from top down to the newest distributors is amazingly supportive. This opportunity is my future, and I am so very thankful to grow with BodHD.

  2. BodHD will be a great leader for the best wellness health company ! They have it all. The right people at the right time ! The Owners Daran and Ray Grim are experts in health and wellness networking ! I personally had chosen to re-align with BodHD, because they are providing common health solutions directly to the consumer. This is the right time for this wellness trend ! I worked on main street, I knew what the conumer wanted, it was affordablity and healthy choice solutions. This is why are company Alternative Health Associates a team of Wellness Docs, Educators and Wellness Consultants chose to join BodHD. We re-aligned to go National with share a fantastic group of whole food products and help many through education and prevention. BodHD has an excellent group of professionals who educate, provide training, mentorship, systems and common sense solutions for the nation for health and wealth !

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