Facebook MLM & Network Marketing Tips To Recruit Succesful!

Facebook MLM and Network Marketing Tips

Facebook is great as a tool to recruit for your business! However it is all about Building Relationships first and that take some time.

Set your intention and goals when starting your Facebook campaign that you are there to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with people. You are there to connect, to provide value in the marketplace and actually get to know people. Facebook is completely transparent. If your goals are not congruent, people will know. Just be smart and be real!


Facebook MLM & Network Marketing Tips[private_platinum]

  • Clean Up Your Personal Profile!

If you truly want to use your profile for business, then you need to make it reflect your business personality. This doesn’t mean that you need to remove all of the personal information, quite the contrary, but you do need to be conscious of it.

If there are silly photos of you, you may want to think twice about that. You might want to consider to take a seperate Facebook account for friends and family.

  • Do not play Facebook games or post silly stuff!

If you are constantly sending pillow fights, horoscope info, games apps or game results to people, it will do your credibility no good…. People are looking for interesting personalities, leaders, people they can trust. If you want to play facebook games take an private account.

  • Remove brand photo's! Do not be a Product Pusher!

Do not place photo's with a bottle of Juice, Pills, Chocolate or what ever product, service you are in. People connect with people, not with products. Maybe you will sell 1 or 2 boxes of your products a year if you choose to be a product pusher, however results will not be very impressive…

Pushing a product rarely attracts team builders. Yes, distributors are rewarded by promoting products, however if you walk into a shop and immidiately a sales guy jumps on you, you get irritated….

Same with Facebook. It will not harm you if people have to guess which business you are in. For Top Earners Facebook rules are different, those guys and girls are success full, their picture and opportunity is all over Internet, however as a Building distributor you need an other strategy:

Your goal in generating leads through Facebook is to have a very wide opening in your funnel to catch as many leads as possible. When you put your company and product information out front, you are putting a possible objection into a prospects mind.

They might begin to think, I am not going to connect because all he/she is going to do is try to sell me the business opportunity.

By being a little more generic with your information in the beginning, you will capture more leads that you can then build a relationship, and then once they have opened up a little you can approach them about your opportunity.

Your Facebook friends will ALWAYS Google your company name. Almost every person who lands on your facebook will then Google your opportunity to see what it is all about.

What will they find? Will they find glowing reviews about how wonderful the opportunity is and how great the product is? Or, will they find lots of pay-per-click ads that say SCAM. As you already know, you can Google anything and find negative reviews on it. Mostly written by reverse marketing marketers who try to get traffic, your traffic….

  • Your Profile Photo/Timeline Image!

I see this so much it needs it’s own bullet point. If you really want to build relationships based on trust and mutual respect, you need a good picture where people can clearly see your face. This is the number one reason people accept friend requests. Get a good, professional photo. At the very least, get a really clear, well lit one. I know you love your kids, but don’t use them as your profile pic. If you post something Facebook places your profile phote as a thumbnail. You in a group scene will hardly be visible.

  • Share Only Relevant and Purposeful Content!

Yes, occasionally we will care if you just dropped the kids off at school or that you just got out of the shower, but we don’t need a play by play of stuff that is meaningless.

  • Give Rewards!

The “Like” and “Recommend” Facebook buttons are becoming rampant in many websites now. Users reward the posts by liking, recommending and sharing them to their friends and posting them to their timelines.
In businesses, rewarding customers is engaging with them and building more loyalty. This means that you appreciate them when you get closed deals and prompt responses.

  • Strategically Grow Your Friends List!

There are two ways to go about growing the number of friends you have on Facebook…randomly or strategically. Since we are talking about business, let’s choose strategically. Random is generally not a good strategy for business. Decide what your interests are and what niche your business is in then seek out Influencers in those markets. Find groups that are of interest, join the group and reach out to the administrators and officers of that group to build relationship with them.

  • Participate In Conversations!

Social media is, after all, about being social. Go engage with other people and comment on their stuff.  “Like” their post if you like it.  Forward their dialogue. Help them, genuinely. Be of service. Recommend friends & invite people to groups. Be that connector and facilitator of relationships and you will be rewarded time and again.

  • Manage Your Time Wisely!

You may have heard Facebook referred to before as “Crackbook,” because of its addictive nature.  If the ‘average’ user spends 55 minutes a day on it, imagine what some people are doing.  You need to be very strategic (there’s that word again) with your time or you will find yourself sucked into an endless world of comments, pokes, applications and notifications.

  • Sit down and spend some time crafting your message!

What do you want people to know about you, in the Internet Area it is all about YOU. You are a brand. You need to connect people to you as a person and you as a (business) leader.


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