Is Your Direct Selling Company Flying Under The Radar?

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Business For is getting as of March 2012 approx. 120,000+ unique visitors per Month (1,4 million per year) with all sign's up to 2 million end of 2012. See the screenshot below.

There are thousands of Direct Selling Companies and sometimes I get the question:

Why is my company not covered on the Business For Home website?

The only reason: Your company is not sharing (reliable information) with me. No other reason. For a distributor/representative/affiliate it is important to get Third Party Validation. Third party validation is key to rebuilding trust in Network Marketing / MLM / Direct Selling companies.

Organizations and distributors seeking to earn the public's trust need to do more than engage in trustworthy behaviour-they must have their actions verified by third-party sources that are themselves credible…..

For that reason I would not mind if your company would share reliable information with Business For Home if they are Flying Under The Radar. Mail = [email protected].

Ask the corporate guys to send me press releases, information ect.

You can build better and faster if your company / opportunity is getting positive attention…

Flying under the radar

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  1. Excellent work as always Ted! You are the true MLM super hero 😉 One suggestion which I believe will increase trust in terms of third party validation even further for your site would be to have a writing/validation team of experts (in addition to yourself) who could offer their insights into the company at hand… perhaps a grading system could be introduced and those experts asked to score companies based on key factors; stability, product, timing, compensation plan, leadership, etc.. Neil

  2. I’m missing a review from a company called “Younique Wealth” . I have not been able to find good quality info (and facts) about this company, and I would like a good review for comparison this company and its opportunity, with another similar company in the same category called “Numis Network”.


    PD: Perhaps “Younique Wealth” is Flying under the radar, or maybe is not sharing reliable information with “Business For Home”.

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