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From Nuriche news:


We are proud to announce the merger of the Nuriche network marketing channel with Joy Life International.  Never before has there been a more perfect union of companies on a mission to change the industry and lives for the better.
Joy Life arose from a company that began in China and quickly accelerated to over $150 million in annual sales in its first year. As Joy Life began looking to launch in the United States they became intrigued with Nuriche for its compensation plan, products, IBO philosophy, and the dedicated IBOs at Nuriche. One conversation led to another and here we are at the doorstep of a major new launch, and you as a Nuriche IBO are getting in on the ground floor.
Joy Life is headed by a veteran team of executives who have been at the helm of some of the most successful companies in the industry.


Grant Pace, the President of Joy Life, served as the president of Shaklee and NuSkin Asia.  A graduate of the Harvard Business School, Grant has a long history of managing successful businesses.

Joy Life has a breadth of products that are focused on all natural health and wellness.  With the immediate addition of the Nuriche Live and Revive product line, you are poised to have a powerful range of products to transform the offering you make to your current customers and to future leaders you will want to recruit.

Our combined enterprises will have a global footprint with strength, capacity and depth. We are truly excited about what this means for our distributors, our enterprise, and our product capacity. We continue with our commitment to quality, integrity and the mission set forth when both Joy Life and Nuriche began, to change lives and make a difference.

The key to this partnership is the alignment that comes from two companies that are both focused on the same thing – greater health and wellness through the best natural product solutions and a compensation plan that rewards your efforts in a very generous way.

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