Lyoness In Compliance With USA Laws

Hubert Freidl

MLM Watchdog Rod Cook reported last month Lyoness was not in compliance with USA laws. This week he has pulled back his warning.

A big relief for a lot of Lyoness distributors. Lyoness defines itself as a shopping community.

Together we are stronger and we create an added value from which all Lyoness Members benefit. Hubert Freidl (photo), founder came up with this inspiring business idea and many business members soon joined him.

He founded Lyoness in July 2003. Today Hubert Freidl is the CEO of Lyoness International AG and the man with the ideas, as well as being the driving force of the company.  A total of approximately 350 employees of Lyoness Europe AG, Lyoness America Inc., and Lyoness Middle East & Africa make up the future orientated strong team that currently support more than 2 million cashback members and cashback loyalty partners.

With 24 regional offices in 21 European countries, North America and now also in the Middle East, Lyoness is now active on three continents.

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  1. Y ahora, que va a decir el Abogado que señalo a Lyoness? Ahora con mas Fuerza que esto solo esta comenzando!!!!! Agarrate que el viaje es largo!!!

  2. Hi Ted,

    Thank you for this post and also to Nikola.

    If you remember, I said in my post regarding the Rod Cook’s article, that “Lyoness has no problem at all? but I could imagine already someone who probably will have”.
    (here is the link to the post

    Three weeks later he pulled it back!
    I told you that I know Lyoness, and I know how they care about the brand.

    That’s one of strongest reasons why I’m a proudly Lyoness Business Member.

    However, the problem is that people like Mr. Rod Cook, and his followers, already have done damage to the brand.
    Those kind of articles spread like wildfire through out the Internet. And it’s impossible to revert that.

    So, I’m glad for Ted’s attitude publishing this new post. It’s not only important for Lyoness, but to the MLM industry.

    If we all want a stronger industry, we need to be more and more responsible and part of that is not allowing things like that unprofessional and irresponsible article.

    Actually this is a continuous process, and I bet that in a few days it will be another buzz regarding something that is happening right now in Europe. Just wait and see… I know what I’m saying!
    But hey, be cool, because the guardians (or dogs!!) will came to save us all.
    Luis Roque

  3. Dear Ted

    Thank you for the opportunity, and your great leadership in “”!

    No dought the concept proved here to the most trust worthy source of information made available on the Internet today. Congratulations for all your effort and hard work.

    I had not commented the article as it was a serious matter and I knew that corporate would handle the case sooner or later. It would be just a matter of time.
    As Luis Roque my proud first direct in my business I stand besides him and all he commented!
    As for the whole shopping community, Business Members and Loyalty Partners we all gained reassurance and momentum

    Way to go!

    From Portugal, with all the best wishes of success to all Business Members and afiliates.

    CashBack Club Signing off!

  4. Dear Ted

    Thank you for the great work and once again for the transparency in “businessforhome”
    I agree with Luis Roque (my first Direct) , and the best of all it was proved once again
    that LYONESS is a serious concept, and takes matters with its own hands.
    At the time I did not comment anything, as I new that LYONESS would have a big say
    to false statements of “Rod Cook”

    Its nice to see the reassurance of the concept placed on the correct shelf”

    Well done LYONESS

    The CashBack Club signing off!

    “LYONESS is a Sensation!”

  5. I am looking for a partner in the United States for the construction of Lyoness if you are willing and information directly from the country where Lyoness was founded, have to want to want one of the best line of work, register with me. I’m already looking out of it!

  6. Lyoness cashback company review: Can you really make money with Lyoness on people shopping habits?

    Have you ever hear about Lyoness? If not you certainly will in due time. If you have heard about it maybe you want more information about Lyoness as a business opportunity.

    Lyoness cashback company review: So what is Lyoness?
    Lyoness is a global cashback company which started with a very simple idea, cash back with every purchase within the lyoness shopping community. Its not a credit card, Lyoness is loyalty program using a reward card. With Lyoness you collect cash, not points, nor miles. It shows its members how to become smatter shoppers by saving, saving money and do something good through the Lyones Child and Family Fundation
    Before going any further, we need to mention that there are three ways of looking at Lyoness. Firstly from the customers standpoint, Lyoness is a cashback company which promises to give cashback with every purchase and also to make money when your friends and their friends are shopping. Secondly, as a small local business called Loyalty Partners, it help them gain and retain new loyal customers with its unique loyalty program and also it allows small businesses to create an additional passive income even when their customers are not shopping with them. Finally, you can also look at Lyoness as a stand alone business. We will focus on the later.

    Lyoness cashback company review
    8 quick facts about the Lyoness cashback company:
    – Lyoness is developing in Europe, like the UK, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Autralia, Canada, India, Asia, South Africa, Middle East
    – Lyoness is not an MLM nor Top Tier company but it both uses traditional marketing as well as networking as a way to promote its loyalty program
    – Lyoness has been audited by TUV Rheinland which is one the largest leading international audit body for the certification of quality assurance. It certifies that Lyoness system is absolutely reliable and works.
    – Lyoness has also successfully achieved the ISO 9001:2008 Certification
    – In each country, Lyoness has been legally checked by the legal department of each flagship company eg.g Macy?s, Asda?
    – There are currently more than 2 million shoppers within the Lyoness shopping community
    – Lyoness can be build locally, nationally and also globally
    – You can shop online, offline and with your mobile phone for countries already in stage 3

    Lyoness cashback company review: How does it work?
    Customers who are shopping within the Lyoness shopping community receive between 1% to 31% savings paid by the Loyalty Partners (small local business, flagship company). According to the discount negotiated with the retailer and Lyoness, 1% will go to Lyoness and the remainder of the discount will go to the customer. If for instance the discount offered by the retailer is 8%, 1% will be given as cash back and the remaining 7% will go into a savings account. Once the money matures, for every £45 shopping unit created TUV and ISO 9001 certifies that it will turn into £ 405 or £523.80 (if the customer introduces 4 people to Lyoness ).

    Can you pay with your Lyoness cashback card yet?
    No, as a business partner or small business you can buy for your goods using gift vouchers, gift cards, by phone in several shops across the world within the Lyoness shopping community. The Lyoness Cashback card will be available to all when the countries involved in this loyalty program will move to phase 3.

    Lyoness cashback company review: roadmap to full customer launch
    In phase 1, Lyoness offices are set up and all the legal documents signed with flagship retailers like Asda, Argos, Morrisons, Next, Currys in the UK or Walmart, Walgreens, Macy?s, BP gas, Arco, Lowe?s, Safeway in the US only to name a few.
    In phase 2, business partners introduce small businesses to the Lyoness loyalty program. When the maximum number of small businesses and business partners has been reached then phase 3 will be launched. The UK, Canada, USA are still in phase 2.
    In phase 3: Lyoness will advertise its loyalty program to the customers via media campaigns on the TV, radio, press and customers will be issued Lyoness cashback cards by either business partners or loyalty partners. Top brand retailers will not be allowed to issue cards nor to make any commissions.
    Until then, large companies need to change their tills, swipe machines and train their staff about Lyoness. At the moment, tills do not recognize Lyoness apart from a few countries in Europe already in phase 3 like Hungary, Austria, Poland?

    Lyoness cashback company review: where is the big money being made?
    If you join as a Premium member and make down payment of £1,800 for future shopping, you will benefit greatly from the generous compensation plan.The down payment is actually your own money and doesn?t go to your recommender (sponsor), you are able to withdraw it if you decide to leave the program. Obviously based on the amount of work you put in and the shopping habits of the members joining the program, you will be able to generate a very generous income before phase 3. Every £1,800 down payment made will make you a return of £14,914.80 ($3,000 down payment will return $24,858).

    Lyoness cashback company review: the compensation plan
    There are 10 ways of getting paid with Lyoness:

    Cashback 1% to 2%
    Friendship bonus get 0.5% when your friends shosp and bother 0.5% when their friend shop
    Loyalty cashback ( remaining discounts which goes into an savings account when it matures give syou £523 for every £45 unit created by shopping)
    Loyalty credits (credits in your account)
    Loyalty commission (cash in your account)
    Loyalty partner bonus
    Bonus units
    Category rebooking
    Volume commision (8 levels)
    Volume bonus

    Benefits of joining Lyoness:

    Unlike MLMs there is no attrition

    Unique program cash back program where you evan money from your own shopping and others
    No autoship,
    No annual fees
    No drop out as people will always shopping anyway
    No product to sell
    You can shop everywhere in the world and get cash back on your purchases
    You can make payments from your an pay from your mobile phone
    true passive residual income as people always shop
    you can get paid on a national as well as continental level passively
    income can be passed to family
    in phase 3 Lyoness will allocate customers to its Premium members and Loyalty partners

    no risk

    Lyoness cash back company review: Having the right marketing platform
    That being said, even if training and support is offered, if you are serious about building this business you will need a marketing system that helps you find quality targets leads. People with an entrepreneurial mindset and willing to make their Lyoness business a success online and offline. You also need a marketing plaftorm that shows you how you can still get paid even when people do not join your company. Lyoness cash back company is a great opportunity and having an efficient marketing system in place is essential to go to the top.

  7. Mobile Cashback
    The shopping trend of the future ? today.
    Mobile Cashback

    1. What is Mobile Cashback and what makes it stand out?

    With Lyoness Mobile Cashback, we don?t just offer you, as a Lyoness Member, unlimited shopping fun with your Smartphone, but also the shopping trend of the future! The Mobile Application or the Mobile Web Portal makes it possible for you to shop with Mobile Vouchers. Your Member Benefit will be booked automatically after the purchase is completed.
    Thousands of regional Loyalty Partners – from supermarkets to restaurants and shoe shops ? make it possible for Lyoness Members to receive the proven Lyoness benefits such as Bonus Discounts and Cashback through the new App. The Mobile Vouchers also offer many more benefits:

    They are safe and easy to use
    They work on the ?everywhere? principle ? they work anywhere where your mobile has a signal
    They can be issued in exact amounts
    Mobile Vouchers offer benefits for all Lyoness Members and Loyalty Partners

    2. What benefits does Mobile Cashback have?

    Go to Lyoness Mobile at on your Smartphone, or via the App, and you can open up a whole new shopping world! Use Lyoness Mobile to discover new Loyalty Partners near you and for the directions to get to the Loyalty Partner of your choice quickly! It also means you will always have your Lyoness Office with you on your Smartphone to enable you to get all the latest Lyoness news and to book important Lyoness Events direct. And of course, Lyoness Mobile also offers you all the usual amenities such as an electronic overview of your purchases and Vouchers.

    The Highlights:
    The Lyoness App automatically determines your location using GPS and will show you a map with all the Loyalty Partners in the immediate area. It also has route planner to help you get to your favourite Loyalty Partners.

    3. How does Lyoness Mobile Cashback work and what makes it so special?

    Mobile SmartphoneIt is so simple for Lyoness Members to use Mobile Cashback:

    Choose a Loyalty Partner
    Enter the desired Voucher amount
    Create the Mobile Voucher on your Smartphone
    Redeem the Voucher and receive money back

    Even though we have only just started with the Mobile Portal and the iPhone App, there are already over 1,000 regional, national and international points of acceptance from various sectors. Mobile Vouchers can be ordered and redeemed direct from your mobile at any time. And it?s free of charge for Lyoness Loyalty Partners!

    4. Which mobile phones does Mobile Cashback work with?

    All common Smartphones with internet capability support the Lyoness Mobile Cashback. All you need is an internet connection, money in your Purchase Account and the mobile Lyoness Portal or the correct Smartphone App. The Lyoness App for iPhones and for Android Smartphones can be downloaded from the relevant stores.

  8. I find it sad that a so called industry expert such as Rod Cook can issue an opinion that was so flawed.
    Unfortunately it makes one very dubious of any of the reports made on status of MLM Companies etc. as too many people have vested interests. The same is true of many TV and newspaper reports, after all they nearly all depend on advertisers and cannot afford to offend them either.
    I am not accusing Rod of having vested interests or being biased, but he certainly was wrong in this instance. The fact that major Corporations and retailers are contracted with Lyoness should have alerted him to research very carefully where he would have found that many corporate lawyers and executives of top Companies had checked Lyoness out before risking their reputations and credibility by contracting with them.
    Lyoness is unique in that it is FREE to join, has no specific products to buy or sell, no monthly qualification in order to receive commissions earned plus lots more. I firmly believe that any net worker who shops in the real world should at least be a member of Lyoness, even if they choose not to promote it, as it will save them money at most of their favourite stores in the future.
    If anyone requires more information skype me at talkingcents or find me on Facebook
    Alan Jones, Windsor UK

    1. I wouldn’t say that Rod Cook spoke too fast. I believe that at the time he made the warning statement, Lyoness was not compliant, in the beginning you could make a $3000 downpayment in the U.S.. Now the top downpayment in the U.S. is around $1000.

      According to Troy Dooley of, it is good that Lyoness is taking a close look at the “down payment” options. That was a “red flag.” However, he mentions that there are still videos that say that Lyoness is not an MLM…that can cause problems. I don’t understand why anyone would try to say that Lyoness is not an MLM company. There is nothing wrong with MLM and the fact that on makes a commission on the sales of someone that is not directly sponsored by him, but could be a few generations down, is by definition an MLM.

      I hope it turns out that Lyoness is fully compliant in the US, It could be really excutung.

      By the way, if I saw it right at one of the meetings, there are qualifications to get paid, just not personal purchase qualifications.

      Good job on the name “Talkingcents” it is a clever name.

  9. Thanks so much for this article…I always said Lyoness IS ROCK SOLID! Anyone looking at this opportunity…take it seriously. It is a great opportunity. Hop on aboard and know that Together we are strong!

  10. Well, from what uve read about the company I’m really sketchy about even joining this company due to the legal.actions towards it in 3 other countries! That right there is a HUGE RED flag for me. I’ve researched it and haven’t seen any good statements about this company. All I’ve seen is bad reviews and a lot of legal action stuff towards the company. *sigh* The thing is that I have friends already doing this and they might already pull out of it. So how would we be assured that this company is really in compliance with the united states?!

  11. Do you really think that WalMart, Walgreens,Macy’s, Sears , Kmart and Reebok just a few would jump on board to risk everything? These big companies have had their lawyers go over it for sure. Do you know that the company has a ISO number which you have to go through a lot of crap just to get and be legit to get it. Every company has bumps in the road when staring in new countries. And look the company resolved it fast and to make sure they where in compliance. You said 3 bad reports. WOW really , only 3 in 9 yrs they have been open. Um Not bad if you ask me.

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