MonaVie $50,000+ Rank Advancement Bonus In Europe

Randy Schroeder Monavie Europe

MonaVie Europe just completed a successful convention in Paris this past weekend. 2,500 attended from more than a dozen EU nations.

At the Paris Vision convention the company introduced RVL, the meal replacement and weight management program.

Randy Schroeder (Photo), President of Mona Vie Europe, Middle East and Africa, who was a Black Diamond, and has been in the Direct Selling industry for 25 years, with a track record of $30 Million in life time earnings, attended the convention.

MonaVie recognized the first European Black Diamonds.


$50,000 rank advancement bonus for Francisco Nunes (Left) and Bruno Grillo (Right) for hitting the Black Diamond Pin Level.

Francisco Nunes and Bruno Grillo

$27,500 for Alexander Herr for hitting Purple.

Alexander Herr MonaVie Check Paris

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