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Below checklist is the courtesey of John Milton Fogg, for more than 25 years  writer, teacher, author, speaker & coach.

John is the writer of the network marketing bestseller The Greatest Networker in the World; the book sold more than a million copies+ and is one of the highest-ever selling network marketing titles.

And his latest book is The Greatest Networkers in the WorldTwenty-one ordinary people who became millionaires in Network Marketing and the true stories of how they did it.

Which includes a number of MLM Top Earners from Business For Home.


Compare Network Marketing with any other career, business or investment opportunity…
Put them all to the test and see the truth for yourself….
Owner or
Direct Sales,
1. Low-to-No Financial Risk. Start your own business for as little as a few hundred dollars—plus all the instruction, training and support you need to start and keep succeeding.



2. Be Your Own Boss. Working for yourself. Part-time or full-time, when and where you want, the hours you choose with people you want to work with.
3. Superior Quality Products. Innovative, one-of-a-kind, high-demand products and services not found in retail stores, spas, clubs or mail order catalogs. Unlimited market potential.
4. Impressive Tax Advantages. Legally putting thousands of dollars a year in your pocket from the home-based business tax-savings.
5. No Restrictions. No set hours. No time clock. No commuting. No employees. No ceiling on earnings. No high overhead. No territorial restrictions. No dress code. No harassment. No franchise fees or royalties to pay. No limitations on how high you can go!
6. $120 Billion+ International Sales. More than 85 million independent business people worldwide. Where annual corporate growth rates of 30% to 100%+ are common! An expanding global market.
7. Open to All. regardless of age, sex, race, education, experience, income level, capital investment, family or business background, past success or failure.
8. In-Depth Training/Support. Promotes the highest levels of personal and professional growth, business and leadership skills and development.
9. Immediate Income. The very real opportunity to earn from $500-$2,500 a month part-time replacing your full-time income in two years, plus the possibility of $10,000, $20,000 month and more as a full-time career.
10. Paying What You're Worth. Your success comes from cooperation and contriibution, not competition or politics. The fulfillment and satisfaction of making a positive difference in hundreds, even thousands of people's lives.
11. Residual, Recurring, Royalty Income. Create the kind of income recording artists, authors and inventors enjoy. Getting paid over and over again for your work. Even stop working and your income continues.

12. Perfect for eCommerce. A business model proven to prosper on the Internet.


13. Pursuing Your Own Dream. Instead of trading your time for money building someone else's dream.


14. Freedom. Living the Lifestyle of a Millionaire without the burdens, hassles and responsibilities. Your time and your life are yours; more fun, travel, play, meeting new friends, enjoying your family. Live as you desire, dream and deserve.




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  1. Very nicely outlined. Yet the sad reality is that some will see this and still ignore. Imagine, I have shared the Tim Sales & Dr. King presentation with someone who turned around and said to me, “it’s still a pyramid scheme”, and that, “employment with managers & employees is more fair”. Wow! Right?

    Always remember: Some will, some won’t, so what? Who cares? -> Move on.

    Our time is now. Let’s go get it! It’s team work, that makes the dream work.

    As always, good vibes your way!

    Warm regards,

    PS Get to know me ( & let’s team up ( to your success!

  2. Thanks for the great work as usual Ted.

    Though any can do it, not everyone will… Sad but true.

    That’s what makes us, the professional networkers, so valuable. No matter the momentum, Its all about skills and training.

    I have the privilege of working with Tim Sales in his new company and every new distributor that gets on board on our team gets Tim’s Training directly targeted to our new company. See what he has to say about thing that happen in the industry and learn what he is doing and where we are going. ( (China, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Thailand and Bill Of Rights)

    We really do have a better way. To your success! Jonathan

  3. Even with all the truth that this post (which is excellent by the way) proves, many people we speak and talk to about our profession still just don’t see the light that you so eloquently expressed…we indeed do have a better way Keep on moving on…NEXT!

    Best regards,


  4. THis is all so true, you can do any thing you want, when you are your own boss, read all the books,
    The greatest networker in the world has to be one of the best, it will blow you away.

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