The Trump Network Is Dead

Donald Trump Fired

Donald Trump Bailed Out

Donald Trump has pulled the plug on his brand, the Trump Network in short order after the recent sale of the company to Antoine Nohwa. The Trump brand has been removed entirely from the website and all products are repackaged with Bioceutica branding.
Insiders expect as these were outstanding products in customized nutrition and medical grade supplementation, the product line will survive under the new branding. But the Trump name disappeared last Friday…
Our informers think that the royalties paid for the name were a steep liability to the MLM company rather than the gold mine they all hoped.
In March of 1997, Ideal Health started and is renamed  in 2009 as The Trump Network when Donald Trump came in. Estimated revenue in 2010 $20 million, active 21,000 distributors. A review about the Trump Network is here


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  1. What a shame Ted. Much as I don’t like to see success based on the back of one person, the excitement and promise brought by the Trump brand when DT first put his name to this will be missed (by some at least).

  2. I think Donald Trump should join right now and assist our company in becoming the most amired company in the world. He should start at the bottom like we do and truly build a network that will help million’s of families worldwide as we take our company to a billion company. Remembering it’s easy it’s simple it’s coffee.

  3. Last week I wrote a blog called Home Business Reality – Did Donald Trump Get Fired by Average Networkers? Two Reasons and Three Lessons. It is time to start at the bottom with real People Power and not at the top with self-branded gurus of any variety. My refrain for years now…can’t duplicate the Trumps of this world but the Jacks and Jills!

  4. Oh well so The Donald is human after all. Seems like more and more MLM companies feel that bringing on celebrities will encourage ordinary folks to join. I believe that MLM stands on its own merits and has always been intended for ordinary folks to have a greater advantage for success based on their chosen MLM opportunities Its the training and belief in themselves that drives our industry whether they have celebrities involved or not. Donald leaving just shows how little he means in the grand scheme of things.

  5. Very sad day for all those distributors and clients that put their trust into this “Brand”…

    For the Trump distributors looking for a new home to build for long term, consider teamming with Tim Sales, the industry #1 MLM trainer and author of Brilliant Compensation, as he is now building a new downline.

    Be a part of Tim’s Inner Circle Team and participate in the official launch of the company just weeks away. Distributors are protected like never before with a Bill of Rights that prevents the company from doing unwarranted terminations, comp plan changes and going retail. Open in China, Japan, HK, Taiwan, US, CANADA and soon in Mexico.

      1. Actually, the difference between “Trump Network” and “Time Sales Network” is that I have never heard of this Tim guy so there would be no royalty charge for name branding. If the product or service being sold is quality and you have quality people, it doesn’t matter the name or who is the “figure head.”

  6. The Trump Network finally bit the big one, something most of us thought would have happened much earlier. Like him or loathe him, Trump licensed his name to this enterprise for a reason: he knew from his connection with Robert Kiyasaki that network marketing has huge potential to drive massive profit.

    The company he chose to associate with had decent products, but the management never could pull the operation and marketing together to capitalize on Trump’s brand. As a former member of the Trump network, I know there was a stellar cast of top-flight leaders who were never given the opportunity to go to market. The products were expensive, and the comp plan complicated. No online marketing was permitted that used Trump’s name, obviously the biggest asset the company had.

    Perhaps Trump’s lawyers made it difficult legally to take full advantage of Trump’s name and the company was hamstrung. I liked the executives personally, but they didn’t make it easy on us or even themselves to exploit the potential.

    You can see by the numbers what I’m talking about. Estimated revenue of only $20M after 15 years in business. We knew the company was pedestrian when we signed up, but with The Donald onboard and endorsing the company, thought we could make the parent company top-tier. Such was not to be.

    This article blames Trump for the debacle. Not everything that Trump does works out. Nobody bats 100%. But the Trump Network should have been a raving success. The fact that it wasn’t is a shame for the industry, but the fault isn’t his. Trump doesn’t tolerate losers within his universe that could tarnish his brand, so when the company was sold, he saw his moment and pulled his name. Onward and Upward!

  7. Back in 2005, prior to my current position with Numis Network, I hired and trained salespeople for a large real estate training/coaching company with ‘The Donald’ called Trump Institute. We’d help Real Estate Newbies analyze properties, structure contracts, evaluate cash flows, etc. I found the Trump name to be vastly overrated. He’s diluted his brand. Seems to me that he’s been putting his name on too many things. (Trump ‘Water’? for goodness sake).

  8. I feel so sorry for the distributors who I am sure worked their tails off to help themselves and their families. I understand business is business it is just bad when it affects so many hard workers. Are you looking for a New Home Business Opportunity to Align Yourself with? The Sisel Safe® Brand and Sisel International is a “Dynasty Trust” Company and Can Never be Sold or have any Debt levied against it.

  9. We?re in the Wellness Industry specifically the health and nutrition business…We have exclusive marketing rights to a powerful group of products that are whole food Super food based. They provide essential nutrients that the body needs while at the same time remove harmful toxins from peoples? bodies leaving them feeling healthy and helping them to avoid illness and disease. I am looking for some KEY networkers to build up a team who want to be at the beginning of a life changing opportunity to help other people in need. The company’s goal and model is to be sharing information about our products with people and who would like to earn some extra money from home while improving their health by using the simple tools the company provides. Oh, by the way, everything we do is at wholesale. They?ll share this information with others the same way, who will share it with even more people and so on and you get paid every time someone in your customer base makes a purchase.

    That?s all there is to it…and before you know it you?ll be earning the (amount) per month that you?re looking to make if you’re open to this opportunity. We have the ownership, products (top of the line) and leadership team to become a billion dollar brand and those who join now will be financially free for years to come

  10. He spoke what he believed. I respect the fact that he doesn’t give a crap what anyone thinks. Can’t say that for ‘at least half the public’ now, can we?

  11. I like Donald Trump, I like his straight-forwardness. I don’t know what happened with this company and hope for the best for the people involved. But all I know is network marketing works for those who work.

  12. A friend tried to get me involved with The Trump Network. I just laughed and told her it would not last. She had a team and had never earned more than me as a NIKKEN Independent Consultant. Plus, NIKKEN’s products are much more superior. Plus, our nutritionals are Organic. Donald Trump is awesome, but as we all know, most of the companies and casinos he owned all have had problems.

    1. Hi Raphael,
      Good to see you here on this site. I am a nutritionist and the products are the reason why is started with the company 4 years ago when it was Ideal Health. Customized vitamins made for your body based on a test from the top lab in the nation was brilliant. My own customized vitamins completely turned my health around 100% despite having an impeccable daily diet, fitness and supplementation plan.

  13. I was in the Trump Network at the official launch. I was skeptical of the company Ideal Health because they had already been in business for a decade without much success. I figured Donald did due diligence and saw potential. Early on, I could tell why the founders hadn’t had much success. They did really have a good plan in place and they didn’t deliver on a lot they promised. Also, I began to realize that just because you have a brand name doesn’t mean you can sell anything. Trump and health and wellness don’t go together. The guy is not even in shape. He should have been involved in a business people could envision Trump being involved in like energy deregulation or something. I can see the name Trump Energy. That’s big business and that’s what people expect from the Donald but he tried to take the easy route with this nutrition company. That’s why he had success promoting ACN because people could see him being involved in telecommunications, energy, technology. That’s big business. But vitamins…vitamins. Im just glad I saw the flaws and got out early.

  14. As one of the leaders and top income earners in The Trump Network, I have to express that this was a very unfortunate turn of events and it is something that no one ever wants to see happen or experience. The former owners of TTN owe many of us and our teams large sums of unpaid commissions which I am sure we will never see. There was however a silver lining to all of this and that is that most of us found a new home in a company called SISEL International. Over 20 of the highest paid people in the company (Diamond directors and above) moved to this cutting-edge, science based company with our teams and are being paid 3x what TTN paid out. There’s always a blessing in the midst of turmoil and we’ve chosen to make lemonade out of lemons and it tastes good.

    1. Not the Sisel with Tom Mower…. who has just been to jail for fraud. Who preached morals to to people and ‘the family’… only to have an affair with his russian translator and have an acrimonious divorce which killed his company …Tom Mower.

      Good lord…. do your research!

      1. Singapore Sam, no one is beyond reproach in some cases. And many people feel they were defrauded by him in some way, shape or form. But Tom did the time and paid the price for whatever he was involved in. And now it appears he has returned to the industry with a new found vision to build a company the right way and avoid the mistakes of the past. He has that right just as you and I do. And hopefully, integrity and transparency is at the forefront of his new company operations.

        Perhaps some ex-members/distributors from his last company who felt “defrauded” have chosen to move forward, leave the past behind, and join his new company in the hopes that things will turn out a lot better than in the past.

        I could be mistaken. And, as is usually the case, time will tell.

  15. As a member of IdealHealth and Trump I have stuck in this and we are in a better position then ever before. Antione is truly amazing and does not need a name like Donald Trump to market this company. Unfortunately Trump never marketed the company and our hands were tied due to his labeling. For those that obviously looked at the money and not the products as they professed day in and day out I wish them well. This company as Bioceutica is going to go from good to great.

  16. Donald even endorsed the ACN Network but again it was just an endorsment. Donald is smart enough to have exit clauses in his contract, most successfull Entrepreneurs including the billionaires, always have a plan b, c & d…believe me it probably had a minimal affect to Donalds bank account, but the reputation was not high..I think his research team did a rush job…thats why some of them are no longer there…so its quite fishy. Fell sorry for the Indep. Reps. I got in & out really fast with council from succesful family members.


  17. Jackie your are absolutely right, it was not and easy decision that some of us made and it was not made lightly, the people we worked are our friends and we considered them part of our family. It is very hard to leave a business when you believe in what your doing and in the products you were sharing had an amazing effect on your health. And, those of us that were financially forced to look elsewhere for a new business, were blessed in finding our silver lining in all of this uncertainty, and finding a new home and family with SISEL International. I feel very blessed to be a part of this wonderful team and family, and having some wonderful health results on our products that are amazing in everyway. Also, choosing this as my new business has allowed me to help supplement my husband and my income in these trying economic times. And I do like our lemonade it is the best I have every tasted.

  18. Without field leadership who really understand how to create duplicatable systems, all companies eventually flatten out and start going backwards. With celeberty driven companies this happens even quicker, because many people have the feeling that the celebrity will make them successful.

    The only way to become successful in ANY network marketing company is to develop the skill sets and attitudes necessary for success.
    Network marketing is not the lottery! You must learn how to prospect for leads, enroll people and develop leaders.

  19. You can’t put lipstick on a pig and turn it into a babe!

    Trump doesn’t know anything about network marketing! It is amazing so many people got suckered into this ‘get rich’ concept.

    Americans also forget that Trump is a very ‘creepy’ brand internationally. Terrible for networking. He’s no Mary Kay.

  20. Jackie Christiansaen and all the other consultants who lost out, I apologize to all of you. It might be hard to trust another Company, but please check out Nikken. I have been involved with this company for over 10 years and once you earn a rank you never lose it. I am seriously looking for business builders. If interested in just taking a look and maybe conversing, please feel free to contact me.

    Nikken’s Organic and Kosher certified line of nutritionals also changed my life and I think you all would love our products.

  21. I have heard the Bioceutica is bringing on Candace Keefe, formally from Arbonne and Apriori Beauty. I cannot find info of this on the web. Has anyone heard this or know anything?

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