AmeriSciences Out of Business?

Barry Cocheu


AmeriSciences is a privately held company, has been in business for over 10 years, and is run by 3 network marketers – Lou Gallardo & Barry Cocheu (Photo) and Steven Redman. A review can be found here

Co-founder Barry Daniel Cocheu is operating President and Chief Executive Officer of AmeriSciences.

Lou Gallardo is co-founder and operating Chairman, Lou Gallardo brings over fifteen years of marketing, management and business experience in the network marketing industry to the development of AmeriSciences trainings and turnkey systems.

Steven Redman is co-founder and Executive Vice President of AmeriSciences. The company is based in Houston, Texas, USA. The company has operations in 4 markets: USA, Canda, United Kingdom and Mexico.

The reports about a major crash are as follows:

Closing down



Rod Cook, The MLM watchdog:

April 25 2012 WatchDog – called Ameriscience about these reports: (from unamed reporter):

Amerisciences-Barry Cocheau and Lou Gillardo out of Houston have not informed field that they are going out of business and cut a deal for THEMSELVES with Holton Buggs for the data base???????.

It is reported that No commissions were paid today (Wed pay day).
They did not send email out to inform field of change and that no further or pending commissions due will be paid..
Many folks have autoship in place to qualify themselves to get paid.
They are still hitting credit cards for autoships- taking the money but not paying out and making it very difficult to cancel autoship.Will not let you cancel over phone. Have to send an email in or cancel yourself.

Distributor Id numbers, geneology have been wiped out of back office without notice.

Only a handful of leaders were informed about change(Lou and Barry even got brother in law Steve Redman out of town so they could pull this off)

Not to mention all the hundreds of thousands of dollars they have milked from Dr.s and folks they promoised would be Master Distributors of their countries.  Their unethical practices have compromised the distributors and are a very bad reflection of the industry.

A message from Steve Redmen ( Amerisciences)

Dear Friends and Associates,

I am writing to inform you that I have decided to resign as an officer and director of AmeriSciences and its affiliated entities.

It appears that changes for the company — which may be quite significant — have been decided upon and set in motion, without my knowledge or consent.  In the last few days I have picked up bits and pieces of information, but without any real confirmation from the top of the company.  As soon as I am given the full picture I will share it with you, or AmeriSciences will do that — as it should and must. At this moment I do not want to speculate based upon such a fuzzy, incomplete set of information.

My highest priority is to press AmeriSciences to immediately provide you with a complete and forthcoming disclosure of its current and projected financial condition, plans and strategies, and what that all means to you, so that you can evaluate your position and options from a fully informed standpoint.  Among the things I am trying to get transparency on for you (and for my interests as an AmeriSciences creditor and minority owner) is a possible transaction of some sort between AmeriSciences and an unaffiliated product marketing system.  What would that mean to AmeriSciences and all that you have at stake in the company?
These are just some of the questions I am working to get answers to.

There is nothing that saddens me more than to have to write this. Just like you, I have poured my heart and soul into this business.

Connie and I are emotionally, spiritually and financially imperiled as the result of the current situation.

For some time now, decision-making regarding key matters affecting AmeriSciences has been made without involving me, despite my best efforts to be part of the information loop and to have a say. 

While I don t think that will change now, it is my hope that I can provide some influence to get everyone informed and the best course of action taken for AmeriSciences and each of you. In the interim, you should re-familiarize yourself with your rights and obligations under AmeriSciences' policies and procedures.


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  1. Steve Redmen this seriously is a powerful thought provoking response to all that is going on,one can only hazard a guess at how you are calling on all of your past experiences, to create an out come that is going to benefit all and enable you to continue shining a light that others may see.
    my thoughts and support is with you it’s to early in your journey for you to be bombarded with Join us now solutions, So I will simply offer support and respect of the mountain you will now commence climbing.
    God speed to you and Connie.

  2. I’am sorry , if you don’t mind here is an advice: Before you join the next take a good look of the Numbers and more
    Lo siento mucho, si no se ofende aqui esta una sugerencia: Antes de entrar a la que sigue analize los numeros y mas


    Juan Benegas

  3. I am very sorry for AmeriSciences but this is a tough Industry!!! I almost enjoy them in London but I am glad I did not. There are so many Juice companies out there and I knew that would happen. Anyway In the morning the first thing I do is drink Coffee and not take pills or drink Juice!!! Why because you forget to take them but you never forget to take your Coffee in the morning!!! When you drink Coffee which is healthy for you and which pays you…..well you must be MAD if you do not get get involved with this business!!!! We are having our Millionaire workshop in Chicago IL on May the 11th. Are YOU ready to WIN? My CEO Mr Jay Noland, has created 7…YES, SEVEN, multi-million dollar sales teams!! Is personally responsible for over $250 MILLION in sales in the last few years … is currently building the MOST ADMIRED AND SUCCESSFUL company in the WORLD … AND he's offering to show YOU the way!! 2 hours of time with someone like him is not available to the average person, let alone 2 days!!!! If you take your future seriously….you need to be here with me!! In my entire career in the Direct Sales I never ever find an easiest business like this one. Notting to explain and something that most people consume daily.

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  5. Another Sad Day for the MLM industry. Never funny to see a company go out of business. Thoughts are with the networkers (and their families) that dedicated their hart and soul to this company and its opportunity. Take the advice of Juan into consideration before choosing your next enterprise and look for the following criterias to be checked. 1- Is the company going to last long term? Does the management team have a proven track record? No one can be successful in a company that fails or goes out of business. 2- Do the products sell outside of the network? Is there a fair share of consumers who will buy the products without joining the the MLM business? 3- Will I get rewarded well for my efforts? In other words, is the compensation plan (commission payment plan) fair and generous for distributors (full time or part time). 4- Does the company have the MOJO. Is the company attracting leaders. 5- Will the training provided by the company produce successful distributors? TRAINING is Critical in MLM, no matter how "easy" some people will say there opportunity is. It all boils down to training in the end. I'm building with Tim Sales, the MLM top trainer, as part of his new downline. We are ending prelaunch tomorrow after 10 months of huge success and we are on track for a Huge first calendar year in 2012 (40+ Millions)… Distributors are protected from company by a Bill of Rights like never before in the industry (Terminations, comp plan changes, swith to retail model). The company is expanding globally (China, Japan, HK, US, Mexico, Canada, Netherlands, Thailand) with many other countries soon to open. To your success. Sincerly, Jonathan Grenier

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  7. Hey, so sorry for these folks. It happened to me and my team just two years ago, when BAZI went retail. However, I would have never found EvolvHealth! So, it was a BLESSING for me! Keep your head up and realize that God doesn’t close one door without opening another…that is even more inline with your purpose…at least in my case. Call if you want stats on Evolvhealth. We are growing like crazy. Great capital, leadership, science-backed patented products that everyone can use, compensation plan, tools and mentorship.

  8. So sorry to hear what happened.. I must say that there are other opportunities out there but make sure you look at the market. We are in commodities and over 80% of North Americans drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate. If not, at least everyone takes a bath and brushes their teeth. Our leadership is exceptional, top notch training & mentorship. Great compensation plan, not to mention the unified spirits and an excited family atmosphere. Come join us!!!

  9. When one door closes another opens. The thing I have liked about my company is that we dont sell something that you can go to Walmart to get. Everyone uses it every single day. Tie your income to something 100% recession proof and you will succeed!!

  10. I am sorry to hear of the problems in some MLM?s. If anyone is looking for a great company, I can help you to find the best for you If interested.
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  11. I am saddened to see this. Nonetheless, there are many professionals associated with this company now looking for a move. I have aligned with BodHD, owned by Ray Grimm. Several key leaders, to include myself, Bill Drevyanko, Danny Whote, Travis Flaherty, and Dallas Baldri have aligned with BodHD. If you would like to discuss, feel free to email me. Nonetheless, I wish you the best in all your endeavors.

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