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Bidify Ltd. is founded by Larus Palmi Magnusson – CEO & Chairman who lives in Reykjavik, Iceland. Bidify offers a state of the art, first class affiliate system, and is the marketing arm of Bidsson Ltd, a global Penny Auction. Bidify operates globally through the internet, and have company presense in multiple countries. Frode Jorgensen is Chief Creative Officer, he lives in Norway with his wife and children. Kevin Thompson is Legal advisor.

Larus has been a top producer and successful in many Network Marketing Company he has been involved in over the years. He has seen the good and the bad in the industry, and have first-hand experienced companies disappearing over the night. In 2011 Larus started the discussions with his partners to create Bidify. [private_platinum]

Larus Palmi MagnussonFrode got involved in Bidify as a programmer and software developer, but quickly found a full time job. Now Frode is in charge of programming, designs and creative development. Frode works closely with Larus in daily operations, but his specific work includes managing programmers from all over the world plus stay in close contact with the Legal Team and Bidify Affiliates.

With over 20 years of experience in the Network Marketing industry, Frode has seen it all, he has been to the top, but also hit rock bottom, hard. Frode has probably been though more difficulties the last 6 years, than most people ever will in a lifetime. These difficulties has given knowledge that cannot be learned, it has to be experienced.


Penny Auction through

To signup as a customer at is free and customers are awarded free sample bids (given away by Bidify affiliates) for various activities they do on the site. can be fully accessed through facebook as well.

Bidsson Review 2012


When you purchase a subscription package, you will be able to purchase Sample Bids to give away to customers as samples. Each sample bid you purchase, generates Bid Points which can be earning you cash rewards from the auctions.

Compensation Plan

Bidify Review 2012

An Uni-Level compensation plan with commissions up to 15 levels deep. There are 3 affiliate packages as of April 2012:

  • Executive Subscription Package for € 150. Includes 1 Towah MasterCard Prepaid Card, 30 Retail Bids and 50 Package Sample Bids.
  • Premium Executive Subscription Package for €250. Includes1 Towah MasterCard Prepaid Card, 30 Retail Bids and 150 Package Sample Bids.
  • Platinum Subscription Package €1,000. Includes 1 Towah MasterCard Prepaid Card, 30 Retail Bids and 1,000 Package Sample Bids.


In Bidify there are six different ways of earning cash rewards.

  • Retail Bid package purchases made on by your personally referred customers.
  • Personally referred affiliate's sample bid purchases through Bidify.
  • Downline affiliate's sample bid purchases through Bidify.
  • Personal sample bid purchases, once they are given away to customers of Bidsson.
  • One-Time bonus on personally sponsored and downline affiliate's subscription purchases.
  • Monthly bonuses on personally sponsored and downline affiliates monthly subscriptions.

One-Time Bonus is paid out on every affiliate subscription package sold. There are two different ways you can earn a One-Time bonus. Personally referred subscription package sale and  Downline subscription package sale 15 levels deep:

Bidify One Time Bonus

The Unilevel commission is paid instantly on every subscription renewal (from second month), as a cash reward and made available in your account immediately, 15 levels deep:

Bidify Uni Level Plan


Bidify Facebook Presence

With 20,420 likes as of April 2012 the company has build a great facebook presence:

Bidify Facebook Fan Page


Bidify Alexa Rankings: Worldwide 15,479

Bidify Alexa Rankings


Bidify MLM Professionals involved:

Sarah Smus Wouter van den Brink Bata Matic Annelies Mols
Sarah Smus Wouter van den Brink Bata Matic Annelies Mols



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Comments (15)

  1. It’s real great working with these professionals on a
    daily basis. Larus and Frode have put something
    incredible together.

    We are really looking forward to the launch of Bidsson
    on the 15th of April.

    If anyone need more information or want to speak
    with me about Bidify, just leave me a message.

    Have a happy easter weekend.

    Wouter van den brink

    1. I am interested in hearing more about Bidify, I am with Zeek now but I never want to miss an opportunity and
      would like to learn more about Bidify from someone who has analyzed both companies…

      Thank you

      1. Hello Joey, Although I agree with Ernie here that it's usually better to concentrate on one company at a time :o) I'll be happy to give you all the information you want on Bidify. Just email (Link removed) and ask away. Then you decide if you want to add Bidify to your daily business. Regards – Magnus

  2. Bidify taking your investment money and charge for all kinds of fees but yet when you need to take out the money that you make from investment, you have to go through hell by calling them ( prepaid card company that bidify have contract with) hundreds times but would not be able to get though to a live person. Everyone out there please think over about this kind of global business that we put ourself into including money & time.

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