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About Joe and Patricia Licciardi:

Joe Licciardi: I have spent most of my life as an entrepreneur – making money and spending it just as fast. After 27 years of working in the health and Fitness industry (owning health clubs and fitness centers), I felt I was no longer being challenged, and started looking for another vechicle. In 2006, I joined my wife in the Real Estate industry, who had been involved for 10 years and had done very well. But as life would have it, timing would not be on my side and I missed the market.

Here in southern CA, the Real Estate market crashed, and crashed hard in 2006. No matter what I did, nothing was happening. After several months of no income, we were out of our savings and wondering, what were we going to do. Having Faith in God, we knew that He would provide for us, we just didn’t think it would come in the form of a bottle. After saying no for 8 months to the MonaVie opportunity, I decided to at least drink it, and see what happens.

Well, with the significant nutritional experience I received, I knew I was on to something and decided to hit the ground running. And that I did. We achieved that rank of Gold in 14 days, Emerald in 54 days, Blue Diamond in 90 days, and Black Diamond in 6 months. This journey has been one of the most fulfilling experiences in my life. Not because of the ranks we achieved, but because of tens and thousands of lives we have changed.

We have help to create 5 millionaires like us, now that is life changing. oday, our business has not only grown here in the US, but now we have a very strong International business with the much of my focus in Asia. My family and I live the Dream life that many only hope for, with all the income we could ever have dream of, and the time freedom to do whatever we want.


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  1. LOL i love reading this stuff specially when people start spamming there links hoping to god they get someone that will join them in their business. Like FFS seriously do you think someones going to jump ship because you dropped a link to your site.

    peace out. and you know what people come people go thats the nature of the beast its no different to people in any work place….. get over it…

  2. what todd offered above is now called the Lehman Brothers defence, as in the crash of 2008. The Just me would I put my name to this company if it weren’t doing well, if it were a honest high integrity company……. Gimme a break. according to Direct selling news monavie made $100,000,000 (one hundred million) last year. That is 10 percent of a Billion. Monavie made 2.5 Billion in three years (more or less). Now by comparison to those established numbers it is not even earning 5% of it previous revenue. That exactly corresponds to the precipitous fall in their online traffic as measured in to and That Dallin Larsen once said people can come and go as they please with monavie. now there are many many lawsuits to those who have have left. I would say things have severely changed. Given the new pin levels asserted by Todd above It appears that a company who revenue has fallen by 95% cannot have these new pin levels without manufacturing them, or consolidating the remnants together to create them. the reason MLM has just a bad name is exactly due to this kind of bait and switch strategy. the product is group that is not the issue. It is how they conduct business that should be a concern for the industry.

  3. Karl, you are obviously a genius. hahaha…or just honest. Your not cut out for the industry, not quite smarmy enough. Don’t you know your supposed to suck up to those on the thread and be a spokesman for the industry? Exactly what are you thinking talking like that? Wow! Perhaps you didn’t maintain a good prospect list as asserted by Randy above, and now have become toxic and caustic.

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