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eXfuze, LLC has announced their official ‘On the Ground’ Grand Office opening, which will take place on April 11th in downtown Tokyo, to be followed by a Grand opening ceremony on July 7th.

The company has recently experienced unprecedented sales growth globally, especially in Japan and Southeast Asia, including several days of sales in excess of $500,000. This rapid growth in Japan has spurred eXfuze to open ground level, premium offices in the country, with a state of the art showroom and distributor meeting space in downtown Tokyo. The company is pleased to reward its thousands of Japanese distributors and customers with this grand opening opportunity.

eXfuze, LLC was founded in 2007 by brothers Rick and Don Cotton. Fueled by a revolutionary multi-botanical liquid supplement called Seven+, the company quickly garnered the attention of professional athletes, which inspired the release of their second multi-botanical supplement, aptly named Seven+ PROformance.

Formulated with professional and amateur athletes in mind, PROformance is anti-doping certified by the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG). eXfuze quickly followed up the release of PROformance with their new addition, Seven+ Premium Focus, which was designed to potentially enhance the brain’s cognitive abilities in the areas of memory, mental clarity and focus, and is a flagship product in the Japanese market. Late in 2011, the company released a new line of weight management products designed to help people control their weight with a healthy meal replacement shake and a metabolic energizer product.

eXfuze has expanded into global markets to include operations in Canada, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, and most notably, Japan. The company currently carries a line of nutritional products whose benefits encompass dietary supplementation and weight management, mental clarity, increased energy and athletic performance.

Since the company’s inception, eXfuze has given one percent of its global gross product sales to support the VivaKids foundation, a non-profit dedicated to making lasting change for underprivileged children.

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