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Robert Hollis is the USA Top Earner of Gano Excel living in NewPort Coast, California, USA.

Robert built a team of over 500,000 Affiliates in 3 years and went over $30 Million in Direct Selling Life Time Earnings. Unlimited Profits Robert's team, which he started in February 2011, went over 20,000 members, with $280,000+ in monthly earnings.

Earlier during my interview in November 2011 Robert Hollis answered the next question:

Robert, what advice do you have for someone just starting out with their “million dollar dreams?”

You need to have a mentor! Who is your personal coach! All professions have them you NEED to find one! Now be very coachable do what they do and don't question what they do! Focus on getting better a small percentage everyday you just need to get better don't compare yourself with any one!

Then don't quit! It took time to get good at your job, to be a good spouse or parent! I takes time to get a education and it takes time to get good at building a successful team with! I promise you it is WORTH IT!.

So get a mentorsmiley – Ted Nuyten


The Hollis Family Robert Hollis Peru Team Robert Hollis Mushrooms
The Hollis Family Robert Hollis Peru Team Robert Hollis Mushrooms Gano Excel's ingredient


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