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Trey Knight Thre Limu Company


Trey Knight becomes #2 income earner and has reached pin level of 500K with the Limu Company earning $60,000+ per month.

What makes that impressive is that he has done it in only 8 months hitting the rank of 500K faster than anyone in company history… 46 year old former Turnaround guy from corporate America who spent years working in USA, Mexico and Asia. Trey lives in Florida, USA and spends most of his time helping to find and develop the next generation of Direst selling entrepreneurs.  

Six years ago he was introduced to the Network marketing Industry by a friend.  Trey saw the industry as a no risk way to create a long term option to corporate America.

Trey's success is amazing, with no team transition, he hit the top of the compensation plan in less than 6 months. Reaching rank of 100k in 30 days, 200k in 60 days and now setting company record hitting the rank of 500k in six months. One of only two people to hold the position as of April 2012 earning over $150,000 dollars in Bonuses and over $60,000+ per month in income.

In April Trey became the only leader in company history to develop a new 500K. Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview Trey Knight.

Trey, who introduced you in the world of Network Marketing. Why were you interested in the business model?

I was introduced to the industry 6 years ago by a friend.  Like so many people I knew nothing about the industry a friend invited me to a home meeting which I attended only out of respect for my friend.  Had no intention of doing it was just checking of the box and supporting my friend.

Once seeing the presentation was blown away!  I knew the business model it was like any other middleman business the only difference they took the advertising budget and used it to pay people for personally referring the products or service.

What really got me was the fact for $500 I could own my own business and with a little work could get my initial investment back very quickly eliminating any downside or risk in my opinion.  It was a no brainer.

How did you start with building up your first team, out of the blue or did you have a smart plan?

I started like everyone else initially.  No plan, called everyone I knew and verbally threw up all over them and had little success. 3 months later met an individual who introduced me to personal development and began to mentor me. I became a sponge, reading and listening to everything I could about the industry and personal development. Went to every meeting I could, talked to leaders listened to what they did and then simply did exactly what I saw the most successful ones doing.

Two years later I became the #5 earner in that company and never looked back.

The Limu Company is not your first MLM, why did you selected the opportunity and why was your due diligence so positive?

After going to the top of two companies I was looking for a company that was real! I wanted a company where everyone had a chance to have the kind of success I had realized in the Industry.  The Limu Company was a six year old profitable, debt free company with proven products led by an Industry Icon Gary Raser that was getting ready to relaunch itself as one of the next generation companies.  I could not afford to miss the opportunity and was able to be a big part of what we call The Limu Experience….

We are revolutionizing the way in which the Industry is attracting new customers and promoters.  Since Sept 15, when we launched the The Limu Experience we have seen double digit growth month over month, 600% growth April 2011 vs. April 2012.

What is really amazing is we are doing it with the 96%'ers. New blood, coming in and because of the play we run having great success…..

Trey Knight 500K The Limu Company

 Why did you team up with your sponsor?

I don't have a sponsor.  I am direct to the company. The company has created a bridge to allow the average person to step into Network Marketing and have success.

What advice would you give a Newbie in general

The best advice I can give is two fold, One get started! Find a company that you can get passionate about and get in.  Second; Don't quit! Unbelievable wealth and freedom are created in this Industry by the people who stay.

Find a mentor someone who is successful in the industry, someone you can relate to then get in their pocket, soak up all you can then just go out and do it!   

The Limu Company is currently doing approximately $40 million in revenue, were do you think the company will be in 2 years?

At the rate we are going to a very special place.. Double digit growth month over month for 8 of last 9 months, 600% year over year growth since launching The Limu Experience  in Sept 2011.

Not many companies in  our economy that are having the success we are.  Limu is one of the best kept secrets in the industry….  Fortunately based on our recent success the cat is out of the bag….

Does the company have plans to open foreign markets?

LIMU products are now available in 19 countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Canada and Australia.

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  1. So proud to be apart of this!! He’s an awesome leader and without him and Limu none of this would be possible!!! Thank you Trey Knight!

  2. I’m really inspired by Trey Knight’s story! I’m a guy from the Republic of Zambia, Lusaka City, my country’s Capital City located in the Southern Part of Africa and I happen to be a participant in the Network Marketing Industry in my country. I like his last piece of advice talking about a person finding the company of their choice that will make them feel passionate as well as NOT Quiting! I reaaly think that this is the best advice one can get from a Leader like him. I believe in Network Marketing. There is nothing wrong with network marketing. The ONLY problem is the way it’s being PROMOTED by certain circles of our society whose ONLY agenda is to make some quick and instant bucks. Believe you me; Network Marketing actually works! Period. It’s the only business opportunity besides Real Estate that enables ordinary individuals with little to nothing in terms of cash reserves to achieve Time and Financial Freedom. Thanks for sharing your story and I believe it will go a long way in inspiring other Network Marketers from distinct network marketing companies. Stay blessed.

  3. Im a proud to be a part of this company. So many people come in and have all of this success. Trey is a great leader. He has duplicated others to do the same. You at changing all of these lives financially and for many their health. That to me is amazing.

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