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David Imonitie

David Imonitie – Organo Gold Hits $250,000 Per Month


David Imonitie, a college drop out, started with his first network marketing company at the age of 21. By the age of 27 he has reached the very top – Crown Ambassador –  in Organo Gold and is among the top 5 income earners in the fast growing network marketing company today.

Organo Gold is founded by Bernardo Chua, in 2008 and is on a mission, spreading the knowledge of Ganoderma to the four corners of the world and partnering with thousands of people along the way.

Using the cost effective network distribution system to deliver these Ganoderma products, more of every dollar is shared with the growing Organo Gold family world-wide.

Open in 13+ countries for business: the USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Scotland, Greece, Jamaica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, The Netherlands, Austria, Philippines, and Peru, while expanding in 2012 to numerous countries. Organo Gold has formed a unique, unprecedented and exclusive collaboration with the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

David credits his success, after years of failing in the industry, to the incredible mentorship and coaching of Holton and Earlene Buggs. From this dynamic couple he has learned several principles that govern how to create wealth. Today David has taken these principles along with several wealth building philosophies and is now coaching and mentoring thousands of individuals to lead the revolution for financial freedom.

David:  Learning how to grow in my capacity to believe in myself, the product and the company, he said. I asked Holton Buggs what was the difference between himself and everyone else. His response was that probably nobody else believes in the company as much as he does. Once he gave me that secret, all I've done is work on how to grow my belief.

As of June 2012 David Imonitie hits $250,000 per month.

The est. earnings for Organo Gold top earners are as follows:


WW RankNameCompanyEst. MonthEst. YearWebsite
2Holton BuggsOrganoGold$900,000$10,800,
3Shane MorandOrganoGold$800,000$9,600,
20Jose ArdonOrganoGold$300,000$3,600,
25John SachtourasOrganoGold$295,000$3,540,
45Luis & Angela VenturaOrganoGold$200,000$2,400,
59David ImonitieOrganoGold$175,000$2,100,
112Edwin HaynesOrganoGold$125,000$1,500,
191Jean-Noel SiroisOrganoGold$99,000$1,188,
375Ivan & Monik TapiaOrganoGold$75,000$900,
463Edgar & Noella FloresOrganoGold$65,000$780,
497Domingo HerreraOrganoGold$60,000$720,
513Steve and Rhonda MartinOrganoGold$60,000$720,
554Elgie YoungOrganoGold$54,000$648,
558Zarko DrozdekOrganoGold$53,000$636,
560Ivan CarbajalOrganoGold$52,000$624,
573Abbey and Rene IkeolaOrganoGold$50,000$600,
605Chris OliverOrganoGold$50,000$600,
607Cosmas MagembeOrganoGold$50,000$600,
612Diego & Lizbet CajigalOrganoGold$50,000$600,
613Dimitrios GakisOrganoGold$50,000$600,
616Ed HartleyOrganoGold$50,000$600,
620Emmanuel BernsteinOrganoGold$50,000$600,
628Georg DollerOrganoGold$50,000$600,
636Jarrod Wilkins & Craig HillOrganoGold$50,000$600,
648Jose Luis RivasOrganoGold$50,000$600,
650Julio Lama and Ana CanteraOrganoGold$50,000$600,
665Marvin & Hioseth MartinezOrganoGold$50,000$600,
676Rramon & Tyra FulcherOrganoGold$50,000$600,
683Sulaiman & Celia RahmanOrganoGold$50,000$600,
695Victor and Aixa AponteOrganoGold$50,000$600,
727Cesar MunozOrganoGold$45,000$540,
734Dionisio RosalesOrganoGold$45,000$540,
759Sam & Kim BeanOrganoGold$45,000$540,
781Ramon SosaOrganoGold$42,000$504,
785Ezequiel MelendezOrganoGold$41,000$492,
823Francisco VazguezOrganoGold$40,000$480,
836Humberto DuranOrganoGold$40,000$480,
941Maurillo & Teresa GuttierrezOrganoGold$37,500$450,
1014Brett & Michelle ShoemakerOrganoGold$30,000$360,
1071Rramon Arredondo & Irma GarciaOrganoGold$30,000$360,
1578Jesus Volker DominguezOrganoGold$25,000$300,
1693Laurent PiffardOrganoGold$25,000$300,
1815Miguel Angel MaldonadoOrganoGold$25,000$300,
2131Diego JansenOrganoGold$24,000$288,
2366Maribel Martinez and Miguel BobadillaOrganoGold$20,548$246,
2371Agata KlimczakOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2372Alberto & Paola ArellanoOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2373Alexandros MetaxatosOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2380Andrea BlackleyOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2385Bass GrantOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2389Bill ThompsonOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2393Bolivar FernandezOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2399Bulmaro & Dora GonzalezOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2405Casey, Deanna & Stephen NilsenOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2428Diego EndrizziOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2435Esther Hernandez & Mario CastelanOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2437Francisco MartinezOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2442Gonzalo HerasOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2451Jacob & Yuli CamachoOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2470Joe WilsonOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2475Jose Luis Ochoa & Evelin BonillaOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2476Joseph WilsonOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2484Karl & Angela ThompsonOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2502Maria Jose Fernandez SotoOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2503Maria NavaOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2504Marianne NoadOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2507Martin & Lisseth FajardoOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2530Razvan PetcuOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2537Rod SmithOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2539Rodolfo & Melisa RodriguezOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2542Ryan & Nikki IdetaOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2552Silas & Sherlyn KingOrganoGold$20,000$240,
2657Jeremy RomaOrganoGold$18,000$216,
2661Rodrigo SepulvedaOrganoGold$18,000$216,
3986Joel Medina & Chris MarcanoOrganoGold$15,150$181,
3990Adele LumiaOrganoGold$15,000$180,
4109Demond & Quiana CrumpOrganoGold$15,000$180,
4150Fernando Rodriguez and Janilda AmparoOrganoGold$15,000$180,
4179Gloria & Adalberto MartinezOrganoGold$15,000$180,
4265Jorge & Gaby SolisOrganoGold$15,000$180,
4346Marcus & LaDonna MurrayOrganoGold$15,000$180,
4347Marcus & Sulma LopezOrganoGold$15,000$180,
4393Nidia EspinalOrganoGold$15,000$180,
4434Raul LunaOrganoGold$15,000$180,
4446Riccardo Vieri & Luana SicariOrganoGold$15,000$180,
4870Distaphong SmitaksornOrganoGold$12,000$144,
4889Jamil KawasakiOrganoGold$12,000$144,
5199Antonio AdairOrganoGold$10,000$120,
5200Antonio CasasOrganoGold$10,000$120,
5236Christian GuevaraOrganoGold$10,000$120,000WWW.CGUEVARA.ORGANOGOLD.COM
5244Claudia & Raymundo MorinOrganoGold$10,000$120,
5556Varlam GrigoryanOrganoGold$10,000$120,
5630Michael StevensOrganoGold$9,500$114,
5777Joel and Chris MedinaOrganoGold$8,600$103,
5861Oliva Tavrez & Billy BerroaOrganoGold$8,200$98,
5891Billy BerroaOrganoGold$8,000$96,
5937Marc MacDonaldOrganoGold$8,000$96,000www.maklan9.organogold
6080Hieu DongOrganoGold$7,500$90,
6086Kevin PalenciaOrganoGold$7,500$90,
6103Stephen V. RichardsonOrganoGold$7,500$90,
6108Willliam PortilloOrganoGold$7,500$90,
6129Dave & Tanya StaplesOrganoGold$7,200$86,
6164Gerry van ZantvoortOrganoGold$7,000$84,
6168James HuOrganoGold$7,000$84,
6205Tommaso AloisiOrganoGold$7,000$84,
6232Jonathan FigueroaOrganoGold$6,800$81,
6247Sly and Ronnette CorleyOrganoGold$6,500$78,
6568Hayat ZamayarOrganoGold$6,000$72,
7011Toanui LlaonaOrganoGold$6,000$72,
7455Soraya van Look & Barend van der waartOrganoGold$5,200$62,
7707David IkosaOrganoGold$5,000$60,
7801Francisco VazquezOrganoGold$5,000$60,
7879Igor Alberts and Marisa HoningOrganoGold$5,000$60,
7892Jacob RakowskiOrganoGold$5,000$60,
8454Raynald CoutureOrganoGold$5,000$60,
8518Ronald BruinsmaOrganoGold$5,000$60,


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