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Onyx Coale


Onyx Coale is a Presidential Black Diamond in MonaVie and one of the highest paid women in the Direct Selling Industry. Her estimated life time earnings are $14+ million in 6 years. She is a healthy, happy, 45 years young, single mother of three great girls. She loves running on the beach in South Florida, USA where she resides. She prides herself on creating leaders, and changing lives one person at a time.

She paid her way through college by waiting tables, then traveled the world in her mid-twenties.

Onyx settled in Blenheim, New Zealand, for about a decade, where she built several businesses. After starting businesses in New Zealand and taking time to travel the world, Onyx Coale returned to Florida to work in the real estate industry in 1999. She started working with MonaVie in 2005

Despite leading a huge MonaVie organization of 340,000+ members in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, Onyx still makes time to invite new recruits into her business and give presentations.


As of June 2012 Onyx Coale hits $198,000 per month.


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  1. Onyx is a classy lady that I so appreciate. She has such an open heart and is so willing to help people learn this business. She is my upline Presidential Black Diamond and my team is so proud of her and so appreciate of all the work she does for us, the encouragement, and for all of her training sessions, websinars, speaking at conventions, making an amazing First Start CD recently, being a mentor to those that need her, and now for these new sessions that she is going to give us ladies so much new knowledge from her life on various topics. Ladies, you need to be on these sessions for sure. This lady is so amazing and so kind and generous. My teams are so appreciative of her help. If you haven't tried any MONAVIE Products or are interested in your own great home business in this fast growing amazing company, Thank you again ONXY. You are just a BLESSING TO SO MANY around the world now.

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