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Taxbot is an application for (Independent) business owners who need to keep track of their expenses and maximize tax deductions. It is an awesome generic tool for Direct Sellers.

Taxbot will also help ensure your records are bulletproof against an IRS or Canada Revenue Agency audit.

With the system you also receive access to the exclusive online training library with tons of IRS secrets from North America's Nr. 1 Tax Expert, Sandy Botkin, CPA, ESQ & former IRS Agent Trainer.

Sanford C. Botkin,(Sandy) Attorney and Certified Public Accountant, is the Chief Executive Officer and Principal Lecturer of the Tax Reduction Institute based in the Washington, DC area. Over the past 20+ years, Sandy has taught thousands of taxpayers how to save millions on their taxes with his seminar. He consistently earns rave reviews for his clear and humorous presentations.

Sandy has authored numerous technical articles for national publications, lectured to various professional and trade groups, and has served as an Adjunct Professor of accounting and law at the University of Maryland and Columbia Union College. Taxbot is founded by Sandy Botkin to help the independent business owner.

With Taxbot you can:

  • Write-off the equivalent of your child's education and wedding
  • Deduct 100% of your medical expenses, including: dental, vision, chiropractic and more!
  • Deduct your fun and entertainment
  • Double deduct your business equipment
  • Turn your vacations into a tax deductible events
  • Deduct your season tickets
  • Write-off your car expenses
  • Create a retirement plan that makes a government plan look weak
  • How to keep your records bulletproof against an IRS/CRA audit
  • Reduce your risk of an IRS/CRA audit
  • What to do if an IRS/CRA agent contacts you

Smart Phone App available!

With the Taxbot Smartphone app, you can track your business mileage with the GPS in your iPhone or Android Smartphone! Or, you can simply enter the addresses into the online web portal and calculate your business mileage in one quick step.

No more cumbersome mileage logs and no more odometer readings! Track your mileage quickly, easily and accurately to save thousands on your taxes! On average, customers increase their mileage deductions by 50%!  Taxbot is the only tracking system that actually follows you in real time to get an accurate reading!

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