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Obtainer Online, The MLM Magazine reports as follows:

Contrary to the unconfirmed reports doing the rounds on various blogs and unofficial websites, XANGO’s business in the CIS is booming. Not interested in merely scratching the surface, OBTAINER dug deeper and contacted XANGO directly to find out how XANGO`s business in the CIS was developing and to help debunk some of the rumors flying around.

“XANGO is the strongest company we’ve ever seen,” says XANGO 200K Select Vadim Smirnov. “We love XANGO products and the compensation plan, and it’s the relationships we treasure most. When we see the growth of the people within our teams, their success both personal and financial, that is the thing that motivates and inspires us,” said Smirnov.

Distributor leaders, XANGO Founders and executives are united in their commitment and vision for CIS. Since opening CIS in October 2009, XANGO has experienced strong, sustained growth in the market driven by leaders who have made the market one of the hottest in the company’s ten-year history.

Top networking veterans and fast-growing newcomers are building XANGO’s CIS growth and bringing first-time products and services to the region.  In just three years, XANGO has achieved a dominant presence throughout the market, doubling sales growth in one year.

“XANGO is the leader in the market in all aspects. We have a marvelous team of leaders and systems of business development, which work. XANGO has changed my life completely. I am grateful to the founders that they created a dream company,” stated XANGO 200K Select Serguey Savitch.

Leaders point to surging sales trends for 2012 with upcoming new product launches in the CIS of star XANGO products Juni personal care line, Glimpse Luminescence line, and weight management system Favao.

500K Select Oleg Ogromnovy had the following to say: “We like to know that we are in step with the times and sometimes even a little ahead. Everything evolves and, with XANGO, we see the direction for growth. XANGO clearly invests in Distributor development and gives us the best products in the business.The MLM industry is the best industry in the world. And when you find the best company in that industry everything multiplies many times over: the possibilities, the teams and the income.”

CIS Distributors just completed a three-day leadership event running from July 14, 15 and 16, 2012 in Kazakhstan that included team development, training, leadership insights and latest market news and vision for the future. Daniel Laroque, President, XANGO Europe, CIS, Africa & Oceania was present and XANGO Founders Aaron Garrity and Joe Morton delivered messages via webcast.

During the event, CIS leaders especially noted the trust and transparency the company has built throughout the market:

According to leaders, XANGO Founders and executives are often in the market to work with Distributors and the company has expanded CIS distribution centers to ensure top quality service.  In the last three months, XANGO Distributor leaders, Founders and executives have toured through CIS and Europe and hosted numerous meetings with one single event drawing over 3,000 attendees.

“We continue to be impressed by the openness and availability of the XANGO Founders and executive officers – their constant visits to different regions and countries in CIS market and their attitude toward Distributors as equal business owners,” said XANGO 500K Select Galina Ogromnovy.

“So much depends on who is at the helm and if every leader inspires people with who they are, then success is inevitable,” continued Ogromnovy.

Leaders say XANGO products are authorized by CIS authorities before sale, and are posted online for Distributors to see and have a certainty that XANGO is being transparent in its product clearance process. And sign-ups continue to surge with CIS setting one of the company’s single-month recruitment records.

“CIS is a priority for XANGO and we treasure our relationships throughout the market,” said XANGO Senior Vice President Beverly Hollister. “We are committed to every CIS region and every CIS Distributor.”

“XANGO’s strong relationships with our Distributors are the cornerstone of our ten-years of business success. Those relationships are built on trust – XANGO delivers for our Distributors. When we make promises, we deliver and our Distributors know that about us.”

This paints a very different picture of the XANGO business in CIS. In recent days manipulative tactics have been employed by calculating individuals with the sole aim of damaging XANGO`s reputation. After approaching the company directly and talking with CIS Distributor leaders, it’s clear to see XANGO’s business in CIS is healthy and growing.

“XANGO’s 10-year record of success sometimes makes us a target.  Leaders in networking know that from experience. The company is taking legal action to address outright misrepresentations of our business. We intend to protect what our leaders have built,” said Hollister.

“In fact, we have reports from several Distributors that they have been approached and coerced to appear in staged protest videos. Many of the online posts from anonymous sources include videos staged in 2009 and links to a start-up company event. That is recruitment at its ugliest and shows us the intention and lack of credibility of these videos and online articles,” said Hollister.

XANGO, which celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year, now has 1.5 million distributors in 43 markets and nearly 500 employees in 27 global offices and 49 warehouse distribution centers stretching around the globe.


  • Sales of XANGO products in CIS doubled in a single year.
  • Growth trends for 2012 are strong, and will include new product launches of Juni personal care line, Glimpse Luminescence line, and weight management system Favao.
  • CIS achieved the strongest single market cumulative sales growth first three years after opening in XANGO’s 10-year history.
  • Four “Million Dollar Club” earners in CIS who achieved the rank faster than million dollar earners in any of XANGO’s 43 markets worldwide.
  • CIS sign-ups are trending the highest among XANGO’s 43 global markets.  CIS notched one of the record highs in recruitment for a single month.  XANGO has over 1.5 million distributors worldwide.
  • CIS is one of the leading markets in distributors maximizing the compensation plan opportunity and buying on 2-case ADP — producing some of the highest commission checks in the company.
  • XANGO launched its new Favao Detox in Russia as a test market to reward the leaders for tremendous growth and to address surging demand.  It was the first time a product has been developed and launched outside the U.S.
  • XANGO 500K Selects Oleg & Galina Ogromnovy have consistently had one of the highest checks in the company and highest volume levels. The Ogromnovys are contending to reach unprecedented ranks like Quantum Premier (750K) and X1 – and receive the bonuses with those accomplishments.
  • Driven by demand, XANGO opened 11 new distribution centers allowing for product pickups in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia.  The company has 49 warehouse distribution centers and 27 offices around the world.
  • As a reward to the momentum and innovation of leaders, XANGO made CIS the first market to offer an electronic wallet payment option, which is now available in South Africa, Hong Kong, and in the Baltics.

“Our plans for CIS are very clear,” said XANGO Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO Aaron Garrity in an exclusive statement to OBTAINER.  “We are working to repeat the feat of doubling our single-year sales growth and rewarding every Distributor working to build and dominate the market.

“XANGO has proven through ten years in business that we know how to build and how to foster individual success for our leaders,” added Garrity. “CIS is an important home for XANGO and we are committed to giving our leaders unlimited potential.”

XANGO prides itself in the way it runs its thriving business. From our unique corporate culture to customer service to fiscal responsibility to our global expansion initiatives, there is not a better-run enterprise. It`s no wonder XANGO is recognized by all as a leader in direct sales,” continued Garrity.

XANGO’s business in the CIS is thriving. Simply turn a blind eye to unsubstantiated reports and biased reporting. Choose authentic reporting, choose OBTAINER.

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