Xango – Problems In Russia And Khazakstan


Hundreds of people have come together in July demanding their money back from Xango in Russia and Khazakstan.

Russian and Khazakstani distributors are saying founder Aaron Garrity and president Daniel Laroque promised people money to invest in a film investment named MIG PROD.

From the Xango website:

Daniel Laroque joined XANGO in 2009 and was instrumental inbringing the XANGO opportunity to Russia, the Ukraine and Kazakhstan as the president of XANGO CIS. In his current position on the CXO, Dany uses all 18 years of his direct-sales experience in Europe to help drive our continued growth and success over the long-term.

You can watch the videos detailing it here:





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  1. Xango needs same plan for all. We need same plan for Italy as United States!!! Why do you not care for your own distributors? Are we less than the people in the United States? Why is there no heart? Why is there no caring? You can not steal money from your own to benefit yourselves. All XanGo Italy must stand together or we must go together. This is terrible and we must fight. Daniel Laroque is bad for Russia he is bad for Italy bad for Xango. We must act now!! Batti il ferro finché è caldo!!!!!!!!!!

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