10 Great Ways To Kill Your Direct Selling Business Fast…


The fastest way to kill any Direct Selling opportunity…

  1. Do nothing, never call prospects, expect money to flow in on auto pilot, expect your upline to build your business.
  2. Have a big EGO.
  3. Do not team up with your upline or downline, stay hidden.
  4. Do not organize or attend any meeting or webinar.
  5. If you attend a meeting, show up in your shorts.
  6. Do not read any personal development book.
  7. Do not return calls from your team.
  8. Produce your own unduplicable recruitment tools.
  9. Do not take time to understand the compensation plan or products, services.
  10. Jump from opportunity to opportunity.


10 Great Ways To Kill Your Direct Selling Business

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Comments (6)

  1. Hi Ted,

    Sow. Reap. Give freely to receive generously. Never try to GET before you GIVE, or else you will kill your home business quickly. Create value. Make connections. Persist. Prosper. Smart advice here.

    Duplicate. Use a simple, step by step system to grow your team. Individuals need simple systems because simple is powerful and prospering. Take certain steps each hour of each day and success is yours.

    Your online business grows in proportion to the amount of value you create and the size of your network. Create. Connect. Prosper.

    Thanks Ted!


  2. TOTALLY AGREE!! except for the shorts…. we do meetings in shorts all the time!! Its hot in Cali, florida, and texas!! But thats how we roll on the challenge! LOL

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