Confessions Of A Top ZeekRewards Affiliate?

ZeekRewards Confession


Through a former ZeekRewards affiliate I receveid a bizarre but remotely accurate and detailed confession of a Top ZeekRewards Affiliate. Could be true or not, you decide. The picture of the ZeekRewards Backoffice could be photoshopped.

Gregory J. Caldwell former COO of ZeekRewards replied as follows on Troy Dooly's website to the allegations:

The three lines highlighted below are completely false, which leads me to be highly suspect of the rest of his allegations.

He’s filling in blanks with speculation and supposition and, by claiming confessional shame, he hopes to be more believable.  After all, this would have been bigger than Madoff in the planning and execution.


I can’t take it anymore, after reading all these comments I don’t care. I know everything that happened, I was greedy and I was selfish and I am exposing everything I know because I am probably the only affiliate high up that will do so:

I was personally introduced by a couple in Hawaii as I was vacationing about ZeekRewards and Zeekler. Daryl Douglas which I have connections with [private_platinum] as well communicated on a regular basis. I was told I could join as an affiliate in May of 2011, and I signed on with 10K because I was told what nobody else besides us at the top were, and it was the following:

“ZeekRewards is designed as bid purchases but in reality the cash is from new affiliates, there is a design to slow the growth and plans to keep this running for at least 2 years before it crumbles.”

The plans were shown to me clear in writing and I even had access to the actual earnings from the penny auction which was very low. I knew I would make money, because a few affiliates were “planted” in some of the fastest growing MLM states, Florida, Utah and a couple others. Every who was planted put in 10K or got a loan knowing they would get their return. Not only were we guaranteed are money back from Daryl Douglas and Dawn Wright Olivares, we had direct contact information. I myself spoke to Dawn about twice a week and I allegedly knew that this would fall apart in 2 years or just a bit less.

The month is November 2011: I start recruiting some people, showing them how much I am making. I am dishonest telling them I only started with $500 and where I am at now, which is only about 30,000 points from May. I am making about $500 per day and show a guy who is trying to sale me insurance. He looks at it and of course believes it signing up just a bit later.

I know from speaking to Dawn on a regular basis that we are nothing more then just a recruitment scheme, luring in people one after the next by telling people about the penny auctions and how much they make which in reality it makes up less than 2% of the profit coming in, but they don’t have to know that.

By December I start recruiting more people, but I start using Facebook knowing that I don’t want too many local enemies since I am doing everything out of my small business. I also know that the people in early will get their money back… it’s all timing and a recruiting game now.

I add as many friends as possible on Facebook (5,000) being the limit and build report, anyone who doesnt talk to me I delete and move to the next. I know that the money is there and Zeek continues to grow. That month I become Senior Executive in ZeekRewards, I have my 6 diamonds and a few gold and silver affiliates. Nobody has put big money in yet other then $500 here and 1,000 there.

ZeekRewards Backoffice Top AffiliateI get a call from Daryl Douglas, his account is nearing 400,000 VIP, he tells me how he recruits and his personal success.. I know I need to push the recruiting more. I start working even harder at Zeek, but by this point and time one of the affiliates I recruited in November of 2011 is a recruiter himself. He pulls in doctors, lawyers and more even unapproved spreadsheets are going around showing what you will make. The business grows, but remember only a few planted affiliates know the true business model, we use our backoffices to lure people in with the large amounts we are making. We know better not to tell anyone else because when it all crashes it will trickle back up to us, we continue presenting the “penny auction” as usual.

By now I almost have 500 people in my Matrix and my account is over 100,000 VIP. I have pulled out just over 10K and show people proof of checks occasionally to lure them in. It works. I start hosting group meetings out of my business getting the word out, the group grows and grows every week and so does my account, know that the bigger the VIP, the easier to lure people in and the more my cashout option will be.

By this time ZeekRewardsNews which is the official blog and news site ZeekRewards is launched keeps affiliates up to date as well as their Facebook page. The news site is only used to build a trusting relationship with readers, nothing more than just to lure people in.

Updates range from when the site will be down, maintenance, and upcoming details.

May 2012: This marks the date Zeek changes banks, the banks are offshore in South Korea. I have a personal call with Dawn and she tells me how fast the business is growing, gives me a few numbers of what we are making per day, at the time we are over 3 million per day- the actually penny auction site bringing in about 10-15k per day while the other is all affiliate money.

No more paper checks are being sent out by Zeek, simply because of using off-shore bank accounts, Zeek hides the mess by using ewallets NXpay, AlertPay and SolidTrust. Zeek hopes that some people wont know how to take the money from their account leaving more in for us we we cashout.

Zeek happily allowed anyone who requested money to take money out knowing that checks and proof would entice more people to join and put more money in- this worked just as was planned by Dawn, Daryl and Paul.

It’s the end of May 2012, I get an urgent call from Paul surprisingly, he tells me that the payouts and VIP accounts are growing to fast and he doesnt want to scare people away. He manages the Retail Profit Pool and continues to average it at 1.5% so others don’t pull their money out leaving more for all of us.

Paul uses about 1.9 to 2% on Thursdays, 1.4% Fridays and weekends are about 0.8%. I am told by Paul as well as Dawn later in a conference call to draw out money but not all of it.

Dawn: “Don’t draw all of your money out, it will be too suspicious for those who see your account and its under 10,000 VIP or really low” We don’t want people catching on, pull out a decent amount but leave quite a bit in there.

My VIP at the time was over 500,000… I drew out over $35,000 per week in increments. and I knew that all funds that I actually wanted had to be out soon. It’s now the mid of June, I get call from Dawn telling me that the plugs will be pulled on the company in August and to take out what I need or can. I set my account to 0 taking out $60,000 here, $40,000 there totaling a little over $350,000 in the period of just 2 months.

I’m not allowed to tell anybody on my team, even the guy below me who has 2 accounts for him and his wife that total nearly 500,000 points. I give hints and recommend he takes some money out to take a nice vacation, he does pull out a little over $50,000. I know that by exposing the scheme it will only be bad for me at this point and time, there is no point. I tell people on the team to 0 out their accounts to move over to Bids That Give (this was a hint) but few listened.

We are now in August, people still ask to see my account, even after pulling out over $350,000 recently my VIP remains at 474,000. The final meeting I have people want to buy bids, I know I could refuse seeing that we are coming to an end, but that would only cause suspicion if I refused.

It’sTuesday August 14, just a few days before Zeek shuts down its site. I get a final call from Dawn telling me thank you, we are walking a way before we can continue paying out anymore. We talk and I know it’s coming to an end. Dawn asks me where my VIP on the account is making sure I have a good amount in there to cover the trail, in the even I didn’t they could manually input the numbers for me. I did leave close to 500,000 in my account. In Zeek total since I started I have taken out close to $800,000 being the top guy in my state and knowing how the scheme worked and when it would end.

What I did was dishonest, greedy, hurtful and more. Why am I admitting this? Because I am ashamed, it doesn’t matter anymore. I created many debts as only a few people on my team pulled out what they initially made. It’s too late to come out and knowingly admit my name now… All the updates on ZeekRewards News about prepaid cards, ZeekBates and other new stuff coming out was just a shame to funnel in more money and keep the money in the affiliates accounts.

I even told people that with the new updates the VIP earnings would double from the revenue, I lied. I did many wrong things,and now I admit them. You see, this was organized and disguised so well, that thousands of people got hurt. Call me an idiot, tell me to burn in hell, but I am the only affiliate in the upline with connections to Dawn, Daryl and Paul who will share my story- my story is the truth and I believe people should know for the sake of their own good.

Zeek was nothing more than a hurtful scheme, buying fake customers and more. Proof of Backoffice:

This I can publicly display…. This is where my account was before Zeek was shutdown… [/private_platinum]

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  1. Vraiment comment cette personne peut avoir jusqu’à $484.323. C’EST TRES FAUXXXXXXXX.
    PUISque l’image là a été monté.quelqu’un qui est entré et en regardant son Bonus balance , il est seulement a 120 points bonus.LES MENTEURS .POURQUOI VOUS DETESTEZ ZEEK COMME CA???? zeek vous a fait quoi???

  2. Que mentira desse imoral. A ZEEKREWARDS não fechou e não prejudicou nenhum afiliado. Prefiro acreditar na equipe idônea da ZEEK que são pessoas que teriam muito a perder se fosse um golpe a uma pessoa que agora vem com uma falsa dor de consciência, já que esta arrependido devolva o dinheiro. Todos que vi pelo mundo elogiam a ZEEKREWARDS. Obrigado a todos e vamos continuar aguardando o fim do processo.
    Claudio Luiz – Aracaju-Sergipe-Brasil

    What this immoral lie. The ZeekRewards not closed and did not harm any affiliate. I prefer to believe in the team of Zeek that are reputable people who have a lot to lose if it were a blow to a person who now comes with a false consciousness of pain, as this repentant return the money. Everyone who saw the world praise the ZeekRewards. Thank you all and we will continue waiting for the end of the process.
    Luiz Claudio – Aracaju-Sergipe-Brazil

  3. Not good for the industry. Network marketing is the hope of many, it is changing lives and its real. And that is why the traditional mlm companies keep growing. Its important to fully understand what a company is about before going in. Do they have a real product, is the service real?. There are a few others out there that are complete scams, but people dont care provided they are getting paid.

  4. All of you that are saying all this is fake. Is that cause you were involved in it and you don’t want to know what really happened?the bottom line is that a bunch of BFL took the money of good people that were hoping to make good money in exchange for……….?????and BTW is this guy knew he was taking advantage of people…..why does he suddenly have this “guilty conscious”? He is doing this for a reason and is not to help others. don’t you think?He took more than 800K for sure. Anyway, whatever the truth about it, I am really sorry for those who got involve late, just make sure there is a next time! get back up again and try, This time with a LEGAL PAY SCHEME!
    Thanks TED for all the work you do. You are doing a great job!!

  5. ” I was told I could join as an affiliate in May of 2011″ he says. He also says that the picture is of the account before Zeek was shutdown. This is the first and only account that has bonus points for over a year from joining. I´m surprised that you put this on your website Ted with the comment “Fake or True you decide” when it it obvious that this is a fake

  6. Good post Ted giving the inside view of a ponzi and how it was staged. I saw this “supposed” confession” and put it in the ponzi archives on the MLM Watchdog. I think your getting it out in the public was a good move. I heard about some of these machinations from month 1 and that was why I put out the warning. Nothing new about this approach “Sky Biz” (although a pyramid and not a Ponzi) went thru similar gyrations and hype at birth.
    Keep up the good work!
    Rod Cook Editor MLM Watchdog


  7. No MONEY = Problem
    Big MONEY = Problem
    Learn HOW to live with the MONEY you have earned by a good and righteous way.
    But godliness with contentment is great gain!
    For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.
    But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.
    Those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction.
    For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.
    Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

  8. Let’s form a lawsuit against the SEC for slandering us. We were not participants in a Ponzi Scheme, we are the victims of a 600 million dollar Error by the SEC.

  9. Hello fine people
    I understand that zeek was a big problem to others mlm company.
    Here is the proof of that.
    Please we are not so stupid like you think. This picture is false and choose another way to make us ungry about zeek.
    We are confiant that zeek will be back soon

  10. Photo back office are made in Photoshop. may not be the VIP balance. Since the bonus 120.93 Point can only be at the beginning of a career. Company gives all of at least 100 points after registration.

  11. There are a couple of tentative moves here: One, if this is indeed legitimite the executives can be subpoenaed to identify the insider that wrote this tome. Secondly, a class action could be filed and additional complaints could be filed that would not bode well for the entity and its staff. Just because the government doesn’t elect to file additional charges doesn’t mean it is a settled manner.

    There are international legal complications here and due to the extent of the membership numbers this could set precedents that would be far reaching to the direct sales industry. Bernie just may have to move over in South Carolina.

    To be sure, there are a few more organizations that have the “unregistered security” potential as well, even though some have obtained the blessing of the various states regulatory agencies, which really doesn’t mean much if they subsequently smell ‘blood’, which translates into a capital infusion for the state treasuries. They go after the ones that may be able to least defend themselves; they’re not stupid and they can litigate free of charge at the onset, and, even if they lose, guess who pays the cost? We the people.

  12. Thanks Ted for posting it. It seems ridiculous that these people can get away after pulling half a billion dollar scam. All zeek distributors should complain to Attorney Generals office to start a criminal investigation against Darryl Douglas , Dawn Olivares, Paul Bruks, Alex de Brantes and others involved. All these people should face criminal investigation and if found guilty should be punished for duping over a million distributors. Otherwise we all need to get together and file a class action lawsuit. More so I heard, that IRS will audit all distributors who made money in zeek. I feel bad for people who lost money. I will stay away from all MLM Penny Auction models. They are all bound to fail.


  14. Até onde eu e muitos conhecem o sistema Zeek, a imagem é falsa, pois o valor de 120,93 mostra que esta pessoa entrou como Silver 5 dias antes. A quantidade de 484,383.00 Pontos Vip ele não conseguiria em 5 dias nem que fosse Superman ou Mandrake. Cuidado com informações falsas.

  15. I am profoundly grateful to/for zeek for all that it gave and taught me.
    It gave me a comfort with advertising on the internet. I, in fact, used that most valuable resource to advertize other
    products online as well with great success.. I also appreciated that they offered me a store that I could market my own products on. I was impressed with their platform which I thought was a brilliant advertising engine. It was a wonderful discipline that I enjoyed and received great satisfaction from daily. I enjoyed the zeek family experience. It felt really good to be making money everyday.
    Zeek paid their affiliates. Zeek seemed to be addressing their challenges and I thought they had a chance and would
    get through the hurdles. Sadly the SEC did not allow them that opportunity as their fraud perpetuated too long with no immediate solution in sight except to bail. Somehow I wonder if a bigger fight should or could have been made. Maybe there is a chance with the copycats but I’ve discovered other ways to earn where I believe I can better control my own destiny and money. Thank you zeek.

  16. If the story is true – all the top affiliates knowingly misleading the rest of us should be in jail – bragging about it after zeekrewards is exposed might be an indicator that the author of the letter is afraid that that’s what might happen to him after investigation is done and is trying to save his butt.

  17. I still cant believe that i fall a victim of this America ponzi SCAM. But i am more upset because this type of America scam has not been tagged properly. SCAM/SCHEME is all the same.When it is done in Africa it would be immediately called Nigeria/ Ghana scam. Now America as a country is been spared here.NO CNN,BBC, ABC, and the rest of western propaganda media recycling this news everyday on the news. Its a shame that i fall for this but honestly i am happy for one reason, I did not get any of my friends to register just yet. I would have been paying them because they wont accept this shit.
    Just after 10days i registered and put in my 1400 dollars i woke up to realize that its all fake just as speculated. While i was already considering how to enroll in a better school in Canada by 2013 now the hope is kinda dashed. Well i wait for a refund if ever there would be any, i just hope that someday the people from America and the west would accept that SCAM is done everywhere regardless the model and no country should be synonymous with the word SCAM or SCHEME whatever you call it. Please return my 1400 dollar i do not need your bonus or the promised daily return. Thank you.

  18. Fast way to get your loss back
    Sec will eventually go after every on the list that made money. They will be freezing bank accounts and taking houses, cars, and can enter your house and remove anything over $2000! The right thing to do is pay people off. If you go after your up line and have them give a cashiers check to cover yours and others loses, this will help everyone. Sec believes out of the $300 million plus paid out that they will get 100% of it back to help pay the victims. Small claims courts are currently getting filled quickly with easy to win lawsuits. When the judge sees proof of SEC ruling it?s a automatic win. Also the person will risk criminal charges automatically getting filed. IRS will be happy to know that the person will be claiming the $100k or more they ripped off fom there downline. Every time someone lost some one won money, thats how Ponzi schemes operate. I heard that someone sent the sec a check for everything he made over the initially investment. he SEC sent him a letter releasing him from any and all charges.
    Small claims court is $500- $10k per case and if you have a downline you can help them file against the up line . Every Z guy was bragging or sending emails out fom his back office how much money he made. Evidence. if you want to get others can go civil and there is no limit. You’ll need a lawyer for this and they will take this case contingent. Do not sign any partition as this is a scam to get tour information and pass on to SEC.


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