Domingo Herrera – Organo Gold Hits $100,000 Per Month

Domingo Herrera Organo Gold


Domingo Herrera from the Dominican Republic hits $100,000 per month with his Organo Gold Distributoship. A great achievement from a man from such a small island with only an estimated 10 million people.

Organo Gold is founded by Bernardo Chua, in 2008 and is on a mission, spreading the knowledge of Ganoderma to the four corners of the world and partnering with thousands of people along the way.

Using the cost effective network distribution system to deliver these Ganoderma products, more of every dollar is shared with the growing Organo Gold family world-wide.

Open in 21 countries for business: the USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Scotland, Greece, Jamaica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, The Netherlands, Austria, Philippines, and Peru, while expanding in 2012 to numerous countries. Organo Gold has formed a unique, unprecedented and exclusive collaboration with the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

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  1. Dear Ted:

    First of all sorry for my terrible english. I really liked the article, I already know about the extraordinary properties of Organo Gold, but I think it is incredible that you can begin your own business in Organo Gold at the same time. I think this can be a good help for a lot of people.

    Thank you very much for the valuable information shared and for allowing express me freely. I am at your disposal.

  2. Wow Domingo my mentor my leader i am so proud of you, you always changing life god has to bless you every single day for helping people getting out of poverty, Thank you for helping me out and thank you for your good heart. God Bless.

  3. This only confirms that I am with the right company at the right time, thanks Mr. Domingo Herrera for living by example, proud to be part of the family.

  4. MADE IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC!!!!!! Domingo eres un orgullo para nosotros, alguien que en tan poco tiempo ha demostrado que con Humildad y creyendole al Señor todo se puede!!!! pero el merito a tu trabajo, dando el todo por el todo a tu grupo te ha llevado a la cima!!!! Que el Señor continue bendicidiendote!!!!! Muchas Felicidades OG!

  5. Wow…!Felicidades……. bien dicho un buen sembrador, cosecha mucho.
    gracias por su motivacion de cada dia.espero conocerle en persona en New Orlands.

    su casa.

  6. Don Domingo: Gloria a Dios!!! por haber dado a mi vida mis dos Grandes Lideres a seguir aqui en la tierra; su hijo Jesucristo y Domingo Herrera. Gracias por ser nuestro mejor ejemplo…SI SE PUEDE!!! Estoy muy Orgullosa y emosionada de poder tener cercania a Ud aqui en CT, NY NJ. Bendiciones, Gloria Patricia. Stamford, CT

  7. Domingo Herrera, Gracias por hacer que la Republica Dominicana esté en lo mas alto de esta industria ya que nos hace entender que si se puede y que mas y mas personas podrán cambiar su forma de ver esta oportunidad gracias al trabajo que has ayudado a realizar en nuestra nación

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